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"Don't look at me like that, Lucky! I don't need your pity. I actually liked being Omega. Bella, Martha, and Daisy were still nice to me, and so was Snap. Anyway, I'm good at all those jobs—you know, the ones most dogs feel they're too noble for."
— Sunshine to Lucky in Darkness Falls, page 189
Wild Pack[1]
Leashed Dog,[2] Leashed Pack[3]
Names Leashed Dog: Sunshine[3]
Omega: Omega[4]
Patrol Dog: Sunshine[1]
Family Longpaws (formerly)
Rank Positions
Rank Omega[5]
Book Appearances
Living The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Sunshine is a delicate,[6] small, white female[7] Maltese[8] with long,[7] glossy,[9] thick,[8] silky fur,[10] a little[11] black button nose,[2] round,[12] tiny,[13] dark,[14] black button-eyes;[15] small teeth,[16] short legs,[17] small paws,[18] and a fluffy head[19] and a knotted,[20] tangled,[21] bedraggled,[22] fluffy tail.[23]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

She is with the Leashed Dogs when they help defend lucky from the fox attack, and hurts her paw, panicking hysterically, shrieking that she needs to go to the vet. When Lucky teaches her how to heal it, she is surprised but happy that it worked.
Later, when the Leashed Dogs' houses collapse and they hear Alfie trapped inside his house, she barks for him. She is on Lucky's side when Bella says that they couldn't help Alfie, and when Lucky and Bruno rescue him, she is very happy to see him safe. When they decide to leave the city, she takes a yellow, leather leash studded with sparkling stones.
When out of the city, Sunshine whines and complains when her fur gets dirty. She gets especially grumpy when Lucky pulls some of her fur while untangling her from a thorn bush. Bella often snaps at her and tells her to 'shut up'. When she swims in the river to get out the forest debris, she stops whining and plays with Daisy and the other dogs in the water.
When lucky wakes them up to go hunting, she protests and tries to hide under Martha. She is loud, despite Lucky's warnings to be quiet and detests the idea of catching bugs. However she eventually is hungry enough eat them.
Sunshine remarks that she isn't good at anything, however Lucky tells her she has sharp hearing and can patrol with Daisy and Alfie. When they find a Loudcage she is certain it's dead, and help bring back soft-hides as bedding.
Later when it begins storming, she is scared of the thunder but Lucky tells her about the Sky-Dogs and Lightning to make her feel better.
She later comes barking wildly to Lucky and his hunting group, saying Mickey is in trouble. When they free him from the bushes by taking his collar off, she helps him put his collar back on despite Lucky's protests. When Alfie comes to tell them about the Dog-Garden, she's excited about the prospect of free food and more dogs.
When Lucky, Bella, Daisy and Alfie come back from the Dog-Garden, she is immediately distraught that they have to leave. Lucky remarks that she is a lot scruffier and wild-looking than she was when they first left. However when they see the longpaw hunter, she runs to greet him, only to scare him away and mutters that he wasn't friendly.
When they see the city from faraway she is awestruck. Bella then decides that they need to leave their longpaw things behind, and Sunshine hesitantly buries her leash, looking tragic.
When lucky decides to leave, she is upset but helps collect beetles for his feast. She looks very pleased when he chooses her offering first, and later sleeps tucked under his throat.

A Hidden Enemy

When they're being attacked by Alpha's Pack, Bella tells Sunshine to stay behind Bruno. They snap and jump at her to prevent her from escaping.
When Alfie is vitally injured, she cries out that he needs a vet. When he dies she remarks that he isn't bleeding as bad anymore, and howls in distress over his death. When they bury him, she remarks that she doesn't want to leave him and they decide to stay with him for the night to mourn.
When they find the river was poisoned, she offers to catch a rabbit as an offering for the River-Dog. They decide to get a stick instead, and when they drop it into the current she remarks that he's playing with it as it tumbles away.
She panics when a storm begins and starts running in circles. Eventually she hides under Martha's legs and remarks how horrible things keep happening. When the lighting causes a wildfire, she becomes hysterical and runs towards the river. Bella and Lucky grab her by the collar and drag her back into the forest. She apologizes later for her panic. When the storm stops she remarks that the river is clean again, however she's mistaken as Bruno becomes ill.
When Mickey suggests that the longpaws were leaving them signs, Sunshine becomes excited and is hopeful. She later helps him catch a rabbit and takes it and a mouse back to the pack.
When lucky goes to live in the Wild Pack, he wonders who would be made Omega amongst his friends, and figures Sunshine or Alfie would be.
Later he visits her and Daisy during the night and tells them about his pack life. Sunshine finds it odd that he has to fight to be promoted, When Lucky asks about Bruno and Martha, she looks away and says they're still ill. She says goodbye to him and lets him return to the pack.
When the Leashed Dogs attack the Wild Pack, he notices Sunshine trembling. After the battle, Alpha says he'll kill Bella, and Sunshine begs him not to. Instead when he offers to let them join, Lucky worries about where Sunshine will fit into the hierarchy.

Darkness Falls

When Lucky's being held down to be scarred, Sunshine starts panicking and spinning in circles. As the dark cloud explodes from the city, Sunshine says they shouldn't risk staying and must leave.
On the rocky outcrop, she nearly falls but Lucky helps her up by the scruff on her neck. When they wonder about where to go next, Sunshine remarks that the rocky overhang is so far away, and that it isn't fair to Twitch. When Spring calls her and Whine "unnecessary burdens" the others become defensive and She and Spring nearly start fighting but Sweet stops them.
When Mickey leaves, Sunshine bounds out after him and he licks her, telling her he hadn't forgotten to say goodbye to her.
Later, when Lucky is returning with Mickey and the pups, he sees tiny footprints in the dirt, wondering if they belong to Daisy or Sunshine. When he reaches their new camp, She starts yapping that she can smell fierce dogs.
Later Sunshine asks Mickey if any of the longpaws had returned and he tells her no. She sighs and says they have to do the best to keep them out of their minds. She also asks Lucky why he had come back, and when he tells her to bring back Mickey and the fierce pups, she asks if that was the only reason.
When they see the loudbirds landing with longpaws inside, Sunshine cowers and says they should help them, but Mickey tells her that they are not friends.
She later helps Lucky with his Omega duties, bringing leaves into the dens. She talks about her time as Omega, and says she actually likes the role as it reminds her of bringing her longpaws their paw-covers. Lucky thanks her for her help before she returns to the meadow.
When Alpha announces he wants to test the fierce pups to make sure they're truly loyal, Sunshine is one of the dogs who growl their agreement.
When they begin eating, Sunshine tells Lucky that Moon's pups will eat after Alpha and Beta until they get their new names. During the meal, Whine takes as much prey as possible to leave as little as he can for Sunshine and Lucky. Later when Sweet goes to wake up Daisy, she is seen sleeping beside her in the cave.
When the Fierce Dogs attack, Sunshine is seen trembling beside Spring. Later when Alpha suggests they have to leave, Sunshine asks where they'll go. Alpha replies back to their old camp, and Sunshine remarks that it's too far. Bella suggests placing guards on the hill, but Daisy says they'd be the first one killed, and Sunshine whimpers.
While Lucky thinks about how Sunshine and the smaller dogs would struggle on the ridge, Sunshine yaps that she smells a dog approaching and sees Lick on top of the hill. Sunshine shivers when Alpha says Lick can stay and that they must leave as soon as dawn breaks.

The Broken Path

When Lucky reflects on how the former Leashed Pack are comfortably interacting with the Wild Pack, it is noted that although no dog really liked Whine, Sunshine is content to trot at his side and yap friendly comments. Later that day, during Nose and Squirm's Naming Ceremonies, Martha and Daisy wonder why it is such a big deal, Sunshine also creeps in on Lucky's left flank. He can tell that the former Leashed Dogs are looking for some kind of explanation, and Lucky explains how a dog picks a name that will fit them. Sunshine cocks her head at this, her silky fur gleaming in the moonlight, and Lucky knows that she would have to be even more patient than the others, because, being Omega, she has to eat last. Lucky is glad that the little dog doesn't seem to mind too much, and that night she had been left half of a good rabbit at the end of the meal. Sunshine softly yaps that she is glad she didn't have to go through a Naming Ceremony, and she says that it seems very serious. The white dog adds that she likes the name her longpaws gave her, and thinks that it fits her very well. Lucky agrees, though he wonders if Sunshine would ever realize that she didn't have her longpaws anymore, now that she is with the Pack. Still, Lucky notes that Sunshine isn't the spoiled little lapdog she had once been, though he thinks that she will probably go on calling them her longpaws until she goes to the Earth-Dog. He guesses that it is a very hard habit for her to break.
Alpha calls to bring the white rabbit, and Sunshine exclaims that that is her job. The Omega whirls around and dashes to join Whine, excited at her new role. Moments later, the two little dogs have emerged from the undergrowth, bearing the carcass of the white rabbit between them in their teeth. They painstakingly lay it on the flat rock in front of Alpha, and as they turn away, Sunshine holds her tail proudly high. When Whine shoots Lucky a loathing glance, Alpha, seeming to notice it, ordering Whine and Sunshine to get to the back of the Pack, as their work is done. Sunshine obeys at once, content to know her place.
After the ceremony, Sunshine is seen taking hold of the skinned, sacrificed rabbit and begin to bury it under a thick layer of earth, as a gift to the Spirit-Dogs. However, distant howling noises are heard, and Sunshine whimpers that it is the Fierce Dogs.
Later, when Lucky and Lick are encountered by Blade, they rush back to camp, where Sunshine yelps that she smells Fierce Dogs and blood. The Pack calls out questions, and Sunshine also asks in a whine high-pitched with terror if it was Blade.
When the Wild Pack are traveling to find a new territory, Alpha gives orders of how the dogs are to walk, and he tells Omega to stay toward the rear with Whine, just in front of the hunters. When Lick gets in front of her line, and talks back to Alpha, she is ordered to walk with Whine and Omega. Lick joins the two dogs, and Sunshine trots behind both the Fierce Dog and Whine, dutifully clutching a big wedge of moss in her jaws. Lucky affectionately thinks that she is already thinking about their bedding for the next camp, but he is glad that he had fallen back in line - with Sunshine preoccupied, he doesn't want Lick alone with the company of Whine. After the Pack takes a break and walks on again, Sunshine is seen looking bedraggled and exhausted, and although she hasn't let go of her mouthful of moss, it trails on the ground below her drooping head. The black rain starts falling, forcing the dogs to take shelter, and when Daisy whines that it reminds her of the day the Big Growl hit, Sunshine whimpers at her friend to not say that.
After more traveling, when the Wild Pack approaches a longpaw settlement, Sunshine races for a row of longpaw houses, tail in the air, ears blowing back, and barking in delight. Alpha orders Lucky to bring the Omega back, and Lucky sprints after Sunshine, not wasting breath on barking. It is easy to catch up to the short-legged dog, despite her eagerness, and Lucky barks at her to stop, nipping at her tail. Sunshine begins to protest, then glances over her shoulder but runs on, ducking her tail away from the hunter's teeth. She exclaims that there is real food and soft sleeping nests, urging Lucky to come. Lucky growls at her, snapping at her sides this time, and nips her flesh beneath the silky fur. He repeats for her to stop, and is unable to believe that after all they had been through, the former Leashed Dog has still turned into a lapdog at the sight of a longpaw's front door. Lucky furiously tells her to stop again, and seizes the scruff of Sunshine's neck in his jaws, dragging her to a halt and shaking her.
Sunshine wiggles and squirms in Lucky's grip, barking high and desperate, begging him to let her go. Snarling, Lucky pins her down with his jaws, just managing to stop himself from giving her a real, hard bite on the neck. The small dog thrashes a little more feebly, and Lucky notices that Alpha is watching them with interest. Lucky pants into Sunshine's fur, giving her another shake, and quickly growls at her to come back to the Pack immediately unless she wants Alpha to throw her in the river with the fish. Beneath him, Sunshine goes still, beginning to tremble. Lucky goes on that the longpaws aren't hers and see her as a wild animal. He murmurs at her to come back, and to get ready to apologize.
At last, Sunshine goes limp, defeated. Lucky nudges her to her paws and leads her to Alpha. The little dog is shaking by the time she stands before her leader, looking very small in front of his huge forelegs. She flops onto her side before the half wolf, showing her belly in submission. Sunshine looks petrified, and Lucky is glad that she is at last acting sensibly. Her nose in the dirt, the Omega thumps her tail once miserably, and whimpers an apology to Alpha. The wolf-dog glares down at her, but Lick creeps close to Sunshine's flank and comfortingly begins to nuzzle Sunshine's fur. Alpha disgustedly asks how his Pack ever came to that. Then, a low clatter is heard from the nearest longpaw house, and Lucky forgets Sunshine's problems, wondering what is in there.
The Wild Pack goes to explore, but when the dogs complain, Lucky says that there is always food around longpaws. He adds that food one doesn't have to catch tastes very different, and with feeling, Sunshine agrees, adding that food is also different when one is not too tired to eat it. The Pack turns a corner, and Sunshine gives a high whimper at the sight of an open longpaw settlement before them. As the dogs look around, several decaying corpses are seen, and Sunshine wails in horror that they are longpaws.
The Leashed Dogs send up a volley of grief-stricken howls, and Sunshine asks in distress if the dead bodies are their longpaws, and if they are there. Mickey replies that they might be and lays down beside her, noting that they never found them. Lucky and Alpha unsuccessfully try to silence the Leashed Dogs, but when Lucky exclaims that it is good news, they become silent, and Sunshine wails, asking how it can be good. Lucky explains that their longpaws had been trapped, and were trying to leave this place, and he points out that if their longpaws had stayed in the city, the same would have happened to them. Sunshine snuffles into her paws, asking if it means her longpaws are probably safe, and Lucky agrees that they are safe and alive.
The Pack continues, and when they enter a Food House, the dogs search for food without following Pack discipline. Sunshine nervously holds back at first. As the dogs gorge, Sunshine wistfully says that she hasn't tasted rice in such a long time, licking up a few last grains. Alpha snaps that she won't taste it again, and states that the next day, the hunters will hunt for real prey, causing Sunshine to sigh, but say nothing. As the dogs settle down for sleep that night, Sunshine is seen laying by herself, closest to the rain that blusters in through the broken clear-stone, whimpering sadly. Lucky wonders if her Omega duties are finally getting to her, and decides to keep an eye on the unhappy little dog. As the cold breeze touches Lucky's fur, he thinks it is freezing, and sympathizes with Sunshine.
The next morning, as the dogs wake, Sunshine shivers, creeping past on her way to receive orders from Sweet. Lucky asks the Omega if she slept, and the little dog gives him a grateful look, answering that she did a bit, then thanking him. Lucky feels bad for Sunshine, and thinks that she is trying so hard. That night, after the hunting patrol comes back with no prey due to encountering Terror, while the dogs try to sleep, Sunshine lets out a low whimper.
The next day, after a successful hunt, Moon tells Omega that she must be hungry, but comforts that there will be plenty left. Sunshine yaps that she knows and sits pertly with her furry ears pricked. She adds that she doesn't mind waiting, and Whine grunts that that is just as well. When Sweet asks if Omega is done eating, she is satisfied and says that they should howl.
The next day, when Alpha doesn't let Lick go on a hunt, both get hostile, causing Sunshine to whimper fearfully and sidle closer to Martha. Fiery orders Lick to either calm down or challenge the Alpha, and the pup says that she doesn't want to challenge the half-wolf. The whole Pack seems relieved, and Sunshine gives another tiny whimper as the tension is released. However, Fiery himself challenges Alpha, shocking the Pack, but even Sunshine makes no sound. The small white dog presses herself quivering against the floor, silky ears flopped over her eyes. Fiery explains to the Pack why he is choosing to challenge the wolf-dog, and still no dog speaks, but Martha gives Sunshine a quick, reassuring lick.
Later, when Fiery is captured by longpaws and the patrol he was on brings the news back to the Pack, the dogs are in panicked chaos, and Sunshine is seen turning in a frantic circle as Martha licks her ears, trying to calm her down. After Moon and Lucky try to talk Alpha into saving Fiery, the Pack is interrupted by a scent, and when Sunshine asks what it is, Mickey murmurs that it is dog-scent. Alpha orders the dogs to get into battle line, but there is no time to order themselves; Lucky can only push Daisy and Sunshine roughly behind him to make sure they are protected as much as possible. However, the dog turns out to be Twitch, who explains to the Wild Pack that he saw Fiery. Twitch guesses that he is in the Dog-Garden, and Sunshine whimpers that that is where the Fierce Dogs come from. Still, Alpha states that the Pack will not rescue Fiery, and most of the dogs join him; Sunshine and Daisy also creep out, in the shelter of Martha's body.
As Moon and Lucky try to urge dogs to help them save Fiery, Sunshine is seen with a mournful expression, but she has the courage to meet Lucky's eyes. Lucky tries to tell the little dog that it is all right, just with his blinking gaze, and he thinks that she must know that she would be more of a hindrance than a help anyways; it doesn't mean that she is disloyal. When the group to save Fiery leaves the Pack, Sunshine barks a sad farewell to Lucky.
After Fiery's death, when the group to save him tries to find their way back to the Pack, Lucky remembers that Beta had promised to leave a scent trail, and asks the dogs if they smell something familiar. Lick exclaims that she smells Sunshine and Beta.

The Endless Lake

Sunshine is first seen when the traveling dogs return to the pack. Lucky barely recognizes her since she is filthy and very skinny. She yips happily since Lucky returned.
When Lucky talks about Terror, Sunshine yips. When Lucky talks about the Fierce Dogs living in the city, Sunshine said she wouldn't go there even if someone paid her in chew toys, which to Lucky assures her she won't have to.
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Storm of Dogs

After Lucky and Storm return to the camp with geese, the dogs share the prey, taking turns by rank from Sweet to Sunshine.
Later, when Moon, Bella, and Mickey come back from patrol with a report of hearing longpaws, Sunshine scrambles between Bruno and Martha, cheerfully wagging her filthy tail, and she asks if the longpaws are back in their cities and towns. After several dogs exclaim comments about attacking them, Sweet states that they will not go anywhere that night, and adds that in the morning, she will lead a larger patrol to find out what the longpaws will do. The Omega is one of the dogs to be listed to come on patrol, and Sweet's eyes rest on Sunshine as she says her name. The white dog yips in surprise if the Alpha wants her, and Sweet explains that she has experience with different types of longpaws. Sunshine's tail wags furiously, and Lucky thinks that under Sweet's leadership, the dogs' talents are considered more, since Sunshine had been overlooked often. The Beta knows that it means a lot to the long-haired dog to be able to contribute.
The next morning, Sweet leads the patrol along the cliff path, and Sunshine is assisted by Martha in climbing over the steeper rocks. When the patrol reaches the city and sees orange longpaws, Sunshine breaks forward and runs onto the street, yipping in excitement that she wants to see them. Lucky goes to block her, but Mickey gets there first, and Martha springs forward to place a paw in front of the excited Omega. She soothes that they don't know if the longpaws are friendly, and Sunshine falters. She whines an apology, agreeing with the large black dog, and says that she doesn't know what got into her. However, Bella howls in worry and aims a look at Sunshine, telling the little dog to look at what she did: a couple of longpaws, having heard the commotion, point at the dogs, and one starts to approach them. The dogs hurry back to camp, and when they reach the high bank of the Endless Lake, Lucky hangs back, prepared to stop Sunshine if she tries to go for the longpaws, but the Omega runs by Bella's side without looking back, legs powering to keep her up, and her tail a tangle of fur behind her.
Once the dogs are on the cliff path, they stop, and Sunshine flops on the ground, panting quickly, as the climb was hardest on her. Mickey angrily turns to her, asking what she was thinking, and Sunshine sighs, head sinking onto the ground in front of her. The Omega apologizes, but justifies that she couldn't help herself, and felt a need to go to the longpaws when they were close. She goes on that she was raised by longpaws, and that it is like an instinctive need to be near them. She adds that it has now passed, and Mickey says that he understands. However, Sweet doesn't look as forgiving as she approaches the Omega, and she chides the white dog that she must learn better self-control, as they need to rely on one another.
The Pack heads back to camp, and Sunshine rises to her paws, head lowered solemnly, padding after them silently. As the dogs walk along the rocks, Lucky slows and drifts to the back of the group, where Sunshine is struggling to keep up. Bella pauses to walk alongside them, and Sunshine raises her head briefly to look at them. She pitifully whines that she wasn't actually expecting to see her longpaws in the group, but was excited that some had survived the Big Growl and come back. She goes on that she knows that the yellow-furred ones are mean, but that she doesn't hate all longpaws, as hers were always kind to her. Lucky gives Sunshine a friendly lick, and comforts her that he isn't angry and knows that she is truthful when she says that she wants to do better.
When Sweet announces Lucky's upcoming Beta Ceremony, Sunshine yips that she saw some pretty white stones by the pond that shone with the light of the Moon-Dog, and asks if they will do for an offering to Lucky, and Moon says that they will. During the ceremony, Martha lays a bright-yellow stone in front of Lucky that he recognizes as one from the bank of the pond, and guesses that she had gone to collect it with Sunshine, who proudly clutches a white water stone in her mouth.
When Lucky returns to camp after being imprisoned by the Fierce Dogs, Sweet runs ahead and greets him and the rest of the rescue patrol with Sunshine, Mickey, and Daisy, who gather around the Beta and offer help. Sunshine yaps that he needs food.
When Lucky wakes up after sleeping, Sunshine pads to the den's entrance with a piece torn from one of the geese. The Omega trots toward him and lays the meat at Lucky's paws, then explains to Lucky that Bruno caught it specially for him. She goes on that they were all so worried that something terrible had happened. Sunshine watches for another moment before heading out of the den, where the Beta can hear her scampering about outside. A rustling and dragging sound is heard, and the dirty white dog backs into the den with a piece of curved bark in her jaws that has water inside of it. Sunshine sets the bark in front of her Beta, who gratefully laps the water and thanks his Omega. She wags her tail and exclaims that he now must eat, and that he will feel much better for it. Sunshine tears off a mouthful of the prey-creature and feeds it to Lucky, who finds that, as Sunshine had said, feels better already. The little dog continues to offer her Beta chunks of meat, licking his nose as he gobbles them. Lucky asks if there have been any sign of the Fierce Dogs, but Sunshine murmurs that he is safe and surrounded by a Pack, who has Patrol Dogs everywhere. She goes on that no one can get through, and that he should relax and get better.
After sleeping some more, Lucky wakes with the earth showing signs of an upcoming growl. While the former Leashed Dogs and Wild Pack argue about if they should help the longpaws, Sunshine is seen looping anxious circles around Bella and Martha. When Sweet eventually allows the dogs to warn the longpaws, Sunshine and Daisy skip excitedly, with the former yipping that they will save the longpaws.
The patrol to warn the longpaws heads out across the rocks, and a sharp yip is heard when Sunshine struggles on the rocks. She gathers herself together and leaps down clumsily, landing on the side of her paw, and stops to lick the sore spot. Mickey stops in front of the Omega and asks if she is okay, but the little dog proudly says that she is fine, and picks herself up, springing down to the next stone. Her paws skid as she lands, scattering pebbles, and Lucky worries about Sunshine, afraid that she might fall of the cliff. The Beta offers to help her, suggesting that they could lift her over the steeper rocks. He reminds her that when they ran from the black cloud, others were assisted too, reassuring her that there is no shame in it, but Sunshine insists that she doesn't need help getting down. After flashing Mickey and Lucky a grateful look, she adds more quietly that she may need it getting up, and Mickey licks his friend's nose, agreeing. The two larger dogs stay near Sunshine as they make their way down the cliff side.
When the town is seen, Mickey, Sunshine, and Lucky join the rest of the Pack as they rest at the edge of the longpaw settlement. Lucky leads the dogs to the edge of the town, where they see longpaws working, and when the dogs ponder on how to warn them, Sunshine suggests running around in circles and yapping, as her longpaws always knew something was wrong when she did that, and is followed by other ideas. Lucky allows the dogs to do whatever they can to warn the longpaws, and when he gives the order, Sunshine is seen skipping in erratic loops and yipping urgently, while Snap and Daisy imitate her.
While in the town, a longpaw falls into a pit and is left by the other longpaws, but Mickey begs the patrol to help him. After convincing Lucky, he, Bella, and the Beta lower a piece of wood to the longpaw, but Sunshine hops anxiously, yipping that the air feels strange. Lucky realizes that she is right, and urges the dogs to hurry. However, the ground shakes from the Growl before they can free the longpaw, and Sunshine is seen cringing into a ball. Fortunately, a loudbird comes and saves the longpaw, and when Mickey turns down the longpaw's offer to come along, Lucky thinks that the leashed Dogs have come a long way, noticing that even Sunshine isn't watching the retreating loudbirds.
As the dogs run back to camp, when they scramble up the incline, Martha carries Sunshine by her scruff, and Lucky feels sympathy for the small dog. He thinks of how he had forgotten about the Omega in the panic, and is grateful that Martha is with them. When the patrol reaches the trees and the pond, Sunshine points that out, and Lucky notes that the little dog is right, although the area is almost unrecognizable from damage. When the group realizes that the Pack isn't there, Sunshine is the first to start whimpering, and is soon followed by others. However, Daisy cuts in and brings attention to a sound of barking dogs, and as the Pack follows the sound, it grows louder. Sunshine yips that she can hear Bruno. When the patrol reaches the Pack and finds them trapped under a fallen tree, Sunshine yips encouragement to the dogs as they work to free their Packmates.
After Whine leaves the Wild Pack, the Pack huddles beneath the trees and Sunshine shivers, crouching against Lucky's side. She asks where the Sun-Dog is and shakes her dirty white coat, wondering if the Growl scared him away. The Omega whines that the Sky-Dogs have recently seemed to be very angry, and Lucky doesn't know what to say, thinking that Sunshine is right. After the Pack decides to go get help from Twitch's Pack, Sweet states that the whole Pack will go together, causing Sunshine's eyes to widen. She exclaims that the Sky-Dogs won't let them, as it is very wet and there must be churned up earth from the Growl. The little dog says it will be dangerous, but Sweet tells her that they will be careful.
The Alpha starts to walk down the slope, and Lucky wonders if Sunshine is right in worrying, fretting that the cliff might fall away. He glances back at the Omega, whose face shows determination as she shuffles against the lashing downpour. Sunshine's paws are already caked in mud, and she moves unsteadily.
As the Pack approaches an extra slippery section of rocks, Lucky warns the dogs, but Sunshine has already skidded on the ice and tumbles past Lucky, thumping down hard on the slab in front of her. She gives a sharp yelp, and Lucky crouches by her side, asking if she is hurt. The little dog winces and rolls onto her paws, reassuring that she is mainly shocked and will be okay in a moment. Bruno noses her gently and offers to carry her, to which Sunshine thanks him and sits still, trying to gather as much dignity as she can muster as the larger dog grips her scruff and scoops her up.
After the Pack has traveled more, they are seen to be struggling, and Bruno and Martha are noted to be taking turns carrying Sunshine. When Sweet announces that they will make a camp, Martha sets Sunshine down.
When the dogs eat, Lucky takes notice that Sweet is careful to leave food for the lower-ranking dogs, and thinks of how, under the half-wolf's rule, there had been days where Whine and Sunshine didn't eat at all. Lucky glances at the dirty white dog, and notices that  a brightness has returned to her eyes. After all the other dogs have eaten, Sunshine gulps down the last of the pigeon. After finding Twitch's Pack, when the dogs agree to help the Wild Pack, Sunshine spins in tight circles out of happiness.
Later, when Lucky ponders on his times as a Lone Dog, he wonders if he was really much different from a Leashed Dog, as he needed the longpaws just as much as Mickey or Sunshine.
When Arrow comes to the Wild Pack camp and warns that their Omega has told Blade about their plans, it is noted that, although Whine hadn't been Omega since Sunshine had taken over the role, every dog in Sweet's Pack knows who Arrow is talking about.
Right before the Storm of Dogs, as the Wild Pack waits for the Fierce Dogs to come, Sunshine is seen trembling in fear, eyes worried. The little dog's head cranes over the snow, and she spins on her paws and breaths quickly at every sound she hears. Lucky licks the Omega's ears and soothingly asks how she is feeling, to which Sunshine puffs up her chest in an attempt to look fierce. However, her shaking hackles betray the small dog's terror as she bravely says that she will do the best to fight for her Pack. Lucky contradicts that she doesn't want her to fight, and wants her to hide and stay safe. She whimpers that she would then be a coward, and must do her duty, but Lucky assures his Omega that a dog's duty may come in different forms, and that hers is not to fight. He adds that she should stay safe, as she helps her Pack in other ways, before explaining that when Sweet led the giantfur to the Fierce Dogs, he had to hide behind a fence and felt terrible. Lucky goes on that each dog is different and contributes according to their own skill. He finishes that Sunshine keeps up their morale, which is the most important job of all.
Sunshine blinks at the golden dog gratefully and relaxes, giving a small wag of her tail, before backing away from the dogs toward a mound of fresh snow at the base of the tree. She digs herself a hiding place and shuffles deep within the mound, disappearing in a bundle of white. As Lucky goes to stand at the front of the Pack, he thinks about his words to Sunshine, about how a dog's duty may come in different forms, and wonders what his duty is.
During the battle, when a boulder tumbles from the rock face, the Packs begin to bark in fear that it is the Growl, but as Lucky peers at the top of the outcrop, he notices that a bundle of snow seems to shift between the rocks, scampering out of sight, and realizes that it is Sunshine. Lucky once again remembers what he had told her.
Once the battle is finished, Whine is turned down by the Fierce Dogs, and Sweet also tells him to leave. Sunshine runs out from behind the rocks and rushes to Sweet's side, yipping angrily. She echoes her Alpha's words and exclaims to him to get away. Sunshine rushes at the goggle-eyed dog and bares her small fangs, causing Whine to yelp and run upstream. Sunshine's tail wags in satisfaction.
After Twitch's Pack merges with the Wild Pack, and the dogs eat, they share a Great Howl. Lucky looks at the faces, old and new, and Sunshine is noted to be one of the dogs he thinks of.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

Sunshine is first mentioned when Storm is relieved that the Omega has gulped down the two mice left for her, since sharing the prey had been an unnerving experience that night. When Sweet suggests telling her Pack a tale of the Spirit Dogs, Sunshine gives a yelp of determined enthusiasm and wags her tail, exclaiming that she would like that.
Sunshine is next seen looking anxious and fearful when Storm wakes to angry barking, and Storm notes that although Sunshine tries so hard to be a Wild Dog, her fluffy little body is not well suited to the wilderness. Storm gives her a reassuring whine and licks her nose, and the Omega asks what is going on, and why there is more fighting. Storm tells Sunshine that it is just the patrol dogs squabbling again, and is annoyed with them for upsetting Sunshine.
When a loudbird flies above the Wild Pack camp, Sunshine is seen cowering beneath a jutting rock, her body trembling. When the loudbird leaves, the small Omega creeps out, trembling. Lucky tells the dogs to return to their regular routine and Woody nudges Sunshine to her paws.
Later, as Storm is about to sleep one night, Sunshine, tail waving, asks Alpha to tell another story about the Wind-Dogs, and explains that she hasn't been able to stop thinking about them. Bella asks Omega if she really still needs a pup-tale to go to sleep, and she tells her not to be silly. However, Sweet invites her Pack to gather around since she has something important to say about the Spirit Dogs. When she explains the story of the Golden Deer, several members of the Pack are excited at the thought of catching it and Sunshine whirls in a circle, bumping into other dogs in her excitement. Mickey dodges back as her tail whips across his muzzle. Later the next day, Storm and Whisper discuss the Spirit-Dogs, but when Whisper speaks too loudly, Sunshine, who trots out of Alpha's den with old bedding in her mouth, looks slightly surprised to hear Whisper bark so loudly.
When Moon is punished for being accused of stealing prey, Alpha tells the Farm-Dog that even Omega will fill her belly before her. That night as they eat, Sunshine gets to eat before Moon. Alpha gazes at the little white dog and tells her that she might eat, and the Omega's eyes widen as she licks her lips and pads nervously forward. With a pang of pity for her, Storm thinks that Sunshine can't have had the chance to eat so much since she was with her longpaws, and thinks that one good out of Moon being accused is that Omega will eat well tonight, which she deserves. However, Sunshine is nervous and hesitant and paws at the mouse, then tears a small bite from it. She gulps it down and takes another mouthful before stepping back, her tail slowly wagging. The Omega whines that it was good and that she is full, and thanks her Alpha, but Sweet exclaims her name. Sunshine begins to say something, but Alpha interrupts that the Omega should not lie, and Pack rules are Pack rules, but that Moon has broken them. She tells the Omega that she shouldn't do the same and must eat her fill or else she will be punished too. Sunshine shifts from one paw to the other and whimpers sadly under her breath, but no dog defends her. Finally, she softly whines to her Alpha that, being a little dog, she only needs a little food and isn't used to eating much. She adds that Moon shouldn't be weak for the Pack's sake, but is interrupted by Alpha, who glares at the little white dog. Sunshine cowers, shivering, and Sweet declares that bad dogs will be punished and Alphas obeyed, as this is the Pack law. She adds that unless she wants to go without food altogether, Omega will have to stop arguing with her, and eat her fill. After a moment's hesitation, Sunshine creeps forward to the prey-pile again and takes the last rabbit-haunch and begins to eat it. It is apparent to Storm that Sunshine is having to force the meat down, and she feels pity. Although she knows that Sunshine must be hungry, this would be the first time in a very long time since the Omega had a full belly, but she won't be able to enjoy it by eating the food that should been Moon's. When the Omega has finally choked down the last possible mouthful, Moon only has half a mouse left. That night, when Storm talks to Lucky about how Moon was accused for stealing without proof, Lucky tells her of how he once framed a dog named Mulch for stealing, and mentions that Whine, the Omega before Sunshine, had wanted a promotion and forced him into doing it.
As Storm returns to the camp after another night of sleepwalking, through the trees she can see her Pack members doing their business, including Sunshine gathering extra moss for Alpha's bedding. When the foxes come to the Wild Pack camp to get revenge for their pup, Sunshine, who is interrupted midway through renewing the Pack's bedding, whines nervously through a mouthful of moss and leaves. After the foxes leave and Alpha asks the Pack if anyone knows who killed the fox pup, Sunshine crouches at the rear of the ranks, whimpering in confusion.
The next day, Ruff worries about if the foxes will come back and attack the dogs, but Sunshine sternly tells her those are all what-if scenarios, and tells Ruff not to worry. She explains that the patrol dogs watch the camp by night, Moon is on the special High Watch, and if the foxes return, the Pack will fight them off. The Omega's eyes are bright with confidence, and Storm is impressed that Sunshine, though she must have her own fears, has found it within her to reassure the higher-ranking Ruff. Later, when a deer is caught while hunting, Lucky exclaims that every dog, even Sunshine and Moon, will have a full belly that night.
Later, when the Pack is in danger when Storm, Snap, and Lucky are searching for the Golden Deer, Storm instantly recognizes the high yelping yips of Daisy and Sunshine, that are filled with horror, as well as the howling of other dogs of the Pack.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

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The Final Battle

Sunshine comes to Storm in the den, bringing her a half a rabbit. Storm thanks her, and thinks she can't lose Sunshine. Sunshine says she believes Storm, as well as some others. When Storm asks who, Sunshine says she can't talk right now and leaves.
Later, when Storm discovers the hole to escape in the den, she thanks Sunshine for all her help, but says she shouldn't have done that. Sunshine is puzzled, and doesn't know what she means.
Sunshine is later heard snarling outside the den with Daisy and Tiny at Breeze, defending Storm against Breeze.
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  • Her longpaw memento was a yellow, jewel-studded leash.[24]


""The foxes! I got bitten!" Sunshine's yelping was becoming hysterical, and she lifted one paw pathetically off the ground."
—Sunshine and Narrator The Empty City, page ?

"I wish you would stop saying those things, Bella. We don't know the world's ended."
—Sunshine to Bella The Empty City, page 87

"My longpaw will be back for me, I know she will. She'll come back for the Frisbee-throw - she always took that with her - and she'll come back for me."
—Sunshine The Empty City, page 108

"She's really grown up since the Big Growl."
—Lucky's thoughts on Sunshine Darkness Falls, page 29

"Sunshine has a wonderful nose. She would make a good patrol dog. She can sniff out danger a mile away."
—Mickey about Sunshine Darkness Falls, page 43

Sunshine: "I'm glad I didn't have to go through a Naming Ceremony. It all seems terribly serious. And I like the name my longpaws gave me. I think it suits me juts fine, and better than anything I'd have chosen."
Lucky: "Your name does suit you, Sunshine."
—Lucky and Sunshine about her name The Broken Path, page chapter 3

Alpha: "Lucky! Bring that long-haired rat back here!"
Lucky: "Stop, Sunshine! Stop!"
Sunshine: "But— Food! Real food! Soft sleeping nests! Come on, Lucky!"
Lucky: "I said stop! STOP!"
Sunshine: "Let me go! Let me go, you bully!"
Lucky: "Come back to the Pack right now. Unless you want Alpha to throw you i the river with the fish And Martha won't be dragging you out. If there are longpaws here, they're not yours. They'll see you as a wild animal. You know it's true. Come back. And get ready to apologize."
—Sunshine and Lucky when she gets excited at seeing longpaws The Broken Path, page chapter 60

"Are they our longpaws? Are they here?"
—Sunshine at seeing dead longpaws The Broken Path, page chapter 7

Sunshine: "I haven't tasted rice in such a long time."
Alpha: "And you won't taste it again. When the Sun-Dog rises tomorrow, the hunting dogs can go into the forest and find some real prey."
—Sunshine and Alpha about longpaw food The Broken Path, page chapter 7

"Poor little Sunshine. She's trying so hard."
—Lucky thinking about Sunshine The Broken Path, page chapter 7

Moon: "You must be hungry, Omega. But there will be plenty left; don't worry."
Sunshine: "I know. I don't mind waiting."
—Sunshine and Moon The Broken Path, page chapter 9

"I know, I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. The moment I knew that longpaws were close, I felt a need to go to them. I was raised by longpaws; it's like an instinct, the need to be near them. But it has passed now."
—Sunshine to Mickey about longpaws Storm of Dogs, page chapter 2

Lucky: "How are you feeling?"
Sunshine: "I will do my best to fight for my Pack."
Lucky: "I don't want you to fight. You're small and white; you can be barely be seen in the snow. I want you to hide and stay safe."
Sunshine: "But then I'd be a coward. I have to do my duty."
Lucky: "A dog's duty may come in different forms. Yours is not to fight. Stay safe now - you help the Pack in others ways. When Sweet led the giantfur to the Fierce Dogs, I had to hide behind a fence. i wasn't fast enough to help Sweet, and I felt terrible about that. But every dog is different - we contribute according to our unique skills. You help to keep up our morale. that is more valuable than big jaws or sharp claws. That is the most important job of all."
—Sunshine and Lucky before the Storm of Dogs Storm of Dogs, page chapter 20

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