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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky wonders what trouble Daisy has gotten herself into while the other dogs were frantic in panic. Mickey is trying to herd the dogs but it is useless. Bruno insists they have to look for her, but he has no idea where. Sunshine adds in that they can't stand by and have to help, while Bella agrees with Bruno, urging everyone to think.

Lucky agrees with Bella, but in an exasperated tone, does not think any dog is thinking. He leaps up on a tumble of bricks to rally the dogs. He says they must be quiet and try to pick up her scent. Lucky sniffs for Daisy along the line of longpaw houses. He is thinking that Daisy must've gone to one of the houses that she was seen yearning towards while he fought with Bella. Bella and Mickey are right behind Lucky. He notes that the two dogs don't want to be seen hesitating like they were with Alfie.

The dogs notice another scent interfering with Daisy's-- a strange and sharp odor that made Lucky's stomach churn and head sway. Lucky lifts his nose, realizing that the smell is coming from Daisy's house.

He orders the dogs to stay back, his hackles raised. There is something treacherous about the smell and Lucky's instincts told him to avoid it at all costs. He padded closer to Daisy's House, feeling more lightheaded by the smell. He smells Daisy beneath the acrid scent.

Lucky spots an unconscious Daisy on the cracked porch, her eyes open to slits at him. He grabs her scruff and pulls her to freedom where the others are. Sunshine asks why she is asleep and Bella urges her to wake up.

Lucky is about to give up on the little dog when she begins breathing again. Daisy wakes up with Bella washing her face. She confesses that she didn't want to listen to all the fighting and left to see if her longpaw's house was alright. Then she went to investigate in the kitchen, where she began to feel more dizzied and lightheaded.

Lucky stands up and says they all have to leave. Bella butts in, saying that this was their home. The two bicker over the longpaw houses and the Earth-Dog. The other dogs ask him what they would do know. Lucky shrugs and says they can stay with him or Bella could lead them. Lucky looks at the Leashed Dogs and notes they are spirit-less dogs... Lost dogs.

He reassures the dogs, lying that they're longpaws will come back some day. Finally Bella agrees that they will leave. Daisy suddenly yaps that she needs to get something and goes to retrieve her longpaw's purse as a memento. The rest of the dogs have their own mementos and Bella explains their significance.
The dogs head into the hills, refusing to look back.








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