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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky comes through the hole dug by Daisy. He's wondering where the mysterious dogs must've gone when the raucous caw of a crow interrupts his thoughts and startles him. He wonders if the longpaws had died or were still alive, judging from the green trimmed grass. Lucky sneaks in further to snag a glimpse of his friends chomping down on the dog food. He feels guilty, thinking that perhaps he was being too cautious, when a group of Fierce Dogs walk around the corner.

Lucky flees behind a tree, however, the dogs have not scented him for their focus was on the thieving Leashed Dogs. The two other dogs, Daisy and Alfie, submit to the group while Bella is being defiant despite Lucky's internal protests and urges for her to be sensible. One of the dogs sneer at her defiance and asks if he dares to defy them, seeming pleased.

Daisy urges Bella to submit, and with great effort, Bella awkwardly joins the others in submission. The biggest dog, who Lucky assumes is the Alpha, demands them to tell her how they got in. Bella lies and says they jumped the fence. The Alpha dog buys the bluff, and Lucky begins to question exactly how smart these dogs were. The Alpha decides the group will be their prisoners as they decide what to do with the food-stealers.

Lucky continues to stay hidden as the Fierce Dogs corral their new prisoners. He waits until the dogs are distracted before running across open space to sneak around the dogs. He decides whether to run or save his friends, Lone Dog or Pack Dog. Lucky decides to be the better pack dog and rescue his fellow Leashed Dog pack members. He is eavesdropping on the Alpha confronting the small group of dogs again, only to demand where the "other dog is." Lucky realizes that the dogs can smell him, and now he has little idea on how to rescue his friends now.








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