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The Moon-Dog
Known as
The Moon-Dog[1]
Wild Pack[1], Wolf Pack[1]
Book Appearances
The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

The Moon-Dog is a female Spirit-Dog that serves as the moon entity to dogs.[1]

Similar to how other Spirit-Dogs are found in lore, she is likely to be in the stories Lucky and Bella heard stories as pups. Packs such as the Wolf Pack and Wild Pack are known to howl to her in an intimidate ceremony known as The Great Howl.[1]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky is wishing for a good night's sleep, he prays for the Moon-Dog to watch over him and his pack.

A Hidden Enemy

The Moon-Dog is mentioned much more in the second book of the Original Series. This time, the Moon-Dog is seen to be integrated in pack life and phrases. Daisy exclaims "Who in the name of Moon-Dog..." when she is speaking to Lucky on the etiquette of pack life when eating.
Sweet mentions the Moon-Dog as part of time judging when the night (no-sun) is over. During the Great Howl, the dogs around Lucky are howling towards particular spirit dogs. He wonders if Moon is howling to the Moon-Dog.
When Lucky is meeting his litter-sister Bella in secret, he prays that The Forest-Dog will explain to the angry Moon-Dog why he was doing such a dishonorable thing to his Wild Pack.
Alpha leaves to be alone with the Moon-Dog and howl when she is a full moon. The Moon-Dog is mentioned much more with Lucky sneaking around in the night as the spy for the Leashed Pack.

Darkness Falls

The Moon-Dog is mentioned five times in the entire book. The first time is in the prologue where Lucky's Mother peers through the clear-stone(window) to see the Moon-Dog. 
Second is when Lucky notices later on that there will be no Great Howl that night, with the Moon-Dog only a sliver in the sky. Third is when later on, Sweet wakes up the others in the middle of the night and Lucky notices the Moon-Dog floating alone in the sky. Fourth is when the weather is also misty, yet the Moon-Dog's moonlight still pierces the foggy blanket. 
Finally, when Lucky fails at beating Snap in a challenge and Sweet talks to him after, Lucky notices her eyes were like tiny Moon-Dogs.

The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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