Sweet's Journey



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Gillian Phillip[3]

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eBook: February 10th, 2015[1]

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The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

Additional Information

Sweet's Journey

Sweet's Journey is the second e-book novella, featuring Sweet.[1] Sweet is the dog depicted on the cover.[4]

The Blurb

A sixty-page novella set in the world of the bestselling, action-packed Survivors series by Erin Hunter! This original prequel brings readers a behind-the-scenes look at the story of Sweet, and how she came to be the fearless Beta of the Wild Pack!
When the Big Growl struck and changed Lucky's world forever, he escaped the ruins of the longpaw city with Sweet by his side. Then they were separated, and Lucky never thought he'd see her again—until he met the Wild Pack that ruled the forest. . . .
Survivors: Sweet's Journey also includes a teaser chapter to Survivors #6: Storm of Dogs. [1]

Plot Summary

Sweet is in the middle of a dream; recalling the moments when she had fought the Beta of her old Pack. Waking up, she lets out a whine because she realized she was all alone, missing Lucky. She starts to think about his good characteristics and then started to think of his actions as something stupid.
Sweet starts to travel anew. That's when she sees her former Pack's Beta, Callie. Callie's lower body is crushed by a fallen loudcage.  Shocked, she comes closer to see Callie in her final moments. When she dies, Sweet thinks she never really liked Callie, but didn't want her to die like this.
She continues on, having hope that since Callie was still alive, maybe her own Pack would be too. When she's looking, she is confronted by the Wild Pack's Beta, who is hostile at the sight of Sweet. Then the Wild Pack's Alpha appears. He asks his Beta who is this, and she replies that she's a trespasser. Sweet, trying to maintain peace says that she'll be off of their territory soon, and that if the Alpha wants, can have her escorted. Alpha asks what she is looking for, and she replied her old Pack, who was a group of swift-dogs. He says that he hasn't seen any swift-dogs pass by.
The Alpha makes Fiery, a senior member of the Wild Pack escort her. They have a conversation about the Big Growl, and the loss of dogs it had caused. When they get to the border, the conversation ends and Sweet continues her search for her former Pack.
Desolated by finding out that none of her old Pack has survived, she sits alone for a few moments before hearing a howling. She instantly knows it was the Great Howl of the Wild Pack. Saddened by her woebegone memories, Sweet grows in determination to join the Wild Pack.
She catches a rabbit and finds the heart of their territory, the camp. When she comes, she is greeted by a hostile growl made from the Beta. Alpha then says to his Beta, that Sweet must've been hungry, and no ordinary dog could catch a rabbit by themselves and bring it all the way there even though she was hungry, and comments that that's the kind of discipline he likes. Sweet is welcomed by Moon, who at the time is pregnant with her and Fiery's pups.
Beta is observing Sweet when she and Fiery are practicing their fighting. Sweet gets angry and manages to pin Fiery on the ground. The next session, Beta gets Alpha to watch and Sweet tries to get angry once more because that got her able to pin Fiery. She gets mad, and again she gets Fiery to the ground. Alpha remarks that her moves are sharper than some of Beta's moves.
When Moon is giving birth, Sweet is currently guarding the entrance, and says that Fiery has to be there. Beta says she'll cover for her, and so she races for Fiery. They return to find coyotes there, and quickly fight them off. He sees the birth of his pups. Alpha then asks who was supposed to be guarding that section of the camp. Sweet starts to say that Beta said that she would cover for her, but in reply Beta calls her a liar. Moon and Fiery thank Sweet of her selfless actions, and that they'll like to do something in return.
Sweet is punished and after the punishment is over, is confined to the hunter's den, as it is her rank. Hungry, she sees a rabbit near the den and then comes toward it. Thinking it was Moon's and Fiery's thank you gift, she takes a few bites, but then Beta howls, accusing Sweet of depriving their pack of food. Getting the attention of everyone, Alpha says that this was the worst offense a member can make and asks how she will respond to Beta's charge. Sweet figures out that Beta purposely did this.
She challenges Beta in reply. Fighting Beta, she wins and forces Beta to tell the truth. Beta tells the truth, also telling Sweet that one day she'll challenge her for her rightful rank again one day. Alpha comes and says that she won't, as she has been dishonorable for such deceit. She is banished and Beta leaves, promising that that is not the last they'll see of her.
Alpha tells Sweet that she is the new Beta of the Wild Pack. Sweet tells him that she never wanted to be the Beta, just wanted the former Beta to stop bullying her. Alpha responds that she challenged Beta and won the fight, becoming the Beta whether she meant to or not.
In the ending chapter, Sweet has grown into her role very well. She is practicing hunting skills with the dogs. That was when she heard that dogs were invading. They race to their invading dogs and Alpha gives the order to attack.
When Sweet is fighting, in the corner of her eye, she sees a golden-furred animal. Thinking she's just seeing things, she tries to focus, but it grabs her attention in the way it moves. She then knows it is her friend Lucky.


Publication History

  • Alpha's Tale (EN), HarperCollins (e-Book), 10 February 2015[1]
  • Tales from the Packs (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 5 May 2015[6]

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