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Lucky's PoV

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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky suddenly remembers his litter-sister, Squeak. Squeak says she has a new name, Bella, and Lucky says that her name sounds beautiful. A small, pretty, white dog snorts a laugh, and Lucky notices all dogs look very nice and don't look like strays.
Lucky tells Bella that he has a new name too, Lucky. Lucky greets the other dogs but they don't respond. A big dog stares at Lucky's meat and Bella jokes he is always thinking of food. Lucky is confused since a dog needs to think of food to survive.
Just then, Lucky realizes that the dogs are Leashed Dogs, and he is astounded that these dogs have survived without their longpaws. He shares the meat with them, thinking that it is all that they could eat since they can't hunt.
Lucky talks to Bella as they eat, and Bella explains the different breeds of dogs to Lucky and tells him their names. The dogs are all sorts of sizes; Martha is huge while Sunshine is small. Then Lucky wonders who the Alpha of the Pack is.

Just then Sunshine discovers she had hurt her paw. Sunshine was going hysterical and soon the other dogs joined in. Lucky calmed the dogs down and looked at Sunshine's paw. He showed her how to clean it by licking at it.

All the dogs were so amazed and they looked at Lucky with respect. Lucky didn't want to be their Alpha so he ran off and left them. When Lucky got to the mall door he saw lightning. Lucky was very scared of lightning. Bella meets him and asks him to stay. Lucky agreed to stay for a little while longer.

When he and Bella got back to the pack all the dogs began to play fight. The Leashed Dogs didn't seem to have a care in the world. Soon the dogs were super tired and prepared to fall asleep. When Lucky was circling the ground ready to lie down, Bella asked what he was doing. Lucky was surprised she didn't do the circle ritual.

Bella tells Lucky about her Longpaws, how before the Big Growl came the Longpaws left without her. Lucky feels bad for her, but Bella isn't very hurt by her betrayal. Bella asks Lucky what happened to him after they had a Pup Pack. Lucky tells her about his Longpaws. The little ones wouldn't leave him alone and tired him. The big one smelled bad and kicked him a lot. One day the door was open and he ran away.

Bella tells him about the story of Wind, a story their Mother-Dog used to tell them. Wind was an Omega and when the Storm of Dogs came she fled her pack. She was a Lone Dog for the rest of her life. Bella said that reminded her of Lucky.

Lucky fell asleep and when he woke up the rain had cleared up. Sunshine said that it was time to go back home. When Lucky was confused the dogs explained that, even though they didn't have their Longpaws, they still lived at their homes. After some pleading Lucky agreed to go with them.







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