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With a quiver of fear, Lucky realized Moon was right. No land could be seen beyond the shimmering blue. At the bottom of the hill, great waves crashed angrily over the sand. Then they sprang from the bank in a burst of froth and rolled away forever.
Lucky's first-time seeing the ocean in The Endless Lake, page 37
The Endless Lake


The Original Series

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Inbali Iserles

Date Released

Hardcover: June 3rd, 2014[2][3]
Paperback: June 2nd, 2015[4][5]
eBook: June 3rd, 2014[6][7]


Hardcover: ISBN 0062102729[3]
Paperback: ISBN 0062102745[5]
eBook: ASIN B00FJ30346[7]

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The Broken Path

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Storm of Dogs (book)

Additional Information

The Endless Lake

The Endless Lake is the fifth book in the Original arc. Moon is featured on the front of the cover,[8] with Sunshine to the right of her.[9] Behind Sunshine is Dart. Behind Moon, to the left, is Storm with a Fierce Dog, and farther behind are Mickey and Lucky.[10]




Special thanks to Inbali Iserles.
For Teresa Sanderson Concejo and Grace Vasco-Jarvis.

The Blurb

A vicious storm is gathering— and any dog who stands alone risks being swept away.

Lucky and his Pack were able to defeat Terror's dogs. But their new world still holds many dangers. Now the Pack has come to the edge of a strange lake that seems to stretch on forever, and Lucky discovers that there is barely enough food to survive.
As winter approaches and the dogs struggle for prey and shelter, Alpha makes it clear that his own needs come before the rest of the Pack. Meanwhile, the Fierce Dogs are determined to destroy Alpha's Pack once and for all. And while Lucky struggles to keep his friends safe, he is haunted by visions of a Storm of Dogs—and a terrible battle that seems to loom closer every day. [11]

The Praise

"Hunter expertly explores the tensions between responsibility and freedom; risk and safety; and loyalty and acceptance. Viewing the unfolding adventure through Lucky’s eyes makes even the most mundane or familiar seem alive with magic. Wild and wonderful adventure for middle-graders."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Well-rounded characters, deep folklore and difficult problems without obvious answers drive the story. These dogs are not just loyal human companions, but warriors, leaders and friends. Perfectly crafted."
—Kirkus Reviews
"Young readers will find plenty to like here, from the fast-moving plot, to the characterizations of individual dogs. A promising start for the many fans of the Warriors and Seekers adventure series."

Detailed Plot Summary

The prologue takes place in the Pup Pack's first Ice Wind. They were wrestling to get outside, and Yap isn't wrestling, he wants to do what his Mother-Dog once told him, be calm and patient. When the longpaw opens the door, Squeak, his sister, yelps to Yap for a race. Yap hurries after her then stops himself. He scents a trail of something and follows it, hoping his Mother-Dog would be impressed. When he was in the forest, he fell down into something and earth buried him, he wondered if the Earth-Dog was trying to take him. Saved by his mother, she says to him that the Earth-Dog is here to protect us.
In the present, Lucky is seen in a shelter. Storm is sleeping alone, Bella is sleeping with Martha, and Moon is at his back. Moon keeps repeating Fiery's name in her sleep. Lucky wonders if the great hunter survived in Moon's dreams. He sees Storm and thinks her sleeping is peaceful looking, but that look when she tore off part of Terror's jaw, and also wonders if she chose that name by coincidence.
Lucky wakes up the dogs knowing they must get moving if they want to catch up to the Pack. Moon shows the dogs how to warm up by moving their legs. They notice that the salty smell is getting stronger, and Storm says that it smells like blood, which disturbs Lucky.
Shortly after, they catch a river rabbit, and Lucky urges the Pack to continue going after Alpha and the rest of the Pack. Before they start off, they find Splash and his pack behind them. Splash admits that they are following them because they think Twitch belongs with them. Storm, Lucky and Moon plead Twitch to come with them, but Twitch insists on staying with Splash and his pack. Twitch is then made Alpha of his pack, and Lucky and his dogs say farewell to him as they depart.
Lucky and the others continue to go after their pack. They reach a beach and spot a horse, in which Storm is eager to catch. She soon runs after it alone, but stops abruptly when she catches sight of the rest of the beach. The rest catches up with her, and they look in awe and fear at the Endless Lake. Bella states that the pack is close because it is likely for them to settle by an endless source of water, until she drinks the water and says it is salty and undrinkable. Lucky urges the pack to move on, and they travel on the outskirts of a longpaw camp.
Soon, Storm trails behind the group and says that she is hungry. They agree to explore the longpaw camp in search of food. Lucky heads straight for the spoil-boxes, only to get his head stuck in one, and wrenches his head out in a panic. Storm finds rubber-ducks, and says to Lucky that she wishes they were real. Martha soon finds lots of fish in one of the buildings, and the dogs successfully catch and eat them, their bellies full.
Once they have eaten, Lucky suggests cutting through the longpaw settlement as a shortcut. However, they run into Fierce Dogs and get trapped by Fang. Fang attempts to persuade Storm into joining the Fierce Dog pack, and when she resists, Fang misleads the Fierce Dogs elsewhere, saying that it is because he has not given up on Storm yet. Lucky and the others hide in a gap until the Fierce Dogs have gone far away, and they escape Blade's pack.
They continue to travel until the sun comes down, and shelter in an empty cave. However, due to tides, they wake up finding that the cave has flooded and the entrance is blocked. Lucky finds a tunnel further in the cave, and, with him taking the lead, they are lead out to open air and out of the tunnel. They soon find Alpha and the others' camp and are reunited with them.
Lucky spreads the news to Alpha and the others about Fiery's death. their encounter with Terror's pack, and that Twitch was made Alpha. Most pack members are surprised and happy at the good news, but Alpha tells them to shut up, and says that Twitch is a traitor to Alpha's pack. Lucky also tells Alpha their encounter with the Fierce Dogs and their camp location in the longpaw city. The others are in fear at that, but Lucky states that this is also good news because they know where the Fierce Dogs are settling. Finally, Lucky says that Storm has chosen her adult name. Snap, Spring, Mickey and Bruno congratulate Storm, but Alpha is furious, saying that the pack is still to call her Lick. However, some dogs, such as Snap and Mickey, still continue to call her Storm, but only when they are out of Alpha's earshot.
Hunting was not successful that day, and to make it worse, Alpha begins by eating almost all the prey from the prey-pile. During the Great Howl, Lucky has a vision about the Storm of Dogs and passes out in front of his pack. He then walks to the pond to recollect himself, embarrassed. Sweet follows him, and Lucky tells her about his visions of the future. He prompts her to challenge Alpha, in which she changes subject and tells him to come back to the pack.
The next day, several packmates are whispering frantically about the Fierce Dogs in the Longpaw Town. Alpha tells them to shut up and says it is because of Lick, and that she should be handed over to Blade. This provokes Storm, and she retorts her name is not Lick anymore. Alpha ignores that, and tells the pack all of them are going hunting today, and leaves. Lucky comforts Storm, telling her to ignore Alpha, but she replies that she would like to kill Alpha. Lucky realizes that Alpha is doing this on purpose to split up the pack.
The pack trudges along the sand as they go hunting. They are having difficulty walking in the sand, and Bella offers her walk-jump technique. Alpha puts a stop to that, saying that dogs walk, not jump. They shelter under a big rock until the rain passes. Once it's over, Alpha declares they are going back home, without a single piece of prey. He defends himself by blaming the lack of prey on the rain. He sends Lucky, Snap, and Mickey to go hunting and to find a white rabbit for Lick's naming ceremony. However, they couldn't find any white rabbits, and come back with a brown rabbit instead. Alpha says that is good enough for a Fierce Dog. He lies the skin on the ground instead of a rock, and performs the naming ceremony when the moon is only half-full. Storm chooses Storm as her name, but Alpha says that she can't choose that name. When she insists on that name, Alpha names her Savage.
The next day, the pack continues to travel. Suddenly, Daisy spots a longpaw house (a lighthouse), and Mickey excitedly says that there might be food. Sunshine takes off, racing towards the house, with Mickey and Daisy close behind. Lucky, Bella, and Storm chase after them, telling them to come back to the pack. They find Mickey, Daisy, and Sunshine beside the house. Mickey says that the house must be very lonely, isolated from the others. Suddenly, all the other pack members come racing towards them, and Lucky sees that they are being chased by Fierce Dogs.
Lucky addresses the pack to open the door on the house, while Storm begins to fight off the Fierce Dogs. Lucky, Bruno, and Spring help Storm by fighting as well. During their attack, the tides reach their vantage point and the waves roll enormously, taking Alpha, Spring, and Moon's pups into the sea. Blade tells her pack to retreat at the sight of the waves. Meanwhile, the dogs have managed to open the door. Martha rescues Moon's pups, but Alpha and Spring are washed faraway into the sea, too late to be rescued.
The dogs run up the winding stairs of the lighthouse and shelter there for the night. The next day, they journey up to the top of the cliffs, and Sweet tells Mickey, Snap, and Storm to go hunting. The reminder of the dogs rest, and Sweet sits next to Lucky in a dip between two boulders. Lucky reminds Sweet when they were back in the Trap House, and after a while, sinks into a dreamless sleep.
The next day, Sweet tells Lucky that being a Beta means a lot to her, hinting she wants to be Alpha. The hunters return and bring back four juicy rabbits. They then howl and Lucky says a few parting words in memory of Spring and Alpha. Sometime later, Snap and Moon are bickering over a rabbit bone, in which Lucky quickly puts an end to. Bella says that the pack needs a leader, and Bruno suggests Lucky to be Alpha, in which many support that decision. Sweet is, however, pained by that. Lucky rejects his offer as leader and instead proposes his own method, the Four Paws system.
The next day, Storm votes to go back to the abandoned longpaw town. Many disagree, saying that the Fierce Dogs are there. Storm and Martha have an argument and start fighting, only to break out when Storm nearly falls over the cliff. The dogs go to the longpaw town and find a house with weird food inside. The food boosts their energy and soon they are whizzing about playfully. Storm apologizes to Martha, and Lucky and Sweet play-fight. Lucky soon drifts to sleep.
Lucky has a dream about the Storm of Dogs and gets woken up by Sweet. Under her prompts, he tells Sweet about his troubled dreams, and when Sweet asks if he thinks Storm is involved in this, the two realize that Storm is gone. Lucky tells Sweet he is going to find Storm, and tells Sweet not to tell the others, saying that this might cause anxiety for the rest of the pack. Lucky finds Storm arguing and fighting with the Fierce Dogs. The Fierce Dogs soon leave, leaving behind a torn piece of Storm's ear. Lucky hurries back to his pack to warn the others.
When Lucky gets back, the pack is fighting each other. Thorn explains how some pack members think Sweet forced Lucky out of the pack so that she can be Alpha, and when a vote started, it ended in a tie; that's when the fighting started. Bella states the Four Paws system is not efficient, and challenges Sweet for Alpha. Sweet wins, and declares Lucky Beta. Lucky then leads the pack to Storm and the Fierce Dogs. They find a way to sneak into the longpaw building with the Fierce Dogs in it, and sees Storm being bullied by the Fierce Dogs. Storm and Fang prepare for the Trial of Rage, and Sweet quickly establishes a plan to distract the Fierce Dogs. Lucky and some of the others run up the stairs, and Sweet starts to mock the Fierce Dogs. Raged, the Fierce Dogs run up to fight them, but soon realizes that it was a lure; downstairs, Martha is trying to urge Storm to escape. However, Storm is unwilling to leave Fang behind, and the Fierce Dogs run downstairs to meet them. The pack's old Alpha then appears, stating that he joined the Fierce Dogs as Omega. Seeing the desperate situation, Storm agrees to do the Trial of Rage against her litter-brother, Fang.
During Storm's fight with Fang, Storm manages to pin him down and could kill him with one strike easily. While the Fierce Dogs encourage her to kill him, she refuses, saying that she won't kill Fang, and that she has beaten the Trial of Rage. Reluctantly, the Fierce Dogs let Sweet's pack and Storm go. A few sunrises later, when the pack has left the longpaw city, Sweet and Lucky spread the news about Lucky's strange dreams and the Storm of Dogs, in which Dart, Moon, and Snap say they heard it before. Lucky says that if the Storm of Dogs is coming, no dog will have to stand alone, and that they are in it together.


  • Originally, it was said that Sweet is the dog seen behind Sunshine.[12]
    • However, Gillian has later stated that the dog on the cover is Dart.[13]
    • She later clarified that she thinks it is Sweet, but is not sure.[14]
  • Gillian thinks that Fang is the Fierce Dog beside Storm on the cover.[15]
  • In The Empty City, the ocean is called an ocean multiple times,[16] though in The Endless Lake, the ocean was called the Endless Lake.[17]
  • The Endless Lake's Pack List is the same as The Broken Path's Pack List.[18][19]

Publication History

  • The Endless Lake (EN), HarperCollins (Hardcover), 3 June 2014[20]
  • The Endless Lake (EN), HarperCollins (E-Book), 3 June 2014[21]
  • The Endless Lake (EN), HarperCollins (paperback), 2 June 2015[22]
  • 絕處逢生 (TW), Morningstar (paperback), 5 March 2015[23]
  • 无尽江湖 (CN), 中国少年儿童出版社 (paperback), 1 August 2015[24]
  • Der Düstere See (DE), Beltz (audiobook), 17 August 2015[25]
  • Der Düstere See (DE), Beltz (hardcover), 18 August 2015[26]
  • Rannaton järvi (FI), Jalava (hardcover), 7 March 2016[27]
  • Le lac sans fin (FR), Pocket Jeunesse (paperback), 16 February 2017[28]
  • Het eindeloze meer (NL), 15 March 2016[29]
  • 果てなき旅 (JP), KomineShoten (unknown binding), 15 June 2017[30]



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