"We'd better introduce ourselves. I am Sundance, and I'm the Alpha of your new Pack. Don't ever forget it."
— Sundance to Alpha in Alpha's Tale, page 39
Longpaw Fangs[1]
Training Farm[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Alpha: Alpha/Sundance[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Alpha[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Sundance is a slender,[5] sleek,[6] large black-and-brown male[1] with a shining coat[5] and ears trimmed to an erect point.[6]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Sundance is the Alpha, of the Longpaw Fangs. He is in the clash between the Wolf Pack, and the Longpaw Fangs. When Dog comes to rescue Quick, the Longpaw Fangs catch him. They spare his life, unsure of whether he is a wolf or a dog.
When Sundance and the others form up to chase out the howling wolves, they manage to succeed in chasing them deeper into the mountains. However, they seemed to already have been leaving in the first place. Sundance returns to mock Dog as he recounts killing some old wolf who couldn't run, who is later revealed as Dog's mother, Graceful.
The Rancher begins training the half-wolf, much to Sundance's disgust. The Alpha Longpaw Fang shows detest towards Wolf but begins to trust him as a member of the pack. One night, after Calamity and Wolf are punished for their negligence in eliminating a coyote thief, Wolf escapes, and leaves Sundance and the other Fierce Dogs at the ranch.


  • His name, Sundance, is a dance performed by North American Plains Indians in honor of the sun and to prove bravery by overcoming pain.[7]
  • Gillian believes that Sundance and his friends are still alive somewhere.[8]


Dog: "My own Pack's coming back for me, with a lot more wolves."
Sundance: "No. They're not. You think they'd risk our jaws for a creature like you?"
Dog: "Even if they don't I'll get away myself."
Sundance: "What incredible teeth you must have. I look forward to seeing you bite straight through that chain."
—Sundance to Dog Alpha's Tale, page 39
Sundance: "Form up! We're going wolf hunting."
Dog: "No!"
—Sundance commanding his Pack Alpha's Tale, page 40
Sundance: "I love a good chase."
Dog: "They'll be back."
Zorro: "I doubt that. They weren't even coming for you this time."
Dog: "You're lying."
Sundance: "He isn't. Those flea-bitten brutes you call a Pack weren't on their way here. They were leaving. Without you. We made sure they did it a lot faster."
Dog: "That isn't true. They'll come for me!"
Belle: "We've driven them farther into the mountains. They won't be back to raid the Rancher's sheep. We made sure of that, even though they'd have been too frightened anyway."
Sundance: "Cowards. And we only had to kill one of them."
Dog: "Which wolf did you kill?"
Sundance: "How would I know? Some old she-wolf who couldn't run fast."
—Sundance taunts Dog Alpha's Tale, page chapter six
"I had to give a lesson to the others, anyway. And she didn't even bother to beg. Just kept asking what happened to her pup. The one who got left behind at the longpaw's ranch. Don't worry. I told her you were fine. I told her you'd begged to join the Fierce Dogs. Told her you'd rolled over and pleaded to be in our Pack. So I'm sure she was perfectly content when I killed her."
—Sundance to Dog about killing Graceful Alpha's Tale, page 42
Calamity: "Wolf, you can sleep here."
Zorro: "He should sleep in a dirt heap."
Sundance: "Like he did with those filthy wolves."
—Sundance mocks Wolf Alpha's Tale, page chapter 7
Sundance: "Calamity."
Calamity: "Yes, Sundance?"
Sundance: "You're in charge. You're to make sure the sheep are safe, but you're also to make sure Wolf behaves himself. I don't want any mistakes."
—Calamity commands Calamity to supervise Wolf Alpha's Tale, page chapter 8
Sundance: "You've let the Pack down! You've let down our Alpha! You've failed, both of you!"
Wolf: "Sundance. It was my--"
Sundance: "Be silent! You can't be trusted. Neither of you!"
Calamity: "I'm sorry, Sundance."
Sundance: "You will be. You failed in your most solemn duty. You'll both be punished."
Wolf: "What kind of punishment?"
Sundance: "Not as much as you deserve. You'll be marked. Permanently. At least that will remind you to do your duty."
—Sundance to Wolf and Calamity Alpha's Tale, pages 58 - 59

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