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Lucky's PoV

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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky is trapped in a Traphouse with other dogs, he was dazed by all the barks and whimpers of other dogs. Suddenly shakes him and he wakes right away. Something starts moving, the cage, and everything. He yelps out to Sweet, asking what is happening and she replies with an "I don't know."

The intense shaking is known as the Big Growl. When the Big Growl was done, Lucky smells death, and notes the other dogs stopped barking. He wondered what that meant, but couldn't continue his thought. Sweet is out of her cage and, Lucky asks her to help him out of his cage.

Sweet begins to tug at the wire bars of Lucky's cage. Lucky is trying to keep calm but when Sweet says the cage is almost loose he bolts. He claws and bites at the upper corner, badly injuring his paw. Lucky shoved himself through the gap in the cage and stood up.

Lucky and Sweet scan the broken Traphouse. Sweet asks Lucky what happened. Lucky says he thinks it is a Big Growl. He says his Mother-Dog told him stories of the Big Growl.

Lucky spots an opening in the walls of the Traphouse and him and Sweet run out. They begin to travel. They didn't speak to each other but watch their wrecked surroundings. Finally they decide to rest. Lucky is trying to keep watch but fell asleep.

Lucky woke up thinking about Sweet. He wakes Sweet up and she asks about his injured paw. Lucky cleans his paw and they set off again. Sweet asks Lucky on what is a loudcage. Lucky tells her and feels worried she didn't know one of the simplest Longpaw things.

After the dogs drink from a tube of spraying water, Sweet says they need to leave the Longpaw city. Lucky disagrees, stating there is more places to hide in a city. Sweet says that means there are more places for other things to hide. Lucky and Sweet finally agreed to keep going.

Sweet says they need to find a pack and tells Lucky about her old pack. Lucky secretly disagrees. He hates packs. Sweet decides they must go back to see if her pack is still alive in the Traphouse. Lucky talks her out of it by saying that all the dogs had died in the Traphouse.

Sweet asks if Lucky had any friends. Lucky replies that he is a Lone Dog, therefore having no need for a pack. Sweet is surprised and says every dog needs a pack. Lucky said he has been a Lone Dog since he lost his Pup Pack. Lucky then begins to doubt how safe the city is.

Lucky sniffs out some rotten food from a broken metal box. He scares away the crows from around it and hurts his paw running toward the metal box. He and Sweet begin to eat the picked over food.

Sweet says she thinks they will starve in the city. Lucky disagrees saying that it is not all scavenging to find food. Lucky promised her he would take her to place where they would eat like Leashed Dogs.

Lucky begins to search for more food and is wondering why he isn't wanting to be alone. He thought how maybe the Big Growl had changed him too.







Lucky's Mother

Important Events




Deaths of most dogs in the Traphouse.


The Big Growl occurs,


  • This is Lucky's first chapter in the Survivors books.

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