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Lucky's Point of View

The Leashed Dogs lead Lucky to their houses. Lucky wonders why the Longpaws haven't come back since they don't like to leave their friends. The Leashed Dogs are talking about how they were always friends and lived on the same block. They say they can't wait until their Longpaws come back and they can play again.

Lucky, asks if they had a pack. Sunshine says they don't have a pack, not like wild pack. Mickey says they kind of did since they hung out together and sometimes ate together. Lucky doesn't say anything but he thinks that doesn't make them a pack. Sunshine starts to talk about their Longpaws coming back. Bella looks doubtful, but doesn't say anything.

All of a sudden the dogs say good-bye to each other and start to walk into separate houses. Lucky is very confused. He see that the houses are very dangerous and asks Bella about them. Bella says that the Big Growl is gone and they are fine. Lucky still doesn't believe it seeing wire snakes, the ones that almost killed Old Hunter.

Bella leads Lucky into her Longpaw house. Lucky doesn't think that it is that bad and he does feel a bit free walking around. Lucky tries to open the cold box and Bella said she tried to get it open before. She said she ate everything she could find the first day and that she was sorry. Lucky told her it was okay since she didn't know any better.

After Lucky tried to open the cold box again, he found Bella in a corner. She was standing over some Longpaw trinkets nuzzling them. She told Lucky she was just tired and they helped her sleep. Lucky thought she was kind of embarrassed to admit she still loved her Longpaws.

Lucky and Bella settled down for the night on Bella's cushion. Lucky smelled a bad smell, a one he smelled before the Big Growl. He told Bella he couldn't sleep in the Longpaw house. Bella told him it was fine and the Big Growl had already passed.

Then Bella began to have some doubts. Before she could state them the ground began to tremble and both Bella and Lucky bolted out of the house. They where going to warn the other dogs but the others were already running out of their houses.

Then Martha and Daisy started to head back to their own houses while the ground still trembled. Lucky told all the dogs to come together, being very aware that the dogs were looking at him like he was Alpha. The ground stopped trembling and the Leashed Dogs still didn't move. Lucky was proud of them since they didn't assume all was well.

After the ground stopped shaking a Longpaw house right next to Bella's fell down. All the dogs could see was clouds of smoke. The Leashed Dogs began to let out mournful howls and Lucky asked why. Bella told Lucky that Alfie was trapped in that house.








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  • This is Lucky's ninth chapter in the Survivors books.

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