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The Big Growl is the catastrophic earthquake that destroys the city and the land in the first book.[1] It is so powerful that it affects surrounding wild areas and settlements, and Gillian has stated that the effects of the Big Growl caused many other issues to arise.[1] All longpaws of the city seem to have fled, leaving all their belongings and dogs behind.[1] Lucky, Sweet, and Callie are the only ones who make it out of the Trap House after the Big Growl strikes.[1][1] Following the Big Growl are other smaller Growls; please refer to the article Growl for more information on individual Growls. The smaller Growls are also known as aftershocks.


The Big Growl is often used as a major marker in the timeline of the world prior to the significant event and after.[1][1]


The Big Growl took 'bites' out of walls, shattered clear-stones, collapsed houses, and opened great tears in the ground.[1]
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In the Original Series

The Empty City

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A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

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