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"I've thought about this for a long time. I will be Thorn. Sharp and deadly."
— Thorn's choosing for her name in The Broken Path, page 45
Wild Pack[1]
Wild Pack[2]
Border Collie Mastiff mix[2]
Names Pup: Nose[2]

Patrol Dog: Thorn[3]

Family Mother: Moon

Father: Fiery
Brothers: Beetle, Fuzz

Rank Positions
Rank Hunter[4]
Book Appearances
Living Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising
Dead N/A

Thorn is a female[2] Border Collie Mastiff mix[5] with shaggy,[6] black fur[7], a missing leg, and a black-and-white face.[8]


In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Thorn does not appear in this book. However, Moon announces to Fiery that they are going to have pups, and her mate is surprised, but pleased. Moon explains that she was hopeful yesterday, but now is certain that he will be a Father-Dog, and Fiery promises that he will take good care of her. Moon believes him, and says that he will be a wonderful Father-Dog too.

Sweet's Journey

Although Nose does not appear in this book, she is mentioned, though unnamed, several times.
When Sweet watches guard over the Pack, she hears an agonized howl, and realizes that it is Moon. The swift-dog guesses that Fiery's mate is about to give birth to her pups, but thinks that something must be wrong from her cry, and she races to camp. When Sweet arrives, her guess is confirmed, and she rushes to tell Fiery, who is out on patrol. When she finds the large dog, Sweet tells him that Moon's pup-time has come and that she needs him, and Fiery rushes back to camp.
When Sweet comes back to camp, there are coyotes in there, but Fiery chases them off. Sweet explains to Snap that Beta promised to patrol for her, Snap says that there was no harm done, but that it was good she was there with everyone distracted by Moon's pup-time. There is a sudden quiet, then Fiery howls in joy, joined by Moon, and Snap barks that the pups have been born. Sweet and Snap go to the den, and Fiery announces that there are three fine pups, two males and a female. Alpha, who has suddenly entered camp, also says his congratulations, noting that three fine pups is good news for the Pack.
That night, Moon thanks Sweet for calling Fiery, explaining that he came in time to see the last of his pups born. Fiery also adds his thanks, and says that although their pups haven't been named yet, one day soon they will, and he hopes they grow up to be as loyal and brave as Sweet. Sweet thanks them back, but Fiery tells Moon that they need to get back to the pups.
Later, when Sweet is seen as the Beta of the Wild Pack, she mentions that Moon is still excused from hunting duty because of her pups. Later that day Sweet talks with Moon and notes that the pups are looking healthy, and the Mother-Dog agrees that they are already getting lively, but their conversation is interrupted when Snap announces that there are dogs in their territory. Alpha orders the Pack for battle, and Sweet checks over the camp to make sure Moon and her pups are safe and well defended, before leaving them with a reassuring bark.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Nose makes various appearances near the end when the foxes arrive.
Nose and her siblings cower behind their fighting mother Moon during the fight. Later on, when the fox battle is over, Nose is trembling between Fiery and Moon with her remaining sibling, Squirm, who survived the onslaught with her.
Prior to announcing his vote on the fate of the Leashed Pack, Fiery licks his daughter's head to settle his children.

Darkness Falls

When the Pack decides on whether or not Lucky should stay in the Wild Pack, Moon says that Lucky fought bravely to defend her pups from the foxes. Lucky remembers how Bella had brought the foxes to attack the Wild Pack, but how they had attacked Moon and threatened to eat her pups. Dogs from both Packs had forgotten the battle and worked to defend the pups from the foxes. Lucky sees Moon and Fiery, with their pups Nose and Squirm nuzzled behind them. Moon says that without the Leashed Dogs' help, all three of their pups would have died. Bella also defends Lucky, saying that he did his very best to defend the pups when the foxes attacked. Moon whines in agreement, and Fiery licks the heads of his two pups who lean against his forelegs.
Later, when the Wild Pack wonders if they should leave, Snap asks where they should go, and she eyes Moon and her pups, asking if it is practical to start moving the camp. Lucky insists that they must go, and they start moving, with Fiery carrying Nose. Once the Pack starts moving, Lucky helps out Sunshine and Twitch, and after seeing this, Fiery sets Nose down, and Moon gathers the black pup to her with her littermate, and Fiery goes to help Whine. After doing so, Fiery returns to Nose and scoops the pup into his jaws before he and Moon go on with the puppies.
When the dogs cross a stream, Fiery almost loses his grip on Thorn, and Moon, who waits at the bottom, gathers both pups to her and nuzzles them protectively. As the dogs rest, Moon nurses her pups. When Alpha makes an announcement, Nose trembles and yips at the half-wolf's voice, and both pups refuse to suckle. Fiery tells Alpha that he is upsetting the pups and putting them off their feeding.
When Lucky and Mickey discover the Fierce Dog pups, he thinks that their scent is like the soft, sweet, milky scents of Nose and Squirm. When Lucky and Mickey return, Nose asks what is going on, but is silenced when Moon nuzzles her.
After Lucky is allowed into the Pack, he looks at the camp and sees a large cave, where inside of it is a nook selected to be the pup den, where Moon nurses Nose ad Squirm.
When Grunt attacks Moon's pups, Lucky spots Nose nuzzling Squirm as they crouch by a tawny bush, and her eyes leap fretfully to Fierce Dog pups.
When the Pack eats, Moon's pups take her place to eat. Nose and Squirm tumble and play-fight over a mouse before running back to their mother's side to share their spoils. It is explained by Sunshine that they would eat after the Alpha and Beta until they choose their names, which would be when they would have to start working their way up the Pack ranks.
When Blade and the Fierce Dogs come to the Wild Pack camp to take the Fierce Dog pups, Sweet tells Moon to hurry back to the rocks, and keep Nose and Squirm inside the den, prohibiting them from leaving until it is over. The day after the pups leave, Nose and Squirm are seen being nursed by Moon, while Fiery stands guard.
When Alpha announces that they must return to the old camp, Lucky feels sympathy for the smaller dogs, and sympathizes that it would be even worse for Nose and Squirm.

The Broken Path

When Lucky and Lick are hunting, Lucky tells her that there must be a snow-white rabbit for the Naming Ceremony, and Lick realizes that it will be for Squirm and Nose.
Right before the Naming Ceremony, when Alpha scolds a patrol for coming late, he says that it will not stop the Naming, and Squirm and Nose bound over, skidding to a halt in a flurry of leaves. They seem to have forgotten their awe of their Alpha in excitement.  When the dogs eat, Nose asks when the Moon-Dog will wake up, and her tail lashes so frantically in excitement that she swipes her brother's face. Sweet barks that there isn't much time, and that she must be patient, and Alpha growls that she shouldn't touch the food before Beta has finished. He swipes a paw at the pup, but the blow is light, and barely ruffles Nose's fur.
After the Great Howl, Alpha prepares the rabbit, and he calls Nose and Squirm up to their places on the Moon Pelt. Moon's pups trod nervously forward, and Lucky notices that they are trembling. Nose hops onto the rock first, her brother following, and they turn and sit stiffly on the white fur. Nose sniffs at it anxiously. Alpha murmurs to them that there is nothing to worry about, and he assures them that it is their time to choose their names. He instructs them to close their eyes and turn their faces to the Moon-Dog when she is brightest, so she will show them who they are. The Pack howls, and at this point, all of the dogs are in shadow except Nose and Squirm, who are bathed in pale light as they sit frozen in awe on the rabbit fur. Alpha asks the pups what they chose their names to be, and Squirm renames himself as Beetle. Beside him, Nose's eyes are wide open, and Lucky notes that there is something much calmer about her, and she doesn't glance around in search of inspiration. In a shaky but determined whine, she explains that she thought about it for a long time. She glances up shyly into her Alpha's eyes and announces that she will be Thorn, sharp and deadly. Although Alpha gives a low growl of approval, Lucky is surprised, as he never thought of Nose as being deadly, but he realizes that a dog might choose what she wants to be, not what she already is. He also notes that perhaps there is more than it seems to Nose, and he wonders what kind of dog she will become. He murmurs to Bella that she chose a fine name, and Bella agrees, noting that they are all afraid of thorns, though Lucky points out that they are good protection for a Pack too. The newly named pups jump down from the rock and are surrounded by a mass of dogs who lick their heads and congratulate them. Fiery and Moon are by their pups' sides, and their tails wag hard with pride and happiness. Sunshine goes to bury the skinned rabbit, and at Lucky's surprise, Spring explains to him that they leave it as a gift to the Moon-Dog and Earth-Dog so that they will approve of the pups' choice. She then gives Thorn a long, hard lick on the ear.
When a hunting group returns to the other dogs, they start moving again, and the pups- Beetle, Thorn, and Lick- are noted to be almost asleep on their paws.
When the dogs have to cross a river, Beetle and Thorn shiver as they trudge on the ridge, and their tails curl tightly around their flanks. When they reach the city, Thorn complains in a low voice that the hardstone surface hurts her paw pads, but Lucky tells her that she will get used to it. Later, when a storm comes, Sweet says that they must find shelter, and Thorn wonders where they will hide. Sweet says, with amusement, that she should look around, as the longpaw houses seem stable and are unoccupied by longpaws.
When a hunting patrol comes back to the Food House with little prey after encountering Terror, Beetle and Thorn bound forward to greet Fiery, who had been on the patrol. Fiery pads forward and gives his daughter's ear a quick lick in passing. Fiery explains to Alpha why they have little prey, and when the half-wolf says that it is his fault that the Pack will go hungry, Fiery says hat he knows, and he looks at his pups and Moon. Lucky realizes that Fiery thinks he let his family down.
The next morning, Alpha tells Spring to choose a patrol and find food, and Spring trots over to Lucky, telling him that they will take Beetle and Thorn. She explains that the more hunting experience they get, the better, and the two pups prick up their ears and bound happily to join the two dogs. Lucky leads, but says that he doesn't know what they will find, and Spring agrees, but says that it will give the young ones a chance to stretch their muscles. Lucky realizes that Spring had been wise to choose the young dogs for the patrol, for experience, and to take their minds off their empty stomachs. The young dogs' ears are pricked and they raise their noses high to sniff they air, but they seem happy and excited too. Thorn goes down on her forepaws to tease Lick, and during that time, Beetle leaps playfully at her back. The three pups roll over on the cracked hardstone, giving muffled yelps of delight, and Lucky is glad that Spring doesn't scold them, but only glances at them indulgently. He tells her that he is pleased that they get along so well, since Lick doesn't resent Moon's pups for having names, and they don't look down at her for not having hers, and Spring agrees. Spring asks Lucky about Twitch, who he explains about, and after that, Spring barks at Beetle, Thorn, and Lick to stop fooling around, as they should be hunting. Lucky scents some rats, and the three young dogs have slunk quietly forward, their fun forgotten at the thought of prey. The dogs wonder how to open the door that the rats are coming from, and Lick decides to try to break the door. As she approaches, Beetle and Thorn exchange glances, Beetle's lip curling. After a few tries, Lick breaks the door and Beetle and Thorn give joyful yelps of triumph. Thorn yelps to her brother that she knew she could do it. The dogs go inside, but there are lots of rats, and Lucky spots Beetle barking at some rats to get off of his sister, and he grabs a rat from Thorn's shoulder, shaking it to death. Lucky tells lick to help Spring, and he bounds across the room, calling to Beetle and Thorn. They raise their heads, eyes alight with excitement, but at seeing Spring's distress, they race toward her to join Lick, and tear rats from Spring's back and haunches. Once the rats are all dead or have fled, the five dogs hunch panting in a small pile of the dead animals. Lucky congratulates the young dogs on a good hunt, and Spring thanks Lucky, Beetle, Thorn, and Lick for rescuing her, saying that rats are nasty things. Thorn brightly yelps that they are nasty but tasty, and Spring gives a bark of laughter, telling them that they should return to the Food House. As they trot down the hardstone path with rats in their jaws, the young dogs are very pleased, proud, and excited.
When Lucky finds Mickey trying to bury a longpaw pup, he finds Lick, Beetle, and Squirm squirm beneath the fence, and he eyes them warily, asking what they are doing there. Beetle glances at Thorn before Lick explains that Spring told them that he scented a strange dog. Beetle adds that they wanted to make sure he was alright, and Lucky feels a rush of affection for the three. He worries about their prey, and Thorn tells him that they left the rats where they can pick them up later, and mischievously adds that they did as he did. Lucky thanks them for being concerned, and the siblings' chests swell visibly. Beetle says that they heard what Lucky and Mickey were talking about and agree with Mickey, and Thorn adds that if he wants to give the longpaw to the Earth-Dog he should, and that the Earth-Dog would want it too. She nudges Beetle with her shoulder, and the two and Lick trot over to Mickey and help him scrape a deeper hole. Lucky watches the three dogs dig with their powerful paws, and though Lucky thinks that it isn't the best way to spend their time, he is proud of their Pack behavior.
Once the hole is large enough, Thorn says that they should bury Mickey's longpaw and go back to camp together, though Mickey says that it isn't his longpaw. Beetle and Mickey drag the longpaw into the hole and when they step back, Thorn, Lick, and Lucky scrape earth back into the trench with their hindpaws. After a moment of silence, Thorn cocks her head and flares her nostrils, noting that the Earth-Dog has taken him already. She asks if they smell her, and Beetle agrees. Mickey briefly howls for the longpaw, and the young dogs wait until he gets back on his paws before walking away. Lucky knows that Beetle, Thorn, and Lick came through for Mickey when he needed them, but wonders if it was right to waste time like that, as what they did might not have been right for the Pack. They find the pond and Lucky's rats undisturbed, and Lucky tells the young dogs that he hopes their prey is safe. Lick drinks from the water, and Beetle and Thorn follow. When they return to camp, Lucky drops his prey, and though Mickey, Thorn, and Beetle pad ahead, Lick has fallen behind and Lucky talks with her.
When Fiery challenges Alpha for leadership, Beetle and Thorn press instinctively close to Moon's sides. Fiery explains why he is challenging the half-wolf, and though Beetle and Moon look fearful, Thorn wears a bright, hopeful look. Sweet tells the dogs that Fiery and Alpha will meet in combat, and when she asks Moon to come forward, Beetle and Thorn shoot anxious glances at their Mother-Dog.
When Twitch comes to the Wild Pack but they mistake him for a group of hostile dogs, Moon positions herself in front of Beetle and Thorn, but they wiggle forward past her legs to take their places in the line. Moon's face softens briefly as she glances down at them with pride. Twitch tells the Pack that he knows where Fiery is, and Alpha lets a group of dogs go with Lucky to rescue him. Moon trots over toward Alpha, and though her pups raise argumentative barks, Moon turns and murmurs to them that they will for sure stay. Thorn protests that they want to help rescue their father, but Moon argues that she must know that they are safe, and won't be able to concentrate on helping Fiery if she is worried for them. As the dogs are about to leave, Moon licks Thorn's nose. The dogs set off, and Lucky can hear Thorn and Beetle's voices yapping farewells, and Moon howls to her pups to stay safe.
During Lick's naming, they find her a rock, although Lucky notes that it isn't as big as the one where Beetle and Thorn had been named.

The Endless Lake

Coming Soon

Storm of Dogs

Thorn is first seen running around the dogs who returned from hunting along with her litter-brother, Beetle. She bounds up to the birds and sniffs them uncertainly, asking what they are. The young dog prods one with her paw and says that she has never seen such a long neck. Moon explains tho her pups that they are geese. After eating the geese, Storm gathers some dogs for a fight-training session, and demonstrates a move on Daisy, then tells the other dogs to try. Thorn whines that her muzzle isn't as big as hers, and that she will never be able to close her jaws around another dog's neck, but Storm tells her that any dog can do it. Beetle takes position in front of Thorn and he takes a step back. Lucky realizes that he is afraid that his litter-sister will rip his throat out, and frets that the exercise is too tough for the young dogs. Thorn springs at her brother and jabs with her teeth the way Storm had, then dives down to Beetle's throat. She moves quickly and yips in triumph, but Beetle frees himself and tips her off balance. Thorn rolls onto her side and Beetle pins her down with his forepaws on his flank. Beetle nervously glances at Storm and apologizes, then lets his litter-sister rise to her paws, and Lucky realizes that Moon's pups are only a little bit younger than Storm but still cower before her. Storm gives Thorn a little nudge and reassures her that it takes practice to get it right.
When Dart and Moon come back from a patrol and hear longpaws, Moon says that she will get rid of the yellow longpaws if they dared to come back, and her pups yip in agreement, snarling as they bound in circles. Thorn growls that they should get them, and throws down her forepaws.
When Lucky sees Beetle come out from under a tree trunk, the young dog says that it was his idea and Thorn follows her brother and shakes out her fur as she confirms it, explaining that he had thought it would be the perfect shelter, and that Sweet agreed. As Sweet leaves, Moon warns her to be careful, and Sweet tells the Farm Dog that she is wise like her pups, and she nudges Beetle and Thorn.
When the Wild Pack considers running from Blade, Mickey says that she would find them regardless, but Moon protests that there are pups among them, and she looks at her pups. Thorn stamps a forepaw on the ground and exclaims that they are not pups anymore, and can fight, but Moon growls that she won't loose another pup. Bella argues that they should not run, as there are pups among them, but Thorn protests that they would not slow any dog down. When the Pack wonders if they should risk themselves for Storm, Thorn yips that she tried to help their Father-Dog, and should stay.
Later, before members of the Wild Pack go to ask Twitch for help, Beetle and Thorn are seen playing energetically, pouncing on each other and growling, and bounding toward the river. Moon cautions them not to go too near the edge. After a hunting party leaves, Beetle says that they found something, and Thorn adds that it is really strange. Sweet and Lucky follow them, and Thorn shows where a thin layer of ice has formed along the surface. Lucky explains that the water stopped moving because it has frozen, and Thorn frets that it will never move again. Lucky reassures her that it will, but not until the weather gets warmer. Beetle shoves Thorn out of the way to ask if the Endless Lake would freeze too. Moon comes and joins the dogs, and she barks at her pups to get away from there. Thorn protests that they were careful, but Moon says that regardless, the ice is thin, and she leads her pups back to the temporary camp.
When Lucky come to camp, it begins to snow, and Beetle and Thorn start running in tight circles. Thorn whines that the rain isn't disappearing when it reaches the ground, and cries that something has gone wrong with the rain. Beetle frets that the Sky-Dogs are angry, but Moon reassures her pups that it is only snow. Storm is still doubtful, but Martha gathers Storm and Thorn toward her, and repeats that it is just snow, like Moon had said, and won't hurt them.
During the Storm of Dogs battle, after Martha dies, Thorn is seen climbing over the edge of the riverbank, onto the frozen ice, and she yaps that they will help. Beetle follows his sister, but Storm pleads them to get back on the bank, and the two young dogs climb back onto the bank, where their Mother-Dog was waiting anxiously.
After the Storm of Dogs, the Wild Pack discuss how well Storm fought, and Thorn's eyes are round with wonder as she murmurs that Storm used the power of the Earth-Dog and River-Dog to kill Blade. Storm is embarrassed, and Lucky thinks of how easy it is to forget that Storm is nearly the same age as Beetle and Thorn.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

When Storm comes back from hunting, she is happy to see Thorn and Beetle play-fighting, and as she pads near them, Thorn takes her teeth out of her brother's ear and bounds up to her, yelping a cheerful greeting, and asks Storm how her first hunt was. Storm says that it was fine, and asks about Thorn's patrol, and the young dog barks that it was all quiet, and she shakes her muscles loose after her tussle with her brother. She adds that although there was a trace of fox, it wasn't very new, and they aren't too worried. Beetle nips at her muzzle affectionately, and says that no fox had better come near the camp or else Alpha and her pups would get a new fox-hide bed. Thorn yaps at him that he is all jaw, and that any fox he would catch would only have skin big enough for one milk-pup. Beetle growls with laughter and pounces on his sisters' haunches, dragging her down and tumbling her over and over until both dogs are covered in sandy earth and dry leaves. However, Thorn ends up on top and she grazes her teeth along her brother's exposed belly, telling him that he is all talk. Beetle swiftly flips her over again, and asks Storm to help teach his litter-sister some manners. Storm joins in the play-fight and gnaws and snaps lightly at both pups, and soon all three are wrestling and tumbling in a heap of legs and bodies. Storm grabs Beetle's neck and sends both thudding to the ground, leaving Thorn to pounce on top of both of them ad yap her triumph. Storm barks that they are both fat after Ice Wind, and Thorn clamps her jaws around Storm's, asking if she really called her fat, but is interrupted when Alpha tells the Pack that it is time to share prey. The three young dogs pause in their tussle, ears pricked, and when Alpha tells her Pack to come, Storm, Beetle, and Thorn get to their paws and shake themselves free of earth and leaf scraps, and share a few friendly licks. However, Storm notices that both young dogs are tense as they look at where the Pack is gathering, and Thorn's eyes narrow, growling that Twitch shouldn't try to eat before their Mother-Dog, and Beetle nods. Storm notices that Thorn isn't joking but is serious, and assures her that Twitch wouldn't do that. Storm trots ahead of Beetle and Thorn to join her Packmates.
When the patrol dogs are asked to eat, Alpha invites Twitch to eat, and there is tension in the camp, and Thorn gives an angry yelp. Beetle grumbles in complaint, and when Twitch is done eating, Alpha turns to stare at Beetle and Thorn, and reprimands them that their Alpha makes their decisions, and that they must remember the Pack. Once the whole pack has eaten, Storm turns to Beetle and Thorn, and asks if they will play-battle some more, but Thorn stiffly growls that she doesn't think so, and Beetle shakes his head. That night, after Sweet tells her Pack the story of the Wind-Dogs, Storm settles herself against Thorn's flank, and notes that even Moon's pups have fallen under the spell of their story, with the tension drained from their bodies, and Storm feels Thorn's calm heartbeat through her ribcage.
After a day of poor hunting, when Storm is in camp, she is relieved to spot Thorn chatting with Daisy, and she calls out them both. The two cock their heads toward her, whining greetings. Storm tells them of how their hunt was poor because they were distracted by deer scents, and Thorn asks if she said deer, her ears pricking enthusiastically. Storm sighs that they couldn't find any, but Daisy barks that if she goes back she might catch a deer, and Thorn agrees that she was unlucky, assuring her friend that she will probably see one the next time she goes there. Storm is about to calm their expectations, but is interrupted by furious snarling from the quarreling Rake, Ruff, and Moon. Daisy comes and tells them that they should respect Moon, and Beetle and Thorn growl their agreement, then slink protectively over to their Mother-Dog. Storm realizes that Thorn is about to fling herself violently at Rake's throat, but Alpha shoulders her way into the middle of the bickering dogs and stands firmly in between Thorn and Rake, glaring at them sternly. Although she says nothing, both dogs dip their heads, cowed, and take a pace backward. Alpha reprimands that both Moon and Twitch must be treated with respect, and all of the patrol dogs lower their eyes and lower their tales. Thorn grunts that they will do that. As the dogs separate, Daisy and Thorn crouch in a huddle with other patrollers, but as Storm approaches, Daisy tells her that it is patrol-dog business.
Later, when Storm is trying to sleep, dogs are heard quarreling again, and as Storm recognizes Thorn and Breeze's voice, she has no doubt that it is another quarrel between the patrol dogs. Storm almost falls asleep again when she hears violent barking, and she leaves the den to hear Thorn snarling to Twitch that he can't think that he can take over, since he left the Pack. She goes on that he went off to find a mad Pack, and that just because he helped fight the Fierce Dogs, doesn't mean that he is in charge. Lucky comes and demands what is going on, and Thorn's head snaps around, her eyes widening. She licks her jaws, then clenches her fangs and sits on her haunches, her voice growing stronger and clearer and she announces that she is challenging Twitch. Storm looks from Twitch to Thorn and exclaims that it isn't fair, but Thorn takes an aggressive step toward her and asks why it shouldn't be, since it is Pack law. Storm tells Thorn that she is young and fast, and that since Storm has practice-fought her before, she knows that she is strong. She asks her friend how Twitch could possibly fight her. However, Thorn defiantly repeats that she challenges Twitch and she ignores Storm and stares at Beta. Lucky looks at Alpha, who gives a nod, and Lucky declares that Thorn the patrol dog is challenging Twitch the lead patrol dog.
Lucky steps back and nods to the two challengers, and Thorn slowly circles Twitch, who eyes her warily as she turns. He is already off balance, and Storm realizes that Thorn's tactic of constant motion is clever, since it disturbs the poise of her opponent. Thorn barks that she is fighting for her Mother-Dog, and she pauses to glare at Twitch. She goes on that she is fighting for her place, to prove that Twitch can't steal it. Storm asks if Thorn can even fight for Moon to be the top patrol dog, and though Lucky looks at Alpha, neither respond. Storm thinks that Thorn will humiliate Twitch for no reason other than her and her Mother-Dog's pride, and she barks for Beta. However, Twitch tells Storm that it is alright, and that he accepts Thorn's challenge. However, Breeze interrupts that if Thorn can fight for Moon, then any other dog should be able to fight for Twitch. Woody volunteers to fight for Twitch, and he swings his head to eye Thorn and Moon, and tells the Farm Dog that she has her champion, so that now it is fair for Twitch to have his. Storm feels a prickle of guilty pleasure, since Woody is much bigger than Thorn, and has more fighting experience. She thinks that Thorn deserves a good beating for her unjust challenge. Alpha tells Thorn she issued the challenge, but that she may withdraw without shame if she wishes. However, Thorn doesn't tear her gaze from Woody, and only stiffens her shoulder muscles and inhales a deep, determined breath. The young dog says that she won't withdraw, and that she will fight Woody. There is tension in the air, and although Thorn was a part of her original pack, Storm desperately wants Woody to win the fight.
Thorn makes the first move by hurling herself at Woody in a full-on charge as if hoping to end the fight immediately. Storm realizes that she taught her that move, and her neck fur bristles with resentment. However, Woody is too big and strong to be knocked down so easily and he shrugs Thorn off, twisting away from her jaws and shunting his body hard against hers while she is still off balance. Thorn thuds to the earth, rolls, and springs back up onto her paws. She attacks again with barely a pause for breath, but Woody is expecting such a rash move from her, and he dodges, ducks, and charges at her with his full weight, crashing into her exposed belly and sending her tumbling. As Thorn tries to get up, he grazes his teeth harshly along her shoulder and nearly draws blood. Thorn yelps and slithers sideways, then struggles to her feet and the two face each other, panting and snarling. With grim satisfaction, Storm thinks that it will be a lesson for her, and even though it will be painful, she might need it, particularly if she is too foolish to back down.
However, Twitch comes forward and stands between Thorn and Woody, exclaiming to stop. He thanks Woody for his loyalty, but then nods at Thorn and says that his rank in the Pack isn't worth injury to two good dogs, nor a fight between the two, and he announces that Moon can be the lead patrol dog. However, Alpha, while declaring Moon the lead patrol dog, makes Twitch the new Third-Dog. Many dogs congratulate Twitch, but Thorn moves to stand beside Beetle, and she growls something into his pricked ear. Storm guesses that it is nothing good, since her jaw is tight and her brother glares angrily.
After the loudbirds, which had been near the camp, leave, Moon growls that the danger might not have passed, and Thorn and Beetle step closer to their mother, their expressions protective.
When foxes attack in the camp, Thorn and Beetle squeeze and scrabble out of their den's narrow entrance, fangs bared. Once the dogs and foxes start fighting, Thorn is seen darting and dashing around a fox that bites Beetle's shoulder, and she exclaims for it to get off of him. Storm can see why Thorn is keeping her distance, since if she mistimes her attack, she could easily end up wounding her brother. Storm thinks that Thorn must remember what had happened the last time foxes attacked the camp, since she had been told that her smallest litter-brother, Fuzz was killed, and Storm realizes that it is no wonder that she is hesitant. Storm races across the clearing, and Thorn looks agonized by the decision. The young dog keeps rushing toward the struggle, then backing off, and she whimpers and pleads the fox to get off of her litter-brother. Thorn rears back, raising her paws to strike, then she dodges back again. Storm thinks that she is rightfully afraid for both her brother and for herself, and realizes that Thorn must be very familiar with the story of Bella's betrayal to bring foxes to attack the Wild Pack. Storm manages to attack the fox and drag it off of Beetle, and she leaves Thorn to desperately lick her wounded brother. When Moon and the Fox Leader argue, Storm knows that Moon has a fierce determination to protect her surviving pups, Thorn and Beetle, after the death of Fuzz and Fiery.
After the foxes leave and it is discovered that a fox pup was killed, the Wild Pack discusses who might have been responsible, but Beta silences the dogs, and he orders Storm, Thorn, and Beetle to bury the pup. He adds that he thinks he can trust the three of them more than any grown dog to do it with dignity. When Lucky is done speaking, Storm turns to Thorn and Beetle, and Thorn thanks the Fierce Dog for getting the fox off Beetle before it hurt him. Beetle thanks her too, though he adds that the fox had been right where he had wanted it, but Thorn gives a little mocking snort. Storm suggests that they get on with their job, and the three young dogs pad farther into the forest until they find a softer patch of earth with stones that aren't too large. Storm lays the fox-pup on a bed of pine needles while she, Thorn, and Beetle start digging a hole with their claws. By the time they are done, their muzzles and paws are caked with soil and mud. Beetle asks if they got the job because they were the youngest, but Storm scolds that it was because Beta trusted them to do it properly. Beetle licks mud from between his paw pads, while his sister inspects his shoulder wound. Storm notices that both seem nonchalant, even though they had been horrified when the fox-pup had been found. Storm turns to the fox-pup and realizes that Lucky didn't give them the job to do dirty work, but that he had assigned Thorn and Beetle to do the work because he knew it would give them something useful to contribute, and that it would teach them about the ways of the Earth-Dog. She thinks that the job will show them that however terrible a death might be, it is natural. She glances back at Beetle and Thorn, and feels it to be a pity that Thorn and Beetle had to accustom themselves to death at all. She thinks that they are kind, thoughtful dogs, and that there is no darkness in them. When Thorn, Storm, and Beetle return to the clearing, Daisy yips that she doesn't think that the foxes are gone forever.
Later, when Storm talks to Moon when she is on High Watch, she notes that although the two might once have had bad relationships, they now get along quite well. She thinks that while Moon can be snappy and ferocious, that is mainly in defense of Thorn and Beetle. Later, when the Pack is in danger when Storm, Snap, and Lucky are searching for the Golden Deer, Storm recognizes the howling of Dart, as well as other dogs of the Pack.

Dead of Night

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Into the Shadows

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Red Moon Rising

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The Exile's Journey

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  • There is an inconsistency about Beetle and Thorn's age as compared to Storm's. In The Broken Path, they are mentioned to be older than her[9], but in Storm of Dogs, Moon's pups are mentioned to be a little younger than Storm.[10] In Red Moon Rising, it is again stated that they are older than the Fierce Dog.[11]
  • She has been mistakenly described as a male on multiple occasions.[12][13][14]
  • She will have a bigger role in the second arc.[15]
  • Thorn is mistakenly called a male by Moon, and is confused for Fuzz.[16]
  • Thorn is said to look like her Mother-Dog.




Moon:[5] Living As of The Final Battle


Fiery:[5] Deceased As of The Broken Path[17]


Beetle:[5] Living As of The Final Battle
Fuzz:[5] Deceased As of A Hidden Enemy[18]


Beta:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[20]
Unnamed Mastiff:[21] Deceased[21]


Alpha:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[22]
|Unnamed Mastiff:[21] Deceased[21]


Star:[19] Deceased As of Moon's Choice[20]



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"If he wants to give the longpaw to the Earth-Dog, he should. And the Earth-Dog would want it, too."
—Thorn to Lucky about Mickey's suggestion on burying the longpaw The Broken Path, pages 148-149

Nose: "When will the Moon-Dog wake up?"
Sweet: "Not long now, Nose. Have patience!"
—Nose's anticipation for her naming The Broken Path, page chapter 3
"There was a vote. The vote was whether to punish Sweet until she admitted she'd forced you out of the pack. Bella, Snap, Dart and Bruno voted yes, but Sweet started her own vote and got four nos. That's when the fighting started."
—Thorn to Lucky about the vote The Endless Lake, pages 253-254

"We're not pups anymore. We can fight, just like Storm! She taught us how."
—Thorn to Moon Storm of Dogs, page chapter 12

"It isn't disappearing when it reaches the ground! Something has gone wrong with the rain!"
—Thorn when she sees snow for the first time Storm of Dogs, page chapter 19

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