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Lucky's Point of View

Lucky tells himself that the wild was his home now, not the city. He turns around and looks at the city for the last time. Lucky sees how wrecked the city is. Sunshine gets her fur tangled in a thorn bush for the sixth time and Lucky goes back to help her. When Lucky pulls Sunshine's hair free she begins to complain that Lucky pulls her hair out.

Lucky notes that all the Leashed Dogs whine a lot. He tries to encourage the dogs but they still complain. Lucky knows that without him, the Leashed Dogs wouldn't have a chance of survival.

Mickey, who was rounding up the dogs making sure no one was left behind, even complained. Bella was in a very bad mood, snapping at every dog. Lucky thanked Mickey for keeping the dogs in check. Mickey and Lucky began to talk about Mickey's longpaws and Lucky was grateful he didn't have any.

Lucky smells water and rejoices. He tells the others and they all run toward the water. They dogs become quite happy, even Bella. Lucky even decides that they can rest after they drink.

The dogs ask Lucky to teach them how to hunt. Lucky is a bit unsure if he knows a lot, but decides he can always make things up. He decides to start with the likeliest hunters so he calls Mickey, Bella, and Bruno. He then realizes that Bruno was in the river. He was struggling to keep his head up.

Lucky wades in the river, ready to go deeper and try to save Bruno. Before Lucky can move, Martha jumps in the river and swims over to Bruno. She grabbed him by the scruff and dragged him to the shore. The dogs were congratulating Martha and asking her how she did it. Then Lucky realized that Martha had webbed paws.

Lucky is really happy that Martha saved Bruno. He thinks it just proves that the pack can survive in the wild and the Spirit Dogs are looking after them.







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