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The Sky-Dogs sent out Lightning to tease Earth-Dog. But the Sun-Dog growled his displeasure--they were rolls of thunder--and sent the Sky-Dogs and Lightning packing. Now, the Sun-Dog blazes once more and the wet leaves glitter. See?
Lucky about the Sun-Dog in The Empty City, page 192
The Sun-Dog
Known as
The Sun-Dog[1]
The Sky
Wild Dogs
Book Appearances
The Empty City, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided

The Sun-Dog is a male Spirit-Dog that most dogs identify as the same entity to the sun.[3]


In the Original Series

The Empty City

When Lucky wakes up after escaping the Traphouse with Sweet, Lucky watches the Sun-Dog rise, his light glinting on tangled metal. After Lucky has left Sweet, he notes that the Sun-Dog above him, which was once so high and bright , now casts long shadows from the buildings that had survived the Big Growl. When Lucky sees a longpaw and a Fierce-Dog sleep beside a foodbox, he wonders why the longpaw hadn't left, and thinks that, sleeping beneath the Sun-Dog, it might not have noticed the Big Growl at all. After Lucky tries to steal the food, and escapes from the Fierce Dog, he goes to sleep, and when he wakes, the Sun-Dog shines.
Later, after Lucky meets the Leashed Dogs, when they wake up, after they find Daisy, the Sun-Dog begins to come up over the broken roofs of the longpaw houses. After the Pack leaves the city, the Sun-Dog is noted to beat hard.
On the day that Lucky begins teaching the Leashed Dogs how to hunt, Lucky wakes, and soon the Sun-Dog rises, glowing through the branches of the trees, and Lucky wakes up the Leashed Pack to train. Lucky teaches the Leashed Dogs, and soon the Sun-Dog bounds to his highest point in the sky.
After the Leashed Pack finds the river-store and it rains outside, the dogs are in the den, and Lucky asks if they know what is happening. Sunshine answers that she doesn't, and Lucky explains that the Sky-Dogs sent out Lightning to tease Earth-Dog, but the Sun-Dog growls his displeasure, the rolls of the thunder, and sent the Sky-Dogs and Lightning packing, and now the Sun-Dog blazes once more and wet leaves glitter. The storm has passed by now, and Lucky flops onto the flat rock at the edge of the river, the Sun-Dog's rays warming his flanks.
When the Leashed Pack smell the food that they are unaware that is the Fierce Dog's, and begin to track the smell, they leave once the late Sun-Dog's rays beat down on them. When Lucky, Bella, Daisy, and Alfie leave to get the food, Lucky looks at the Sun-Dog glinting off of the shiny food bowls, and suggests that they do not steal the food. Daisy, lucky, and Alfie begin eating the food, and Lucky looks at the longpaw house, narrowing his eyes against the Sun-Dog's fading light, and trying to make out what might be inside of it.
The night before Lucky leaves, after the Pack eats, the low, late Sun-Dog is seen gilding the grasslands below and turning the river gold. Lucky stays with the Leashed Pack for the night, and wakes the next dawn, when the Sun-Dog makes the sky grow scarlet as he rises. As the Sun-Dog rises, the other dogs wake up too. After Lucky leaves the Pack, it is described that the Sun-Dog's rays dapple the forest floor.

A Hidden Enemy

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Darkness Falls

As the Wild Pack travel to a new camp, they advance without talking as the Sun-Dog bounds over the sky, and overhanging branches cause shadows. They dogs continue to walk, and the Sun-Dog is noted to dive toward the lake when the pack arrives at the top of a rocky overhang. When Mickey decides to go and find the longpaws, he scoops up his glove and starts along the shore of the lake, toward the place where the Sun-Dog is settling to his rest beyond the horizon.
After Mickey has left the Wild Pack, Lucky wakes from a dream about the Storm of Dogs, and the Sun-Dog rises behind the valley, touching the lake in the distance with shimmers of light. After Lucky leaves the Pack too, he pads through the forest, and the Sun-Dog is noted to move across the sky, and leave a deeper shade of blue in its wake. Lucky asks the Forest-Dog to keep him safe as the Sun-Dog moves toward his rest.
After Lucky catches a rabbit and continues traveling, he presses on between the trees as the light starts fading and the Sun-Dog pads out across the sky. Lucky decides that, to find Mickey, he must journey even after the Sun-Dog goes to sleep. After Lucky hears the Fierce Dog pups but decides to continue looking for Mickey, Lucky finally reaches the highest point in the forest, and the Sun-Dog trods his path over the land, casting a gentle morning light.Lucky notices some juice that longpaws feed loudcages, and its shines in the light of the Sun-Dog, which climbs overhead.
After Lucky finds Mickey, they travel until they reach the river, which sparkles in the light of the Sun-Dog. Later, when Lucky and Mickey hear the Fierce Dog pups, the Sun-Dog is high overhead, though its light is dim beneath the shade of the trees. After Lucky and Mickey find and meet the pups, as they leave the Dog-Garden, the Sun-Dog begins its slow descent along the horizon. However, by the time that they leave the Dog-Garden, Mickey is notes that the Sun-Dog is going to his lair, and expresses fear on entering the forest with the three pups when it is dark.
After Mickey and Lucky leave the Dog-Garden with the pups, soon the Sun-Dog is seen through the branches, bounding quickly to it's camp, and Lucky realizes that it will soon be no-sun, suggesting to stop. After the coyote Pack comes and passes, Lucky tells the pups that they did well, but must keep traveling until the Sun-Dog appears. Later, after Lucky sees pawprints in some mud that he hopes belongs to members of the Wild Pack, he decides to wake the others up before the Sun-Dog reaches its highest point.
When Mickey, Lucky, and the Fierce Dog pups come to the Wild Pack den, although Lucky had only been away for a few journeys of the Sun-Dog, he thinks it feels like much longer. After Lucky and Mickey tells them the story, Alpha asks why the Fierce Dogs would leave pups behind, and if they would come back to collect them, and Mickey explains that their Mother-Dog had been dead for at least a full journey of the Sun-Dog.
When Mickey is telling the other former Leashed Dogs about the state of the city, Lucky looks at the sky, and sees that the Sun-Dog starts his slow fall over the high white clouds. After the dogs ask Mickey and Lucky a few more questions, Lucky hears night insects, and wonders why they are out before the Sun-Dog has finished his journey, before realizing that it's a giant loudbird.
Later, when Bruno apologizes to Lucky, he explains that his fears got the better of him, and that even the light of the Sun-Dog doesn't make him feel safe. Later, after Sweet informs Lucky that the Fierce Dog pups will be tested, the Sun Dog is seen bounding beyond the trees, and tea Pack gathers to eat. As Alpha, Daisy, and Lucky are out testing the Fierce Dogs, they approach a rocky terrain, and the Sun-Dog is noted to bound over the sky. The Sun-Dog's rays shine off of the pup's coats. After the pups smell water and Daisy leads the pups toward the white ridge, the Sun-Dog eases himself lower in the sky, and Daisy and the pups settle down fr no-sun in the shelter of two rocks. Although it will be a while before the sky turns black, Daisy is unwanting to go any farther, and the pups flop down, tired after walking for the entire journey of the Sun-Dog.
The day after Grunt attacks the giantfur, the Sun-Dog is close to its highest point in its journey when the Pack assembles in the meadow. Later, when the Fierce Dogs take the pups back, the Sun-Dog bounds above the Fierce Dogs as he makes his descent over the horizon.
The day after Lucky is unsuccessful in his challenge against Snap, he steps out onto a changed meadow, and the Sun-Dog shines brightly in the cloudless sky. After Alpha calls a meeting, when Lick comes and announces that Blade killed Wiggle, Lucky briefly thinks that it is like the Sun-Dog has vanished, and the world is black and icy cold. When Lick explains to Alpha that she got away when there was fog, Lucky remembers how the mist had covered the land, and he feels the Sun-Dog blink down at him, as there is not a single cloud overhead. When Alpha tells Lick she can stay, he says that the Pack must depart before the Sun-Dog greets the lake.
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The Broken Path

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The Endless Lake

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Storm of Dogs

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"The Sky-Dogs sent out Lightning to tease Earth-Dog. But the Sun-Dog growled his displeasure- they were the rolls of thunder- and sent the Sky-Dogs and lightning packing. Now, the Sun-Dog blazes once more and the wet leaves glitter. See?"
—Lucky to Sunshine about the Sun-Dog The Empty City, page 189

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