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Survivors: The Gathering Darkness is the second arc in Survivors by Erin Hunter. It takes place a few months after the original Survivors series.[1]


The arc focuses on Storm's point of view,[2] and the prologues are from her point of view during her puphood.[3]
The dogs' afterlife is shown.[4] There is also a new antagonist included.[5] Arrow, Whisper, Beetle , Thorn,[6] and all four of Lucky and Sweet's pups play big roles in this series.[7]
Another author will be joining to write the books.[5] There is a possibility Terror might return.[8]


Book One: A Pack Divided
Book Two: Dead of Night
Book Three: Into the Shadows
Book Four:  Red Moon Rising
Book Five: The Exile's Journey
Book Six: The Final Battle


  • Three of Sweet and Lucky's pups are confirmed to be female, while the shaggy, sandy-furred pup is a male.[5]
  • Rosie Best is the new author for Survivors.[9]
  • Inbali Iserles will not be writing for The Gathering Darkness series.[10]
  • Rosie Best will be writing for books two and five. Gillian Philip will be writing for books one, three, four, and six.[11]
  • For every book cover of this arc, The Golden Deer is hidden somewhere on it.

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