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"The Pack isn't going to move again. I'm sick of running away. It will just tire us out and leave us unable to fight—and we may have to yet. If the Fierce Dogs come back, we'll deal with them. If the longpaws want the town, they can have it. But the cliffs and the valley belong to us."
— Sweet to the Wild Pack in Storm of Dogs, page 30
Wild Pack[1]
Swift-Dog Pack,[2] Lone Dog[3]
Names Lone Dog: Sweet[3]

Hunter: Sweet[5]
Beta: Beta[1]
Alpha: Alpha[6]

Family Mate: Lucky

Daughters: Forest, Earth, Sky
Son: River

Rank Positions
Rank Alpha[7]
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey, The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead N/A

Sweet is a thin, fragile-looking,[8] lean[9] female[3] Greyhound[10] with smooth, velvety,[11] pale[12] tan-[13] gray fur,[1] a narrow,[14] long face,[15] a long nose,[16] a soft,[11] sleek, short-furred coat,[17] a sleek,[18] slender head,[19] a slender,[20] sleek, creamy-white muzzle[21], long,[22] thin,[23]slender legs,[24] a light, slender frame,[22] big,[25] large,[26] wide,[27] soft,[28] dark[29] brown eyes,[30] narrow hindquarters,[31] soft,[32] velvety ears,[33] slender,[34] light paws,[35] a sleek,[36] narrow body,[37] pointed chops,[22] white teeth,[38] a thin tail,[39] and a long neck.[11]


In the Novellas Arc

Sweet's Journey

Sweet first awakens from a bad dream, which she then grimly realizes was a flashback of the day she ran from her pack and was captured. Sweet discovers Callie, who has a crushed leg, but is forced to abandon her. Sweet then gets up knowing that she has to find a new pack in the gloomy, new world after the Big Growl. She later becomes the Beta of the Wild Pack by challenging the current Beta.
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In the Original Series

The Empty City

Sweet is in the The Trap House with Lucky and her Pack when an earthquake strikes. Sweet is freed when her cage breaks and she turns to help Lucky. When they escape, the two dogs find the city abandoned. Sweet unknowingly leaves her deceased Pack behind.
Sweet and Lucky shelter for the night. When morning comes, Sweet is uncomfortable with the city and wants to leave the place. Sweet suddenly remembers her Pack and frantically tries to go back, but is prevented by Lucky. She is told by him all her Packmates would be dead and she sorrowfully agrees. Sweet and Lucky encounter a couple of raccoons, but they appeared to be harmless. The two escapees decide to move on.
Sweet is taken by Lucky to a Food House where they could eat. After begging at the door for a while, they go in through a side door. They find a dying longpaw buried under rubble. Sweet becomes frightened by the dying longpaw and declares that she doesn't like Lucky's 'city' and she needs to get out of the house. After scrambling around the house looking for the exit, she is pinned down by Lucky. Sweet calms down and tells Lucky she wants to be a Pack Dog. She offers Lucky a chance to go with her to look for a Pack, but Lucky refuses, saying he is a Lone Dog. Sweet then leaves the Food House and runs away from the city without Lucky.

A Hidden Enemy

Sweet begins to run and dart everywhere, barking orders. When a second Growl strikes, a chasm opens up beneath her and she falls in, with her new Pack and the Leashed Dogs running away. She manages to land on an outcrop of rock and is surprised to see Lucky standing above her. Sweet is guided by Lucky when she climbs up the chasm. Sweet then engages in a joyful reunion with Lucky after she gets out. Sweet tells Lucky about her new Pack, but is hurt when Lucky refuses to go with her. The two bid farewell, and Sweet goes back to rejoin her Pack.
A couple of days later, Sweet goes out and finds Dart, Spring, and Twitch attacking Lucky. She barks an order to cease attack and brings Lucky back to the camp, after telling him to not speak. Sweet warns her Alpha about the new arrival. When her Pack is dubious of Lucky, Sweet defends her friend. Her speech makes the dogs accept Lucky.
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Darkness Falls

Sweet is one of the traveling dogs. She first appears when she's arguing with Bella about Twitch's disappearance. When Lucky asks both of them what happened, they both explain their sides of the story.
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The Broken Path

Sweet is first seen gathering the pack together for Beetle and Thorn's naming ceremony.
Sweet tells the pack to be patient and quiet and then goes to look each dog firmly in the eye, as Alpha struggles to develop a plan on where to go next. She's then seen leaping over a hill and returns to tell the pack there is fish in the pond over the hill insisting that it's safe there, Alpha then uses her idea.
As the storm returns Sweet grabs the attention of the pack then suggesting they find shelter quickly.
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The Endless Lake

Sweet is briefly mentioned on multiple occasions in Lucky's thoughts.
Sweet is first seen when the dogs escape the Cave. She walks to Lucky and says that she thought something bad may have happened to him.
Once Lucky tells Alpha that they had performed the naming ceremony for Storm while away, Alpha acts out in rage, claiming that without his authority, the naming means nothing. Lucky is then seen looking around at the Pack, then resting his eyes on Sweet, whom he wishes would challenge Alpha.
Sweet is sitting by the pond wanting to talk with Lucky. She says she wants to tell him more about the Fierce Dogs, where they're based and about their patrols. She then says they can talk later, for Lucky seems tired.
After Alpha's death in the lake, Sweet, as Beta, should take her place as Alpha, but is stopped after Lucky starts the Four-Paws idea.
Four-Paws creates confusion and tension in the Pack, leading the dogs to want to go back to the former hierarchy. Sweet becomes Alpha, after fighting Bella for the role, and she chooses Lucky as her Beta,
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Storm of Dogs

Coming Soon

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Storm is coming back from a hunt when she see's Lucky and Sweet. It is described that her belly is bulging with her unborn pups.
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Dead of Night

She is first seen horrified and angry over Whisper's death. She demands to know who was on the night patrol. When Breeze and Thorn tell her that they had been on the patrol, her legs are trembling with tiredness but she growls that they failed. She pricks her ears and tells Moon that they need more frequent and better patrols. Moon argues that with scouts going off with the hunters each day, there is not enough patrol dogs to have twice as many as usual guarding the camp. She also adds that the dogs need their daily rest, and if she came off of High Watch she would be able to contribute. Sweet snaps back at Moon, telling her that if the pack's enemy will not rest, then neither will they, and that Moon will stay on High Watch until she says otherwise. Sweet then leans against Lucky's flank as he agrees to what she previously said. When he suggests that the foxes were involved with Whisper's death, Sweet nods her head along with the rest of the angry, vengeful Pack, but her legs are trembling once again and she is blinking slowly. Moon pads over to Sweet, forgetting their foregoing argument, and proposes for Sweet to get some rest, for her unborn pups need her to be still. Sweet assures Moon that the pups will be fine, but Lucky leads her away to their den, and she doesn't protest.
Storm runs after Sweet and Lucky, wanting to talk to them about her theory; she claims that Whisper's wounds were inflicted by a dog, not a fox. The two aren't moving very fast, due to Sweet's tiredness and her pups, so Storm catches up quickly. When she calls out for her Alpha and Beta to wait, Lucky tells her Sweet needs rest, and that she should wait until he gets back. Sweet, on the other hand, gives her mate an affectionate nudge as she tells him that she'll be able to get to the den herself, and he should stay and talk to Storm. Lucky is uncertain, but Sweet teases him with saying she could walk a few steps herself. As she leaves Lucky and Storm behind, she walks slowly, but with dignity, up the slope towards her den, with her Beta watching her every move.
In Chapter 2, Sweet is sitting at the end of Whisper's grave, still and silent. She then pays her respects to her deceased Packmate, her neck and back as long and straight as her bulging belly would allow her. She praises Whisper for always being willing to help, and wanting the best for his Pack, before letting Beta go next. Suddenly, while the rest of the dogs wish Whisper a good hunting in the Forests Beyond, Alpha lets out a loud yelp, her strong and noble stance sagging as she bends her nose low to the earth. Lucky anxiously starts pawing at the ground, worried about his mate, when Sweet looks up at him, her eyes wide, and yowls that the pups are coming.
During the following chapter, Alpha is in her den, letting out anguished whimpers and yelps as she gives birth to her pups. She has Moon with her, who had pups herself before and knows what to do. The Pack dogs can hear the older dog's reassuring voice in between Sweet's yowls. Storm, who paces back and forth between her Alpha's den, hears another loud howl, and is tempted to rush to her leader's aid, but she tells herself that there's nothing a young, clumsy Fierce dog could do to help. When Lucky walks out from the den, he tells the nervous Pack that Alpha is doing well, and Moon said everything is happening just as it should. Storm sets off on a hunting party with Mickey, Bella, Arrow and Dart, but the team rushes back to camp when they smell coyotes. Storm tries to tell Sweet about the musty coyote scent they encountered, which made them lose their prey, but Daisy and Omega rush up to her, yipping and turning in tight circles excitedly - they happily announce that the pups are finally here.
Daisy and Omega run off to fetch some water, so Storm gets ready to visit her Alpha and the new pups. She approaches the pond on her way to the den, and finds Arrow sitting there, his head bowed, eyes focused on the still water. Worry pricks the back of her neck and she asks the male if everything is all right. He sadly tells her that one of the pups is very small and weak - she's a runt. He explains that in the Dog-Garden, the runts were sent away, and Storm is troubled that Lucky and Sweet will do the same. Mickey and Snap assure her that will not be the case.
The following morning, as the Pack starts emerging from their dens, getting ready to start a fresh day, a bark rings out through camp. It's not a bark of alarm - Lucky's voice sounds rather joyful. Thorn nudges Storm as she runs past to gather around her Beta, telling her it's time for the Den Break. Storm is confused and asks Moon, who came off of High Watch to join the excited Pack, what the Den Break is. Moon replies that the occasion is the pups' first time outside. Lucky walks out of his den, announcing that he is very proud and happy to introduce the Pack to the new pups, and that the Pack must grow to be strong. He stands aside and Sweet emerges out of the dim interior of the den, a sandy-colored ball of fluff held carefully in her jaws. She sets the puppy down on the grass outside of the den, and her mate declares that this is Tumble, their male pup. Tumble blinks up at the gathered Pack, wonder in his large, dark eyes, and started rolling over and over again, trying to wiggle across the grass towards Moon. Sweet, with pride resonating in her voice, tells the gathered Pack that he's too young to walk, but he doesn't seem to know it. Lucky then walks into the den and comes back out carrying another pup - a short-haired and tan one, with a long muzzle and dark eyes. Sweet introduces the pup as Nibble, a female. Nibble sits down beside Tumble, completely still and cowering slightly away from the crowd of dogs. Alpha returns to the den and comes out with the third pup, who is even longer-furred than Tumble but a much darker brown color. Lucky tells his Packmates that the pup is named Fluff, another female. Alpha puts her down next to Nibble, and she sniffs the air curiously, also sniffing her litter-sister and attempting to sniff Tumble, who rolls out of the way before she can reach him. Sweet introduces the final pup, once again a female, but called Tiny, as her Beta emerges from the den. She continues with saying the little pup was weak for a day or two, but she was doing well now. Lucky puts Tiny next to her litter-sisters. She was about a pup-head smaller than her littermates, and slightly thinner, with short golden fur and pale, watery eyes. All at once, Tumble, Nibble and Fluff shuffled towards their litter-sister. The Pack turns their faces up to the sky and howls with joy, thanking the Spirit-Dogs for bringing the pups to them, safe and well. The howl is short, and Bella and Bruno drag over prey they've been saving for this moment. Alpha eats first and well, then lays down in a patch of sunlight with Lucky nosing the pups toward her. The pups smell milk, so a moment later they are all snuggled up to their Mother-Dog, suckling happily.
Later on, after Twitch gives his report on the fox and coyote scents, and when a patrol group consisting of Storm, Snap, Dart and Thorn comes back after finding the fox den, Storm once again tells her Beta that the foxes are too weak and scrawny to kill a healthy dog, and Lucky advances on her, looking furious. The Pack is startled that Storm would even consider the thought of a dog from camp killing poor Whisper. Lucky looks like he is about to swipe at Storm, and her eyes flick to Sweet. The swift-dog is watching them closely, the pups held back behind one paw, her dark, clever eyes fixed on Storm. She doesn't call Lucky back, though - she doesn't say anything at all.

Into the Shadows

As the dogs are arguing over who sabotaged their prey, Storm is expecting Alpha to end the conflict, but she doesn't. Later, she orders the pack to stop arguing and points out that since Twitch is hurt, this is not the time for destructive quarrelling. She thens glares at every dog who was arguing, making them fall silent. Finally, she tells the dogs that it's time to stop chattering and go to sleep. She also praises Snap, Daisy, and Sunshine, the only dogs who did not participate it the argument. She tells the pack that whoever did this will be exposed, but not through arguments and gossip and reminds them to be alert and ready tomorrow before returning to her den.
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Red Moon Rising

Coming Soon

The Exile's Journey

Sweet is first seen when Storm comes back to the Wild Pack to confront Breeze. Sweet silences the Pack, and questions Lucky to what is going on. Lucky goes up to her and explains how they found Storm in the woods, and how she apparently attacked Breeze. Breeze confirms that this is correct. Storm objects that she bit herself. Sweet quiets Breeze. Sweet gives Storm and Sweet the chance to explain themselves.
Storm realizes that this is her chance to explain herself. Sweet tells her to start explaining. Storm tells Sweet about how she had trusted Breeze as well, until she had put the clues together. She tells her about how Breeze wanted revenge for Terror's death, and how she had been going for every dog that was there when it happened. And about how Breeze had led the pups to the Endless Lake on purpose, hoping that they would drown in it.
Storm told them that Breeze had framed Moon for stealing prey, and then about how she had tried to crush her in a rock trap. How she poisoned Bella's prey and put clear stone in Twitch's. And how Breeze killed Whisper, because he was so happy that Terror was gone. And how she murdered Bruno, because he wanted to clear Storm's name.
She then tells them how Arrow saw Breeze drag a bleeding rabbit back to camp. Sweet asks if that is all Storm has to say. Storm nods and says that Breeze admitted it all. Moon mutters that this is all ridiculous. Sweet then turns to Breeze. Storm is disgusted to see that Breeze was trembling and whimpering, frightened. Breeze says that Storm has to stop this, and that if she stops making things up now, perhaps Sweet will let her live.
She says that Storm could even go back to Bella. Breeze then trails off, seeming to realize Bella's pups. Storm insists that she could have fought them all off, but she chose not to, and that she just wanted to protect them. Sweet snaps at Storm and says, that she had her chance and tells Breeze to speak.
Coming Soon


  • She has mistakenly been described with bright eyes.[40]
  • Sweet is mistakenly called Swift in Sweet's Journey.[41]
  • Gillian likes Sweet, but fears that her pups will draw her attention away from Pack matters.[42]




Unnamed Greyhound:[43] Status Unknown


Lucky:[44] Living As of The Final Battle


Sky:[45] Living As of The Final Battle
Forest:[45] Living As of The Final Battle
Earth:[45] Living As of The Final Battle


River:[45] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"We should start looking for more dogs. We need a good, strong pack. I want to find as many dogs as we can. We need to track down other survivors, and get out of here right now!"
—Sweet to Lucky The Empty City, page ??

"I didn't want to leave you behind. But you wanted to stay in the city. And I needed a Pack. I wish I could make you understand, Lucky."
—Sweet to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 27

"Beta? No. She's the newest member of the Pack! She joined maybe half a Moon-Dog journey after the Big Growl. But she is so fast and clever - and ruthless. She became Beta very quickly!"
—Twitch to Lucky about Sweet A Hidden Enemy, page 115

"You tried to advance and you did it by the pack rules - and even though you lost, you aren't abandoning your position."
—Sweet to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 278

"I'll be okay. I won't fight- with the Wind-Dogs at my back, I can outrun any dog!"
—Sweet to Lucky Storm of Dogs (book), page 220

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