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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky is dreaming of the Storm of Dogs. Dogs are fighting all around him, and Lucky is terrified. Lucky then wakes up with a start thinking about Sweet. He began to wonder if the Storm of Dogs was real.
Lucky missed Sweet, and wonders if even a Lone Dog could have a companion. Lucky then thinks to himself that he walked alone.
Lucky is very hungry as he starts off. He spots a crow, and wonders if it is warning him about something. He yips to the crow and it flew off. Lucky sees dilapidated Longpaw houses, that give off an eerie feeling, and he runs for cover when he hears a loud sound.
Lucky sees a huge loudcage that he thinks must be the Alpha of the loudcages. Out of the loudcage comes a yellow Longpaw with a black face. Lucky approached it with caution, but it swipes its arm, meaning Lucky to leave. Since it doesn't kick him Lucky whines and tries to get food again, but Longpaw swipes again harder. Lucky walks away and decides to abandon his mission.
The Longpaw goes away in his loudcage. Lucky walks around some clear stone pieces and heads toward a building, where there are fake Longpaws and fake longpaw furs, and Lucky recognizes it as a place called a mall. Last time he had come, some Longpaws had chased him out, but there are none their now.
Lucky then smells food and follows the meat scent through the mall, seeing a lot of destruction. He finds that the meat scent comes from above him and he spots a metal hill that climbs upward. He goes up the hill and finds a dog scent too, which turns out to belong to his friend, Old Hunter. Lucky is excited to share a meal with his friend and jumps onto the counter, greeting Old Hunter. Old Hunter spots him and lunges for Lucky's throat.





Old Hunter



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