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Lucky's Point of View

Lucky faced off with the sharpclaw. The sharpclaw puffs up and becomes agitated. Lucky knew not to show fear before the sharpclaw jumps on top off a loudcage and wakes it up into loud alarms blaring. Both the startled animals ran away.

Lucky's paw hurts he yelps with every step. He races through the streets, passing another sharpclaw on the way. This time, Lucky jumps on the sharpclaw to end the fight quickly, but he loses his footing. He and the sharpclaw went tumbling and the sharpclaw escapes.

After Lucky stands up he noticed the loudcage had stopped growling. He became embarrassed that a loudcage had scared him.

Lucky walked to the outskirts of the city and settles down. He smells meat, the kind that Longpaws cook on their metal boxes. He runs toward the meat, but then reminds himself that not all Longpaws were friendly and would give out meat.

When Lucky arrives at the scent source, he observes that the Longpaw had a Fierce Dog with him. Both the Longpaw and his dog are snoozing. Lucky sneaks up to the firebox and steals the meat. This woke up the Longpaw and his dog. They both begin yelling at Lucky.

Lucky flees. He was sure that the Fierce Dog was chasing him so he didn't look back. He kept running down the street until he knew it was over. Lucky threw his weight sideways and stopped himself just before he fell down a crack in the road. He reopens up his paw wound.

Lucky tried to find a way around the huge crack but it stretched on. Lucky thought it was too big to jump over. Then Lucky heard the Fierce Dog in the distance threatening him. Lucky decided to jump the chasm anyway. He took a running start and cleared the crack.

Lucky rejoiced that he was safe. Even though he was safe he was still hungry. He began to think he should have gone with Sweet, but then thought he would just have two bellies to fill.

Lucky limped away and finally found a loudcage to sleep in. In the loudcages he found some stale bread and meat inside it. He ate the meat and fell asleep.





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  • This is Lucky's fourth chapter in the Survivors books.

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