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Lucky's Point of View
The Leashed Dogs plead Lucky to help Alfie. Lucky ask them who Alfie is and they explain that he was another Leashed Dog. Martha and Bella start to talk about him like he is already dead and Lucky says they can still save him. Nobody else agrees to help except for Bruno.
Lucky and Bruno walk to Alfie's house and Lucky swears to leave after he saves Alfie. When the two dogs get to Alfie's house Lucky notices a tree that is at an odd angle in a grassy area next to the house.

Bruno calls to Alfie but is not heard. Lucky spots a broken window and decides to use that as a way in. There was some wire mesh on the window making it hard for Lucky and Bruno to get through. They tried to tear the mesh but it kept hurting their gums.
Lucky has an idea. Just then Bruno warns Lucky about a falling tree. Lucky jumps out of the way before the tree crashed on him. Then Lucky runs toward Bella's house. The other Leashed Dogs bark at him but Lucky ignores them and goes in. He grabs a soft-hide from Bella's house and returns to the window at Alfie's house.

Lucky and Bruno use the soft-hide to help tear the mesh by putting it in their mouths so they won't cut their gums. The plan works and Lucky and Bruno go into the house. They find Alfie trapped behind some sitting-boxes and get him out. Lucky and Bruno lead Alfie out of the house. Alfie feels bad for his longpaws since their house fell down.

Bruno introduced Lucky to Alfie. Lucky, Bruno and Alfie walked over to the Leashed Dogs. The Leashed Dogs looked guilty that they had not helped Alfie. Sunshine was the first to welcome them.

The Leashed Dogs began to argue over who wanted to leave Alfie and who didn't. Alfie asked Bella if she really wanted to leave him and the dogs fell silent. Mickey told Alfie not to blame Bella since there were some risks in saving him.
Lucky was sad for Bella since she wanted to leave Alfie. He thought the dog-spirit inside of her was silent. He thought she thought like a longpaw. Lucky also knows that the Leashed Dogs failed their first test as a pack and they know it.
Lucky took Bella aside but before he could say anything Bella she said she was just thinking of the safety of the pack. He and Bella began to argue. There argument was cut short when Sunshine asked where Daisy was since she disappeared.









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