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Lucky's Point of View
After the Longpaw passes away, Sweet yelps. She tells Lucky that she's sick of his city and all the death. Then she begins to run off. Lucky chases after the panic stricken Sweet before she crashes into walls and boxes. Lucky pinned her down to keep her from hurting herself any further.

Lucky assures her that it was okay and death was a natural thing. As Sweet calmed down Lucky released her. Sweet said they had to gather up other survivors and form a pack.

Sweet announces she's going to leave and turns to make her exit. When Lucky doesn't follow, Sweet asks him if he was going. Lucky says he can't go, that he was a Lone Dog. Sweet tries to convince him to come but Lucky refuses. Giving up on trying, Sweet licks Lucky's face, says her good-bye and leaves.

Lucky feels rigid and unmoving. He expresses sadness in that Sweet left knowing he could never be a pack dog. He tried to think about other things but all he could think of was his hunger. He began to lick up crumbs and grease from the floor since he couldn't find a lot of food. He tried to open some metal boxes but they wouldn't budge.

Lucky leaves the Food House and walks down the alley way. He feels glad to be a free Lone Dog but the outdoors was still quiet. There were a lot of loudcages albeit all destroyed and crashed.

As the day wore on Lucky began to doubt himself, thinking he should have gone with Sweet. He kept telling himself he was a Lone Dog and he could survive. Lucky found an alley and began to rummage through it. Lucky then smells the scent of an angry animal nearby: a Sharpclaw is ready to attack him from above.








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Sweet and Lucky part ways.


  • This is Lucky's third chapter in the Survivors books.

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