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Lucky's Point of View
Sunshine insists they introduce themselves to the strange dogs. Lucky, however, is not as eager and is careful with his words when he asks Alfie more about these mysterious dogs. Sunshine looks disappointed but Bruno butts in saying there is no harm in looking. He notices that Bruno is still upset about Lucky's demonstration.

Despite Lucky's protests, the other Leashed Dogs finally convince him to let them send a group out to investigate and meet the new dogs in hopes that they will share food. Bella is acting more dominant than Lucky, suggesting that she, Daisy, Alfie and Lucky will go. Lucky has a bad feeling about the venture.

The dogs are trying to travel in the hot sun when Lucky suggests they take a break. Alfie is too eager and insists they continue since it's not that far. Bella is being particularly bossy, and Lucky notes that she is trying to make sure her pack knows who is boss. The dogs meet the place. Lucky scents the air and notices the dogs smell is dark, bitter, and musky, reeking of anger. The dogs notice that no dog is there. A hatch opens and a bunch of dog food spills into one of the uniform bowls inside the fenced facility.

Bella and the others want to go in and snag the food since no dog is there and it's up for the taking. Lucky has an off feeling and votes out of the expedition. Bella seems bitter about it but still determined to show who was boss. The two quarrel while Bella is firm about how she is Alpha. She orders Lucky to come with them, to which he sits down defensively and says she is not his Alpha.

The rest of the dogs leave to eat the food inside the fence through a dug hole. Lucky still feels off, as if they should run away from this strange place. Suddenly, he can't take it anymore and rushes in the holes to meet with the others in order to warn them of the grave danger that he was certain of.








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