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The cliffnotes below detail events in the book as they occur.


  • It's the Pup Pack's first Ice Wind.
  • Yap is nearly to the age of adulthood.
  • Yap goes hunting.
  • Yap almost drowns in the Earth-Dog.

Chapter 1

  • Lucky thinks that whenever Moon sleeps, Fiery survives only in her dreams.
  • Lucky ponders on why Storm chose the name Storm and connects it with the Storm of Dogs.
  • Lucky remembers how Lick fought Terror and Fiery's death.
  • Lucky catches the scent of the Wild Pack.
  • Lucky wonders where Twitch will go.
  • Lucky wakes up the dogs.
  • Moon teaches the dogs how to warm up.
  • The dogs smell the Endless Lake.
  • The dogs catch an otter.
  • The dogs meet up with Terror's old Pack, who want Twitch to rejoin them.
  • Storm gets mad that the Pack is trying to make Twitch go with them.
  • Twitch says it's okay and decides to go back.

Chapter 2

  • Moon is upset that Twitch is going to leave.
  • Lucky thinks Twitch should stay with Terror's old Pack.
  • Splash, part of Terror's old Pack, says they want Twitch to be their Alpha.
  • Twitch almost agrees then Moon says he must fight to be Alpha.
  • Splash challenges Twitch.
  • Twitch agrees.
  • Splash rolls over and allows Twitch to win.
  • The dogs say good-bye to Twitch.
  • The dogs of the Wild Pack continue on their search for their Pack.
  • The dogs find sand on the ground instead of dirt.
  • The dogs are confused by the salty smell and sand.
  • The dogs hear a weird whickering sound.
  • They find a horse coming their way.
  • They wonder if they can catch it.
  • They agree not to catch it, except for Storm.
  • Storm ignores Lucky and chases it anyway.
  • Lucky pursues her and finds the sand is almost endless.
  • Martha then spots a shifting blue lake in the distance.
  • The dogs believe it to be endless.

Chapter 3

  • The dogs go towards the lake.
  • Lucky wonders if it is the end of the world where no Spirit Dogs reach.
  • Storm gets splashed by a burst of water on the shore.
  • Bella tries to drink the water, then pulls away stating it is too salty to drink.
  • Lucky struggles to find their Pack's scent through the salt smell.
  • The dogs begin to follow the trail to the Pack.
  • Lucky imagines Sweet on one of the sand dunes and got more eager to find the Pack.
  • Moon spots a huge metal pole out in the distance.
  • Lucky thinks it looks like a city.
  • Bella wonders if there is food there.
  • Lucky knows Moon is thinking "Once a Leashed Dog, always a Leashed Dog."
  • Martha smells the Wild Pack.
  • The dogs go on a wooden platform and can't smell the Pack anymore.
  • Lucky figures out the Pack moved away from the waterfront and downwind.
  • The dogs follow the scent eagerly.
  • Lucky notices Storm fell behind.
  • Storm said she was hungry.
  • The rest of the dogs agree.
  • Bella says they should explore the Longpaw camp.
  • Lucky and Moon disagree saying they might lose their Pack's scent.
  • Storm accepted they weren't going to the Longpaw camp.
  • Bella snaps at Storm saying Moon isn't Alpha.
  • Lucky was mad at Bella's lose of tack since Moon just lost her mate and Storm had a bad temper.
  • Martha stepped in front of Storm to protect her and Bella and Moon growled at each other.
  • Lucky then wants a good Alpha, knowing he/she would settle things.
  • Lucky wonders what they should do follow the scent or go to the Longpaw camp

Chapter 4

  • Moon and Bella where snarling at each when Martha steps in and soothes them.
  • Martha says they were angry because they were hungry so they should find food at the Longpaw camp.
  • After Martha calms things down, Lucky wonders if they needed an Alpha after all.
  • The dogs went into the Longpaw camp, which it's entrance was marked by a colorful arch.
  • The camp was abandoned, leaving Martha sad for her old Longpaws.
  • Lucky went to the spoil boxes but there was no food in them.
  • Storm finds a row a fake ducks in a line and wonders what it is.
  • Lucky starts to doubt that there is any food there.
  • Bella found a box full of Longpaw toys.
  • Bella states she would much rather sleep with a pack mate then with a "lifeless rag."
  • Martha thinks she hears splashing but the other dogs doubt her.
  • Moon follows Martha saying the River-Dog talks to Martha.
  • Martha lead them to a building with no cracks in the wall.
  • Martha opened the door and water and tiny fish gushed out.
  • The dogs stuff themselves with fish.
  • The dogs wondered how the fish survived with no food.
  • Bella said that the fish ate each other and Storm is disgusted by this.
  • The dogs set off again going to find their Pack.

Chapter 5

  • Lucky wonders why the lake has shrunk.
  • Lucky says they should pass through the Longpaw camp.
  • The rest of the dogs agree.
  • Lucky notices how abandoned the camp is.
  • Storm becomes fearful saying they should turn back.
  • Bella is rude to Storm causing Moon to stick up for Storm.
  • Storm says she smells Fang and the other Fierce Dogs.
  • Moon say they should turn back while Storm says they should follow them to see where they camp.
  • Most of the dogs agree to follow the Fierce Dogs.
  • The dogs hid as a Fierce Dog patrol passes by.
  • Lucky teaches the dogs how to mask their scent by rolling in sand.
  • When the dogs reach camp Lucky goes in to their camp alone.
  • He spots Blade and the other Fierce Dogs.
  • When he turns back to go to the other dogs he finds they ran into a Fierce Dog patrol.
  • One of the dogs on the patrol is Fang, Storm's sister.

Chapter 6

  • Storm says she will handle the Fierce Dogs while the others run away.
  • Lucky blames himself for going and thinks they should have turned back.
  • Lucky uses a City Dog tactic by barking insults at the Fierce Dogs so they chase him.
  • It works, Lucky leads the Fierce Dogs right into a net causing them to be trapped for a few minutes.
  • Fang catches up to the dogs.
  • The whole Pack of the Fierce Dogs start chasing after them too.
  • Lucky finds a place to hide, but Fang and Storm are pleading each other to join their Packs.
  • As the Fierce Dogs come closer, Fang covers for the other dogs while they hide by saying they went toward the River.
  • Blade becomes mad at Fang and the rest of the Pack joins in.
  • Storm is worried about fang and Lucky comforts her.
  • Lucky acknowledges this won't be the last time they will encounter the Fierce Dogs.

Chapter 7

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Chapter 8

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Chapter 9

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Chapter 10

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Chapter 11

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Chapter 12

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Chapter 13

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 15

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Chapter 16

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Chapter 17

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Chapter 18

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Chapter 19

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Chapter 20

  • Lucky races back to his Pack.
  • Several dogs are fighting.
  • Sweet has proved her loyalty to Lucky.
  • Bella and Sweet fight for leadership of the Pack.
  • Sweet wins the fight and becomes Alpha.

Chapter 21

  • Lucky becomes the Wild Pack's Beta.
  • Sweet decides what to do with Storm.

Chapter 22

  • Blade is holding Storm captive.
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