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The Exile's Journey


Survivors: The Gathering Darkness

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Rosie Best[3]

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Hardcover: June 26th, 2018[4]
Paperback: n/a
eBook: June 26th, 2018[4]


Hardcover: ISBN 0062343521[4]
Paperback: ISBN n/a
eBook: ASIN 9780062343529[4]

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The Final Battle

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The Exile's Journey is the fifth book of The Gathering Darkness arc. It was released June 26th, 2018.[4] Storm is featured on the cover, with two wolves on her left, presumably Thoughtful and Peaceful, and the Golden Deer is on a cliff to Storm's right.


Darkness has descended upon the Wild Pack in this thrilling Survivors adventure! The Exile’s Journey is the fifth book in the second arc of the bestselling Survivors series, from #1 nationally bestselling author Erin Hunter.

Storm is in exile. After dealing with the mistrust and suspicion of her Packmates who think she's a murderer for so long, she is finally free to follow her own path. But on the dark side, she feels more lost than ever.

There are only two dogs she knows will never give up on her—Arrow, her fellow Fierce Dog, and his mate, Bella. To find them, Storm must fight through longpaw dangers, Leashed Dogs, and a forbidding Pack of wolves, all in search of a place where she might finally belong.

Survivors’s winning blend of epic action, canine friendship, and animal folklore has earned it rave reviews, including two starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews, which praised the series as “wild and wonderful adventure.” This action-packed second arc is perfect for both new readers and existing fans who’ve been howling for more of the Wild Pack!


The prologue starts with Lick being led back to the Fierce Dog Garden with Wiggle and Grunt by Blade and the pack. On their way there, Blade senses fear in the pups. She then turns around and kills Wiggle swiftly, and then asks if Lick and Grunt are true Fierce dogs. Grunt immediately insists that he is, and that he will be resourceful to them. However, Lick starts to run back to the Wild Pack camp, terrified after watching Blade kill Wiggle. Though Blade and the Fierce dogs had bitten, scratched and injured her, Lick keeps running, and runs into a patch of white mist (fog). She continues running, until she arrives in the Wild Pack Camp and loses the Fierce Dogs just as the Wild Pack is getting ready to leave. Alpha, afraid that the Fierce dogs will attack them, as they know where they are, quickly accepts Lick and tells the rest of the pack to get going. As they start moving, Lick's last thoughts are: I'm safe now. Whatever happens, the Wild Pack is my home now. I will never leave it again.

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Publication History

  • The Exile's Journey (EN), HarperCollins (Hardcover), 26 June 2018[4]
  • The Exile's Journey (EN), HarperCollins (e-Book), 26 June 2018[4]



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