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The Big Growl is the catastrophic earthquake that destroys the city and the land in the first book.[1] It is so powerful that it affects surrounding wild areas and settlements, and Gillian has stated that the effects of the Big Growl caused many other issues to arise.[1] All longpaws of the city seem to have fled, leaving all their belongings and dogs behind.[1] Lucky, Sweet, and Callie are the only ones who make it out of the Trap House after the Big Growl strikes.[1][1] Following the Big Growl are other smaller Growls; please refer to the article Growl for more information on individual Growls. The smaller Growls are also known as aftershocks.


The Big Growl is often used as a major marker in the timeline of the world prior to the significant event and after.[1][1]


The Big Growl took 'bites' out of walls, shattered clear-stones, collapsed houses, and opened great tears in the ground.[1]
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In the Original Series

The Empty City

The Big Growl begins in the first chapter of the book. Lucky and Sweet are captives within the TrapHouse at the time. Though they are both freed by the Bit Growl, it killed nearly all of Sweet’s Pack (with the exception of Callie) in the process. Afterwards, the longpaws all left due to the Growl.

A Hidden Enemy

The earth Growls again, this time during a fight between the Leashed Dogs and the Wild Pack. The earth splits open and swallows one of the dogs whole. Lucky is almost killed by a falling tree, but is saved by a rock ledge.

Darkness Falls

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