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Careful. River-Dog can be tricky, even when she's bringing you wonderful clean water. The stream's deeper when you go farther in, and the flow looks fast.
— Lucky warns the Leashed Dogs about the River-Dog in The Empty City, chapter thirteen
Known as
Rivers, Streams[1]
Leashed Pack[1], Wild Pack[1]
Book Appearances
The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, Dead of Night

The River-Dog is a female[2] Spirit-Dog that is said to represent the rivers and streams.[3]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When the Leashed Pack swim in a river, they are very pleased, but Lucky warns them that the River-Dog can be tricky, and that the stream gets deeper and flows fast. When Bruno struggles and almost drowns, Lucky pleads the River-Dog to help him, and pleads her not to take Bruno. After Martha saves him, Lucky thinks to the Spirit Dog that although she did not help them herself, she must know Martha well. Lucky realizes that Martha must know that the River-Dog that he didn't know, and she had her respect too.
When Lucky has a dream, he hears whimpering and thinks that River-Dog can't expect him to die when Bruno is drowning. After Lucky wakes up, all of his positive thoughts about Martha and the River-Dog have disappeared with the dream.

A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

When Alpha asks Lucky why he should let him stay in the Wild Pack, he thinks that perhaps the Spirit Dogs brought him to unite the Pack, and recalls that the River-Dog had revealed the path of fresh water.
When Lucky walks through the city after leaving the Wild-Pack, he thinks of Martha and her affinity with the River-Dog, and he wonders how the former Leashed Pack could have betrayed him.
After Lucky has to leave the Fierce Dog pups when hearing their crying, he is thankful that the River-Dog had eased the soreness where the foxes had bitten him.
After Lucky finds Mickey, they come to a fresh river, and Lucky pleads the River-Dog to carry them safely to the other side.

The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

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In the Gathering Darkness arc

Dead of Night

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"Oh, River-Dog, please help me! Don't take Bruno like this!"
—Lucky sends a prayer to the River-Dog The Empty City, page chapter 13

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