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Lucky's Point of View
Sweet and Lucky are walking through the Longpaw city. Lucky is worried there are no dogs anywhere. Lucky becomes a bit annoyed that Sweet keeps wanting to find a pack. When they find a dog scent, Sweet wants to follow it. Lucky disagrees saying they could never catch the dog.

Sweet becomes frustrated that the Longpaws had to take her and her pack to the Traphouse. She becomes sad and Lucky doesn't know what to do since he isn't used to comforting other dogs.

Some fierce creatures tumble into the street, fighting over a carcass. Lucky becomes wary of the creatures and Sweet comforts him saying they were raccoons and they wouldn't hurt dogs. Sweet led Lucky past the raccoons giving them fierce glares.

Then Lucky found the place he is looking for. He is very satisfied since he could always get food here by begging. He leads Sweet into the alley. Sweet asks what it is and Lucky answers that is a Food House where Longpaws eat. Lucky says they will do what Old Hunter does. Sweet wonders if that is a packmate of Lucky. Lucky becomes irritated saying Old Hunter is just a friend.

Lucky begins to beg at the back door of the Food House. He tells Sweet to copy him, which she does. Awhile passes and no Longpaws come to feed them food. Lucky is very confused at the absence Longpaws coming. Lucky discovers that the Food House is broken. Lucky opens the door and walks in with Sweet following.

The Food House is all metal. Sweet was unsettled by the oddness of the Food House. Lucky tried to comfort her. The dogs walked through another door and found a place even more wrecked.

After, under a pile of rubble, Lucky finds one of his favorite longpaws who is weak and dying. He greets Lucky and smiles. He pets Lucky feebly before passing away.





Food House Longpaw


Old Hunter

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Food House Longpaw




  • This is Lucky's second chapter in the Survivors books.

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