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Trap House Wreckage

The Trap House is where Lucky, Sweet, and other dogs were held trapped by longpaws. When the Big Growl struck, Lucky, Callie and Sweet were the only survivors.[1][2]


The Trap House is a building that holds dog kennels and dogs. It is most likely a pound. Like a traditional pound, dogs could be adopted and taken home by longpaws. They had thought of it as a prison, but it was really just helping the dogs.

When dogs are captured as strays they usually go to the Trap House. A few longpaws come in everyday and take care of them: they brought food and water, laid the bedding and cleared up messes for the dogs[3] before the Big Growl struck and the longpaws disappeared.


In the Original Series

The Empty City

Lucky is trapped in the Trap House with many other dogs. One of the dogs in the Trap House with him is a Swift-Dog named Sweet. The other dogs begin to panic as the Big Growl strikes and causes a mass catastrophe.
Sweet and Lucky escape their kennels and realize that every other dog died. Lucky and Sweet escape the Trap House leaving the destroyed building behind.

A Hidden Enemy

When Lucky approaches the skirmish between the Leashed Pack and Wild Pack, he notices a dog that reminds him painfully of Sweet from the Trap House. He realizes when he rescues her from falling in a crack by another Growl is that it was Sweet after all, a fellow survivor from the Trap House.

When the Leashed Pack find caves for shelter by the river, Lucky is reminded of the Trap House and its unnaturally clean environment. The memory is triggered by how clean the walls of the cave are, almost unnaturally clean. When Lucky meets the Wild Pack and asks to join in order to spy on them for Bella and the Leashed Pack, Sweet defends him by saying he was an old comrade back when she knew him at the Trap House.

When Lucky pities the Omega during the pack feast and tries to save some food for the little dog, Sweet reprimands him and surprises him. He realizes there is a ruthlessness in Sweet he had not noticed back at the Trap House.

Darkness Falls

While Lucky is defending himself at the Wild Pack's judgement after the fox fight which was  brought upon by the Leashed Pack led by Bella, he mentions meeting his friend Sweet at the Trap House and how it was destined to occur.
As he is being pinned down for his punishment, Sweet holds him down with power he had never seen before. He recalls her being stronger than at the Trap House. When they are interrupted though and release Lucky, he mentions the loud roar sounded like when the Trap House crumbled although he thought the Trap House was worst.

The Broken Path

Lucky and his team of dogs, rescue Fiery from the strange loudcage Trap House, along with the rest of the animals.

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The Endless Lake

Lucky remembers Fiery, who was once a strong dog, became feeble during his time in the loudcage Trap House.

Storm of Dogs

Lucky is having nightmares about the Trap House, except this time the Trap House collapsing does not go as he remembers. He wonders if it's a dream as hope drains from his body and he tries to escape his cage, wondering why it had not broken by now since it always broke at a certain point in his repetitive dreams of the Trap House. Finally, the cage breaks and he springs free, thanking the Sky-Dogs.
He wakes up from his nightmare, the howls of the Trap House dogs haunting him. Later on, when Sweet and Lucky are talking, Sweet mentions that she remembered him escaping the Trap House with her.
When Lucky is sleeping with Sweet, he thinks that if he knew at the Trap House, he would've been mates with her already. He dreams of the Trap House again before it melts away in his dreamscape. After a discussion with Alfie, probing the dead dog for answers, the cage and the Trap House materializes around Lucky again. When he smacks into his cage and reopens his eyes, the Trap House is bathed in blood, and blood dripped down Lucky's muzzle and fur. The air stunk of spoiled, ashy flesh: it's the Earth-Dog's blood.

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