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Lucky's Point of View
Old Hunter pins Lucky down, and Lucky submits to Old Hunter, hanging his head. Then Old Hunter recognizes Lucky, getting off of his friend and telling him that he stinks. Lucky is joyful at seeing another dog, though he convinces himself it didn't matter.
Lucky is so excited that he has a friend and there is meat. He is about to jump off the counter get to the meat when Old Hunter tells him he couldn't share his meat with anyone. Lucky is shocked, and thinks that the Big Growl must have scared Old Hunter very badly.Lucky tries to persuade Old Hunter to give him some meat but Old Hunter still refuses to give him any. He says that things change.
Then Lucky spots a wire next to a pool of water that Old Hunter is sitting in. Lucky jumps on Old Hunter, shoving him aside right before the wire touches the water. Old Hunter is very grateful that Lucky saved his life. He is so grateful he lets Lucky have his meat.
Lucky eats the half frozen meat with much hunger. Old Hunter asks where Lucky was when the Big Growl happened, and Lucky tells him he was in the Trap House, then asks where he was. Old Hunter says he was chasing rabbits in the park.
Old Hunter gives Lucky some tips on hunting rabbits, and tells Lucky that he used to be a Leashed Dog. He says that he had a collar that was cutting into his neck, and had to chew off the collar before it killed him. Lucky wonders if he had ever worn a collar.
Lucky thanked Old Hunter for giving him some meat, and Old Hunter wishes Lucky good luck, meaning that he was dismissing Lucky. Lucky asks Old Hunter if they could team up for awhile while they got used to life after the Big Growl, but Old Hunter was astonished that Lucky would ask such a thing, and refused to team up.
As a good bye gift, Old Hunter gives Lucky a piece of meat. Lucky jumped over the counter and walked through the broken mall.



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