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"Maybe one day the longpaws would return and things would be different. But for now, there was no one to disturb the Wild dogs. They were free to hunt and rest as they chose; free to live by their own rules. Lucky closed his eyes, feeling the comfort of his Pack, hearing their snuffles and snores as they drifted to sleep. He had a territory of his own now, and his friends were safe around him. It was all he had ever really wanted."
Lucky's narration when the Pack is finally at peace in Storm of Dogs, pages 270 - 271

Storm of Dogs


The Original Series

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Inbali Iserles[3]

Date Released

Hardcover: February 10th, 2015[4]
Paperback: October 13th, 2015[5]
eBook: February 10th, 2015[6]


Hardcover: ISBN 9780062102768[4]

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The Endless Lake (book)

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A Pack Divided

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Storm of Dogs

Storm of Dogs is the sixth book of the Original arc. It features Storm on the front cover[7], with Lucky and a Fierce Dog on her left, and Mickey and a male Fierce Dog to her right.



Special thanks to Inbali Iserles
For Noah Alexander

The Blurb

The battle has begun and no dog will escape its fury.

Now that their ruthless former Alpha has left the Wild Pack and Sweet has taken his place, the dogs may finally be able to find peace in their new home. But the Ice Wind days are growing shorter, and they must constantly keep watch for signs of Blade and her Fierce Dog pack who will not rest until the Pack has been destroyed.
Lucky knows that Sweet will be a wise and fearless Alpha, but his dreams are troubled by visions of a terrifying future—a future that will force every dog to fight tooth and claw for survival. The Storm of Dogs is about to begin...

The Praise

"Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and freedom; risk and safety; and loyalty and acceptance. Viewing the unfolding adventure through Lucky’s eyes makes even the most mundane or familiar seem alive with magic. Wild and wonderful adventure for middle-graders."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Well-rounded characters, deep folklore and difficult problems without obvious answers drive the story. These dogs are not just loyal human companions, but warriors, leaders and friends. Perfectly crafted."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Young readers will find plenty to like here, from the fast-moving plot, to the characterizations of individual dogs. A promising start for the many fans of the Warriors and Seekers adventure series."

Detailed Plot Summary

In the prologue, Lucky awakens from a horrible nightmare about the Trap House to realize that it was only a dream. He awakens back in his new den with his new mate and Alpha: Sweet. It has been a full turn of the Moon-Dog since the Trial of Rage and the fight with the Fierce Dogs, and so far the Pack is getting along well. Storm is now a hunter and Thorn and Beetle are now patrol dogs. The Wild Pack still remains in their previous territory and spend most of their time hunting geese and rabbits and practicing their fighting skills with Storm as their teacher. Although Lucky believes that they are better off without Alpha as their leader, and he can't shake the feeling that the Fierce Dogs are watching them.
That day, Sweet tells Lucky and the Pack that it is finally time for Lucky to be established as her Beta and the Pack members need to all find something special in honor of Lucky for tonight's ceremony. The meeting is interrupted by the patrol dogs returning telling Sweet that the Fierce Dogs are no longer living in the abandoned theater and that orange longpaws are in the town. Although the Pack is a little worried, Sweet tells them to continue to patrol the territory for the Fierce Dogs and to avoid the longpaws until they have determined whether they are friendly or evil. That night, Sweet takes Lucky to a private area away from the rest of the Pack for the secret part of the ceremony.
Although she briefly attacks him, leaving him with a hidden scar, she tells him that this scar is proof that he is the new Beta and he is forever loyal to the Pack and she is loyal to him. After Lucky pledges to be loyal to the Pack, the two dogs return to the camp to finish the rest of the ceremony with the rest of the Pack.
Later that night, Lucky senses that there is a Fierce Dog near the territory, so he goes out alone and discovers the Fierce Dog is Fang, all covered in injuries. Fang claims that he left the Fierce Dog Pack because he lost the Trial of Rage and was considered a weakling to Blade. So he came to find Lucky to warn the Wild Pack that the Fierce Dogs plan to attack the Wild Pack and to show him the location of the Fierce Dogs. Lucky takes pity on Fang and follows him to a large cave by the beach, only to walk right into a trap and he is ambushed by the Fierce Dogs.
Lucky is captured and thrown into a pit by the Fierce Dogs. He awakens to be surrounded by Blade and some of her Pack members. Although Lucky pleads for Blade not to hurt Sweet or his Pack members, Blade reveals that she never wanted to kill his Pack, but only to kill Storm. She tells him that the Spirit Dogs told her that Storm and any pup that was born after the Big Growl (including her own pup) will cause another Big Growl unless she and Fang are killed in honor to the Earth-Dog. It is revealed that Blade's plan is to lure the Wild Pack to this location and kill them in surprise. Lucky is angered that Blade would kill her own pup just because of a dream, but she leaves him to his doom. Worried for his Pack's safety, Lucky tries to plan an escape. Although Lucky finds a hole that he thinks they can climb out of, he is stopped by Alpha. Lucky is enraged to see Alpha and asks why he joined the Fierce Dogs since he hated them so much. Alpha tells them that he joined them because they had a better chance to survive instead of his former Pack and leaves them to their doom. 
Luckily, Bella, Sweet, and Storm arrive to rescue Lucky and bring him back to their home. As the dogs try to escape, they are cut for by Blade and her Pack. They watch in horror as Blade kills Fang before their eyes. Although traumatized, the dogs manage to escape when the ground begins to move. The dogs take Lucky back to the den and continue to stay away from the Fierce Dog den.
After a few days of rest, Lucky regains his strength and is ready to resume his position in the Pack. The other dogs complain that they should leave this area and find a new home, but Sweet refuses. She believes that if they run it will just make them weaker and tired, and Blade will continue to hunt them down no matter where they go. Suddenly, they feel the ground moving and sense that another Big Growl is coming. While Sweet leads the rest of the Pack to higher ground, Lucky, Martha, Sunshine, Mickey, Snap and Bella go up to the longpaw town to warn the longpaws. Although the longpaws don't understand what the dogs are telling them, they eventually see the The Endless Lake moving and make a run for it. Lucky leads the dogs back up to where the rest of the Pack is after they rescue a longpaw that was trapped. In what seems to be a sign of gratitude, the longpaw thanks them and rejoins with the other longpaws.
After the Pack settles down and the Big Growl ends, Lucky tells them about the dreams he has seen about the Storm of Dogs and how Blade has had the same dreams, but believes that any Fierce Dog pup that is born after the Big Growl must die in order to please the Earth Dog. Although some of the Pack suggest they should continue to flee, Whine says that they should hand Storm over to Blade to save themselves. Although Sweet and Lucky refuse to do so, they allow the Pack to vote on whether or not they should give Storm to Blade. However, only Whine, Dart, and Bruno vote that they should give Storm to Blade while the rest refuse. Fortunately, Bella has an idea: the Pack will make a deal with Blade to fight with her and Storm by the frozen lake and will isolate Blade, Mace, and Dagger from the rest of the Pack and take them by surprise. Thinking that their plan will fail, Whine leaves the Pack and vanishes without any one trying to stop him.
Sweet is still worried that the Pack doesn't have the numbers to defeat Blade's Pack. However, Bella has another idea: they will go ask Twitch's Pack for help and then they will have enough dogs to fight off the Fierce Dog Pack. Although Sweet disagrees with Bella at first, she eventually realizes that the Pack has no choice if they want to beat Blade. So the entire Pack leaves to go back to the forest to find Twitch's Pack. Along the way, Lucky has dreams about Alfie. He tells him that he must complete his duty in order to save his Pack, and Lucky is uncertain about what it means. When the Wild Pack arrives in the forest, they split up in order to find Twitch's Pack. During their search, Lucky, Snap, Storm, and Daisy hear a cry for help and see another dog named Whisper, trapped by a tree near a giantfur's den with the same giantfur nearby. Luckily, Daisy thinks of a plan and the dogs slowly walk over to the fallen tree, dig the trapped dog from the den, and walk back away from the giantfur to let get back into her home.
At first, once the Lucky and the others find Twitch's pack and the Wild Pack, Twitch refuses to aid them since he doesn't want to risk the lives of his Pack members. He is also heartbroken by the loss of his sister. However, Twitch changes his mind when he sees that his Pack members want to help the Wild Pack, since Storm saved them from Terror. Once the two Packs agree to work together, Lucky leaves the two Packs to find Blade and trick her into the trap. Although amused by the offer, Blade willingly accepts Storm's challenge and Lucky leaves to go find his friends.
Once Lucky returns to the two Packs and tells them of the news, Arrow comes to them and tells them that Whine has told Blade about their previous plan. Although the Wild Pack doesn't believe him at first, they soon realize that it could be possible and that Whine could easily betray them to be on the winning side. Although the Pack is even more worried then before, another plan is made and the Wild Pack uses a giantfur to attack the Fierce Dog pack to injure them before the fight. Thanks to Sweet's speed, she easily outruns the giantfur and leads it right to the Fierce Dog Pack.
After a long battle with the Fierce Dog Pack, the Wild Pack emerge victorious after Blade is defeated by Storm. Mace dies from wounds and Alpha is killed by Lucky when he broke his neck on the ice. Despite the victory, Martha was cornered by a few Fierce Dogs and was killed. Splash is killed during the battle as well. Realizing that the Fierce Dogs have been defeated, Dagger leads the remaining Fierce Dogs away from the Wild Pack. Whine is rejected by the Fierce Dogs since his help was useless to them and banished from the Wild Pack since he betrayed them. Afterwards, Twitch decides to join his Pack with the Wild Pack and Arrow is invited to stay with them as well. The new Wild Pack then watches their fallen Packmates join together in the sky. Then the Wild Pack celebrates their victory by hunting and settling into their permanent territory.


  • The book cover depicts a younger version of Storm before she matured as an adult in A Pack Divided.[8]
  • At one point, the book says the Endless Sea instead of the Endless Lake[9].

Publication History

  • Storm of Dogs (EN), HarperCollins (Hardcover), 10 February 2015[10]
  • Storm of Dogs (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book), 10 February 2015[11]
  • Storm of Dogs (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 13 October 2015[12]
  • Sturm der Hunde (DE), Beltz (Hardcover), 7 March, 2016[13]
  • Sturm der Hunde (DE), Beltz (Audio-book), 7 March 2016[14]
  • Koiramyrsky (FI), Jalava (hardcover), 21 August 2016[15]
  • Psí běsnění (CZ), Albatros (paperback), 8 August 2016[16]
  • 汹涌狂潮 (CN), 中国少年儿童出版社 (paperback), 1 October 2016[17]

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