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Lucky's Point of View
The next late day, Lucky and the Leashed Pack find their next camp in a valley by following through the forest and stream. The area seemed well protected and allowed surveillance, Lucky notes it's perfect.

The dogs all confess their wonderful feelings about the new perfect place, pointing out all the perfections and ideals of the territory. Alfie thinks that the Earth-Dog led them here. Lucky licks him on his head and tells him that he'll be safe. The dogs notice he mentions not intending to stay here. They howl and express their protest at his announcement. Lucky seems disgruntled, eager to become a Lone Dog again.

Bella convinces him to stay one more day with them before he leaves. Lucky agrees, but he warns them it will not change his mind. As the Leashed Pack gets to work in their new camp, they refuse to let Lucky work, insisting that he is their guest. Lucky waits, watching the dogs pile on prey they caught: a crumpled mouse, two rabbits, a squirrel, and a small deer that had been trapped.

Bella lowers her head, saying that the prey pile was created to show their thanks to Lucky. At Lucky's hesitance, Sunshine cheerfully insists he tries a bit of everything. Lucky takes care to take a small bit from each offering, whining his appreciation. When he finishes, the rest of the dogs converge on the meal, wolfing it down. Lucky thanks them for the meal while the dogs retire at night, sleeping with each other in one big bulk.

Sunshine is under Lucky's throat, Bella against his back, Daisy on his haunches and Mickey by his flank. While Lucky falls asleep, he thinks fondly of how Mickey must be dreaming about the deer he caught. When Lucky falls asleep, he dreams of the Trap House again-- this time the wire of his cage disappears in the pitch black darkness, and all the sudden dogs begin to snarl, back and fight in a thrashing battle. Instantly, he thinks of his mother's tale of the Sky-Dogs. This must've been the battle!

His nightmare escalates into terror as he recognizes his friends in the heat of battle, being torn apart and attacked viciously before he can leap to their rescue. He wakes up at dawn, gasping for breath. Daisy asks if he is alright, to which he responds that it was just a bad dream.

The rest of the dogs wake up, and begin to say their goodbyes to Lucky. He begins to say goodbye to each dog when he gets to his sister, Bella. She expresses why they have to leave each other again. He feels a sharp stab of pain at the thought of leaving her again. The two say goodbye on heartfelt words, when Lucky turns to say he'll miss them all and good luck. Before he can think of changing his mind, he dives into the forest and leaves the Leashed Pack

With his life as a Lone Dog restored, Lucky expresses happiness at finally being free and in control of his own life, and not others. He stops suddenly, hearing violent enraged barking in the distance. Lucky feels in his gut that his pack is in danger. He ran back to rescue his pack, teeth bared ready to defend his Pack.







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