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Lucky's Point of View

The Leashed Dogs are very comfortable at their new camp. Lucky knows that they still have to stay alert but the Leashed Dogs don't think so. Lucky tells them to gather leaves so the pebbles won't be uncomfortable on their beds.

As Lucky tells the dogs that he will organize them to their different talents, Sunshine sadly says she doesn't have a talent. Lucky explains to her that she does. He says Sunshine, Daisy and Alfie will be patrol dogs watching out for danger. That cheers the little former leashed dog up.

Mickey is the lead hunter along with Bella. Bruno and Martha will keep guard, and Martha will be very useful in the river. Lucky tells the dogs to get started on their chores and joins the patrol dogs. The dogs come across an old Longpaw building.

As the dogs begin to explore the outside of the building they find a loudcage. Daisy shows Lucky how to open the dead loudcage by pulling on a piece of metal. The dogs climbed inside and Alfie starts to tear off the soft-hide. Lucky says they can't eat it but Alfie and Sunshine said they did. Daisy explains that it is very soft to lie on.

The patrol dogs gathered up as much soft-hide as they could and brought it back to their camp. Sunshine and Daisy explain the story of where they found the soft-hide to the other dogs while Lucky and Alfie place it on their beds.

Bella explains how they had good hunting and caught a rabbit and a squirrel. Then Bella shows Lucky that Martha and Mickey found a place to store extra food by the river. Bella seems quite proud of herself and her friends. They call it a river-store.

Lucky decides to eat. Mickey and Bella divide up the pieces to give to each dog. Lucky explains how he must give an offering to the Earth-Dog and gives her a rabbit leg. Only Bruno protests, though the rest of the dogs don't like it. The dogs stored their left over pieces in the river-stone.

Lucky realized a storm was coming so the dogs sheltered in their den. For the first time Lucky felt happy in a group of dogs. When the storm was over Lucky told the story of Lightening and the Sky-Dogs.

Lucky and the other dogs began to splash in puddles and get really muddy. When they were done they all washed off in the river. Lucky began to wonder when he would leave but told himself he would wait until the Leashed Dogs could survive on their own.








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