I am Terror. I am the Forepaw of the Fear-Dog, King of all the Spirit-Dogs. Show me respect!
— Terror to Lucky's patrol in The Broken Path, pages 114-115
Terror's Pack[1]
Pit Bull Mastiff mix[2]
Names Alpha: Terror[3]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Alpha[4]
Deceased (killed by Lick)
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path
Dead The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night

Terror is a massive, male[5] Pit Bull mastiff mix[6] with short fur dappled all over in ugly, red, inflamed bald patches[7]; a bloated,[7] twisted,[7] square face;[7] wide, [7] dilated,[7] baleful,[7] vivid[7] yellow eyes,[5] great paws,[8] and ragged ears.[9]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

Terror first appears when Lucky, Fiery, and several others are hunting and have a run-in with Terror's Pack. Terror claws and bites his dogs to encourage them to attack Lucky and the others, have no choice but to flee. Terror claims that there is a Spirit Dog called the "Fear-Dog", and calls himself the "Forepaw of the Fear-Dog".
He is later seen having some sort of fit, causing spasms to shake his body, and froth at the mouth. Terror's Pack seems to be familiar with these fits, which Terror acts as though it is his way of communicating with the Fear-Dog. It is unknown at the time if there really is a Fear-Dog or if Terror had any way of communicating with it.
After Lucky, Bella, Moon, Lick, and Martha rescue Fiery, they once again run into Terror and his Pack. The dogs break into battle, and Terror is killed when Lick rips off his lower jaw, which results in extreme blood loss and his death.

The Endless Lake

Lucky thinks of Terror's dogs and what will become of them, now that they are free of Terror. 
When Terror's Pack is asking Twitch to be their Alpha, they say that now that Terror is gone, they can become a true Pack.

Storm of Dogs

Terror is first mentioned when Fang is seen trembling violently before his death, reminding Lucky of the way Terror used to tremble when he claimed to have visions from the Spirit Dogs.
When Bella suggests making an alliance with Twitch's Pack to fight for Storm, Daisy is doubtful, and recalls that they were aggressive when Terror was in charge. Later, when members of the Wild Pack go to find Twitch's Pack, Lucky recalls a place as the place where he first saw Terror. After they find Twitch's Pack, Snap introduces the dogs, including Storm, and Whisper asks Storm if she is the one who killed Terror. Lucky,  warily remembers Storm's violence in killing Terror from that night, and Storm says that she was at the fight and helped to bring him down. She apologizes, but says that although he was their Alpha, he was mean. Lucky is worried that Whisper might have been loyal to Terror, but Whisper throws himself at Storm's paws, and exclaims that she rid them of Terror, and saved their Pack. Storm is cheerful, and Lucky thinks that although the way she killed Terror was wrong, she does deserve praise.
Later, when Sweet asks Twitch if his Pack will fight with the Wild Pack, he denies, saying that his Pack suffered greatly under Terror, and have had a peaceful time since his death, although some are still nervous, and damaged by Terror's brutality. When Twitch shows them that his dogs aren't accustomed to thinking for themselves, Lucky remembers Terror, who had abused his Pack. However, Twitch's Pack say that they want to fight, with Whisper pointing out that Storm saved them from Terror. Splash agrees that Terror ruined their lives, and it is thanks to Storm that they are free from him. Omega adds that it would be an honor to fight alongside the dogs who defeated Terror.
When Lucky goes to the Fierce Dogs to tell Blade of Storm's challenge, he thinks that she is harmless, before remembering Terror's bloodied face, his lower jaw ripped away and dropped onto the ground. He recalls his frenzied yellow eyes, along with how he gurgled, and envisions Storm's look of triumph after killing him.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Storm hunts and thinks about the dogs hunting with her, she notes Whisper to have been one of Terror's underlinings. He is keen to please his leaders and prove his worth, now that he isn't cowed by Terror's horrible threats.
When the Wild Pack discusses whether Spirit-Dogs are real or not, Bella says that they are fake, and that the stories made up by her Mother-Dog are no more true than the Fear-Dog, when they know that Terror made him up out of cobwebs and air. Breeze objects that the Fear-Dog is real, and is the most fierce and powerful of the Spirit-Dogs, just as Terror had said.
When Storm asks Breeze why she and other members of Twitch's Pack hadn't been howling, she says that they never howled in Terror's Pack because they didn't want to attract the attention of the Fear-Dog. Storm doesn't believe her, but Breeze says that regardless of what she thinks, Terror knew about those things, and when Twitch took over as their Alpha, she still never joined in, as she doesn't want the Fear-Dog to find her like he found Terror. Storm thinks that it is ridiculous that Terror put the fear of the Fear-Dog into the Pack. However, as she goes to sleep, she wonders if it was the Fear-dog that she saw, and remembers how Lucky had said that the Fear-Dog was only a figment of Terror's warped imagination, but thinks that the Beta had been wrong before.
When Twitch is challenged by Thorn to fight for Moon's position, Woody offers to fight for Twitch, and Storm recognizes him as one of Terror's former Pack.
Later, when members of the Wild Pack fantasize of catching The Golden Deer, Rake tells them that they are foolish to believe in the Wind-Dogs but not the Fear-Dog, since, as Terror had said, he rules the Sky-Dogs. However, Whisper argues that the Fear-Dog isn't real, since Storm had gotten rid of Terror, and if the Fear-Dog was supposed to look after him, he must not have done a very good job. Whisper adds to Storm that he is glad that she beat Terror, as she is stronger than his horrible Fear-Dog. Storm is embarrassed, and thinks that though she doesn't miss Terror and is glad that he is dead, she hates remembering what she did.
When a hunting patrol goes to hunt deer, Storm surveys the dogs there, and notes Breeze and Whisper to have been in Terror's Pack. When there is a loudbird near the camp, Whisper tells Storm that he feels safer around her, since she protects the Pack and had killed Terror, freeing them from the tyranny of the Fear-Dog.

Dead of Night

Terror is first mentioned by Storm, remembering how his upper lip had been ripped in a crazed, furious snarl.
Terror is mentioned by Rake, who claimed that he would tell his Packmembers to chase imaginary prey until their paws bled, order dogs to be starved on a whim, or scar a dog. None of his Pack could predict him when the Fear-Dog supposedly took him over.
Breeze mentions to Storm that Whisper certainly fancied her, hinting that it was because she was their savior, slaying Terror.

Red Moon Rising

Storm notices that everything that has gone wrong is connected to when Fiery and Terror died.

The Exile's Journey

Coming Soon


  • Gillian Philip believes he has some pitbull mixed in him.[10]
  • Gillian has also stated that she likes the idea of him having his own novella.[11]


"[Fear-Dog] says . . . we are to kill any strange dogs. Kill them all. Kill them on sight. Now go!"
—Terror to his Pack The Broken Path, page 125

"I'll have whatever territory I choose. And I will mark it with the blood of any dog foolish enough to cross me and defy the Fear-Dog!"
—Terror to Lucky The Broken Path, page 275

"I will kill the challengers! By the will of the Fear-Dog! And I will start with the traitor Twitch, and his friends."
—Terror to Twitch and Lucky The Broken Path, page 275

"In the name of the Fear-Dog! I will not see His Name insulted, nor my territory challenged!"
—Terror The Broken Path, page 275

"They suffered a lot under Terror. Since his death, we've had a peaceful time where the dogs have been able to recovered. Some are still nervous, damaged by Terror's brutality."
—Twitch about Terror's affect on his Pack Storm of Dogs, page chapter 16

"Terror ruined our lives. It is thanks to this young Fierce Dog that we are free from him."
—Splash about Terror Storm of Dogs, page chapter 16

"In an instant he saw Terror's bloodied face, his lower jaw ripped away and dropped onto the ground like a hunk of prey. Lucky remembered the frenzied yellow eyes and the horrible gurgling that had come from the mad dog's throat. And he remembered the look of triumph on Storm's face as she licked Terror's blood off her whiskers."
—Lucky remembering Terror's death Storm of Dogs, page chapter 17

"But you don't know what we went through to stay alive when we knew our Alpha was a mad dog. When the Fear-Dog took him over, there was no way to tell which dog he would turn on, who he would scar or order to be starved. He used to make us chase imaginary prey that no dog but he could even see, until our paws bled and we couldn't run anymore. We should have risen up, I suppose, but--well, we were afraid. We were never safe from him. All we had was each other."
—Rake speaks of Terror's leadership Dead of Night, page 29

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