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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky wakes up the next morning prior to dawn from his observation of the gray horizon. He begins waking up the other sleeping Leashed Dogs of his small patrol group: Alfie, Daisy, and Bella.

With a heavy heart, Lucky realizes that they're perfect camp is not safe anymore with Blade's Pack nearby and they'd have to move. They return to camp, where the other Leashed Dogs greet them and ask of their tale. Alfie and Daisy breathlessly explain parts of the story as the dogs gather for the hearing.

The Leashed Dogs are crestfallen to find that they must continue to move in order to remain safe from Blade's Pack. As Bella commands the Pack to get moving, Lucky notices the Leashed Dogs hardly were the same as the dogs they were in the city. They no longer smelled bathed and looked the part of a true Wild Dog.

The dogs pass by the field where they saw the yellow longpaws in an earlier chapters, and Lucky appears to be cautious of this. Once Lucky finally thinks the Leashed Pack is thinking sensibly, they hear a nearby longpaw hunter speaking. There is also the scent of fresh kill, deer that the longpaw shot.

Lucky is mortified to find the Leashed Dogs take after the scent to perhaps beg for food from the supposedly "friendly" longpaw. However, after being shouted at the first time, and nearby shot the second time as a warning, the dogs retreat in fear. Bella gives the dogs a fierce scolding, souring the mood of the pack after the encounter.

As the dogs continue to walk to their new destination and rest atop a hill, they notice their city far away. The dogs are astonished by the city's change: it's clearly ruined and torn apart from the Big Growl.

Bella turns to face her Pack, encouraging them that this different new world needs a different new dog. She insists they leave behind their longpaw possessions, as it ties them to a world that is now gone. The dogs protest and bicker at first until Daisy whines for them to stop, for she dislikes the fighting. They all fall silent-- suddenly, Martha digs a hole and lays her longpaw possession into it. Bruno, Alfie, Sunshine, Bella and Daisy all chip in and bury their belongings.

Mickey is the only one who does not bury his glove. He insists he'll carry the memories of the longpaws for the rest of the pack through his lasting memento. All the dogs howl at Earth-Dog to keep their things safe, while Lucky feels a sympathy albeit no sorrow for the dogs. He feels a light gladness, knowing that he was a free, easy, Lone Dog.







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The dogs bury their longpaw mementos, all except Mickey.

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