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Lucky's Point of View
Lucky is seen laying down, back to back with Moon. She was twitching in her sleep, and Lucky thinks that she may be dreaming that Fiery had survived in her sleep. Lucky begins to think about the Storm of Dogs and Terror's pack. He wonders where Twitch will go since Alpha won't allow him back and he helped kill his former pack's Alpha.

Lucky woke the other dogs up and Storm complains it is too dark to wake up. Moon shows the other dogs how to warm up by moving their legs. Lucky feels bad for Moon since she lost one of her pups and her mate.

Bella says she smells saltiness in the air and it is familiar. Storm says it is salty, like blood. Martha agrees it is kind of familiar to her too.
Storms belly rumbles and the dogs begin to hunt for food. Martha spots something in the river. Bella says it is a River Rabbit.

Lucky, Moon, and Martha stalk the creature by the river while Twitch, Storm and Bella hang back. Lucky hid behind a bush with Moon and Martha. The River Rabbit slid up right next to the dogs. Martha jumped on the River Rabbit but it escaped. Lucky and Martha chased it down and killed it after that.

The dogs ate the River Rabbit and agreed it is very tasty. The dogs talked about why they had to leave their old camp and began to head on their way.

Lucky then smelled another dog and warned the others. Twitch recognized the smell of Splash, his former pack mate.

Splash emerged with the rest of Terror's pack. The other dogs formed a protective circle around Twitch, but Terror's pack was very friendly to them. Terror's pack was malnourished and very fearful.

Twitch introduced Splash to the other dogs and said he was like Terror's Beta. Splash said the pack followed Twitch because they wanted him to join them again. Storm became angry at this, Lucky realized it was because Splash was wanting Twitch to join just like Blade.

Twitch told Storm it was okay and she didn't need to protect him. This soothed Storm and she sat down.

Twitch apologizes to the dogs of the Wild Pack and says he will go with Splash because that is his pack now.
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