The King of Dogs does not share his prey!
Terror to Lucky's hunting patrol in The Broken Path, page 115
The Fear-Dog
Known as
The Fear-Dog
Night,[1] the Sky[2]
Terror's Pack,[2] Wild Pack[3]
Book Appearances
The Broken Path, A Pack Divided, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising

The Fear-Dog is a Spirit Dog known only to Terror and his followers. Terror claims to communicate with the Fear-Dog through his seizures, and labels himself as Forepaw of the Fear-Dog. According to Terror's former Pack, the Fear-Dog ruled over the Sky-Dogs[5] and is King of the Spirit-Dogs.[2] The Fear-Dog has been described as a shadowy figure the shape of a Fierce Dog that is darker than the night sky with red eyes that have a star-like glow and red claws.[6]


In the Original Series

The Broken Path

The Fear-Dog is revealed by Terror, who confronts Lucky's hunting patrol and demands they show respect to the king of all Spirit-Dogs. Fiery claims that there was no such thing as a Fear-Dog, prompting Terror to demand all must bow to him and that the King of Dogs did not share his prey. Terror slams his forepaw on one of his own Packmates, Breeze, urging her to attack Fiery for his words.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Storm is howling to the Great Howl, and as she feels the Spirit-Dogs around her, she also feels and sees another presence as she opens her eyes. She sees the Fear-Dog, almost mistaking them as a Sky-Dog. He comes across the Moon-Dog's form and fixes his eyes on Storm. His eyes remain locked until he loped away across the sky.
The Fear-Dog is said to be patrolling the night while Storm encounters a dream-Blade in her sleep-walk nightmares. Blade laughs at Storm's accusation of her being the Fear-Dog.
As the dogs share their beliefs and tales of their own Spirit-Dogs, the former members of Twitch's Pack show frustration with their insistence on the Fear-Dog not existing. It is seen as a disrespect towards their own beliefs. The tension continues until Arrow breaks it by proposing that perhaps all their Spirit-Dogs were the same, in a way.
Whisper badmouths the idea of a Fear-Dog while talking with Storm. He is unfazed by the growing tension of onlookers from Twitch's Pack, his voice loud. He cheerfully walks away, leaving the tensed group behind.

Into the Shadows

The Fear Dog is mentioned at the end of the book to be walking along with the Pack during the great howl, and Storm fears that The Fear Dog is the "traitor."

Red Moon Rising

The Moon-Dog is looking like a giant sinister red eye, like Terror's. Chase wonders if the Fear-Dog is eating her.
Later, Chase says that the Fear-Dog might be the culprit.


  • When asked if Terror was a proxy to the fear-dog, Gillian stated that although Terror believed in the Fear-Dog, many dogs in his Pack thought that it was just his imagination.[7]

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