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The Coast
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The Coast is a setting in the Original arc and The Gathering Darkness arc. It is the current home to the Wild Pack. [1]



The river flows through the forest and ends at the coast. Once it gets to the coast it dumps out into the Endless Lake. Some parts of the river are poisoned and green colored.[1]
The river is the home of the River Rabbits. It is also a crucial survival part for the wild dogs.[1]

Longpaw Town

The Longpaw Town, like all the others, is wrecked and destroyed. Lucky noticed that on some buildings green vegetation hangs, it is believed to be seaweed. The Fierce Dog Lair is located in the Longpaw Town.[1]

Fierce Dog Lair

Like all the abandoned and torn building, this is one of those places. The lair of the Fierce Dogs is an old theater, that along with the houses was forgotten by the humans. It's a very wide stretch of area, and has many cinemas. It has rows of seats, and in front of the seats is a wooden stage. In front of everything it has a large screen. The Wild Pack came here to rescue Storm from her former Pack.[1]


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The Endless Lake

The Endless Lake is a lake that seems to go on forever. The dogs notice that it smells especially salty around the lake. The Endless Lake has quite a temper. Sometimes it rises and sometimes it falls. It will becoming raging and steal the lives of dogs for no apparent reason. [1]

Cave Entrance

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Tunnel Exit

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Lake Road

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High Watch

The High Watch is a place that first appears in A Pack Divided. [1]
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