The Sky-Dogs knew that as long as the Hare had the longest legs, he would never give them the proper respect. so they agreed to the Alpha Wind-Dog's request. They made her legs longer than the Hare's, and they made her body even thinner and narrower than his. And the next time the Hare challenged the Wind-Dog, she ran him down! She pounced, and held him in her jaws and said, 'Now you must run from me and from all my children, because we will never stop till we catch you.'
Sweet narrating the birth of Swift-Dogs in Sweet's Journey, page 42

The Wind-Dogs are a group of Spirit-Dogs that reside in the sky, similarly to Sky-Dogs. According to Sweet, they are modeled as the first Swift-Dogs and all Swift-Dogs can be traced to their Spirit-Dog roots.


Since these dogs are said to be the original Swift-Dogs, they are characterized by thin legs,[1] and long bodies[1] to aid in cutting through the air for speed. Their breed is likened to something like Greyhounds, however Spirit-Dogs do not have a breed.


In the Novellas

Sweet's Journey

According to Sweet's retelling of the legend, the story of the Wind-Dogs is began when the Alpha of the Wind-Dogs is running though a golden meadow in the sky and is outraged by the audacious Fastest Hare, who tauntingly outruns her.

She approaches the Sky-Dogs with the issue, claiming that the Fastest Hare must be punished. The Sky-Dogs agree, and although together they surround the Fastest Hare for punishment, the tricky creature manages to evade them all thanks to his long legs. After enduring a frustrating taunting, the Alpha of the Wind-Dogs asks for the Sky-Dogs to grant her and her pups the ability to be faster than the Fastest Hare.

They grant her wish, and her body grew longer while her legs became thinner. After successfully chasing down the Fastest Hare and making him beg for mercy, it is said her children to this day chase after those of the Fastest Hare.

When Sweet finishes her tale, Beta mocks her and claims the legend false. Remembering one of the story's morals, she maintains a cool head and ignores the Beta's belittling comments.


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