…He ran, heading for the center of the city, where he knew most longpaws prowled. He tended to avoid these particular streets if he could. Usually there was nothing but noise: the constant growl of loudcages, longpaws barking at one another. But as he approached, the only thing Lucky heard was the moan of wind between buildings, the drip of water, the creak and groan of roofs, and metal bent to the breaking point.
— Lucky thinking of the City's center in The Empty City, chapter 5

Survivors TEC

The city's appearance after the Big Growl.

The City is the initial setting of the first book in the Original arc. It also makes an appearance in the third book, Darkness Falls.[1] It is mainly inhabited by longpaws and various animals such as: raccoons,[2] foxes,[3] crows,[4] cats[2] and dogs.[5]


A Dog View of the City


Food House

A restaurant located in the western portion of the city, with a front door and damaged side door. The room behind the latter door is filled with steel refrigerators and cords. After the Big Growl, the roof collapsed and cracks ran down the walls; the floor is littered by rubble. Through the side door is a room with lined metal boxes.[6] A rotating door leads to the next room where longpaws used to eat. On the floor are broken chairs, thick white dust, and stuff that used to belong to longpaws.
Lucky used to know a friendly longpaw that would give him scraps of foods, but he had died after the Big Growl, underneath a broken wooden beam.[6]


The forest lies at the northern edge of the city. Lucky took the Leashed Dogs there after they decided to leave their homes.

Longpaws' Broken Houses

These are houses that are falling apart, and are filled with abandoned things. It is also known to be seen as a temporary shelter for the dogs.


The mall is a gigantic longpaw place with shattered clear-stone. Mannequins still stand beside the fallen rubble. It has Food Houses, and other houses too.

Trap House

The Trap House used to be a pound for dogs. Dogs were held in cages, however the longpaws took good care of the dogs, before the earthquake struck. Lucky, Sweet, and Callie, are the only dogs to have escaped.


  • Gillian believes it's further north from San Francisco.[7]

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