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"You pups don't know, but being in a real Pack... it's a very special feeling. Having a bond with so many dogs... it's like you've all made a promise that to keep each other safe. It's having somewhere you will always be wanted."
— Whine to Coco and Rex in The Exile's Journey, pages 107-108
Leashed Dog[1]
Fierce Dogs,[2] Wild Pack,[3] Lone Dog,[4] Moon's Pack[5]
Pug mix [6]
Names Omega: Omega[7]

Patrol Dog: Whine[8]
Lone Dog:
Leashed Dog:

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Leashed Dog[10]
Book Appearances
Living Moon's Choice, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs,The Exile's Journey
Dead N/A

Whine is a wizened,[11] short-legged,[12] goggle-eyed,[4] stout,[13] small, black, oddly-shaped,[7] snub nosed[14], squash faced[15], stocky[16] male[16] Pug[17] with tiny ears, a wrinkled face,[7] beady black eyes,[16] a squat muzzle,[18] and a curly,[19] short,[20] stubby tail.[21]


In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

Whine is the Omega of the Wild Pack.
It is shown that Whine is not respected very much in the Pack. No one calls him by his real name, and he doesn't get a lot of food during eating times. When Whine thanks Fiery for giving him a big squirrel and brings it to Moon, Lucky sees that Whine only thanked Fiery for the honor of delivering food to a higher ranking dog. When Lucky sneaks out of territory at night to talk with the Leashed Dogs, Whine sees him leave and follows him. When Lucky sees him, he expects that Whine will tell Alpha and Sweet what he is doing. However, Whine says he won't tell them if Lucky helps him get promoted. Even after Whine is promoted to a Patrol Dog he doesn't show Lucky any gratitude for helping him. It is unknown if Whine helped the Pack fight off the foxes.

Darkness Falls

Whine tells Alpha that Lucky has been helping the Leashed Dogs and was spying on the Wild Pack. Later, Whine is with the Pack when they leave their old camp to get away from the smoke. When Alpha tries to banish Lucky from the Pack, Whine comments that he wants him to stay, so he doesn't become the Omega again.
More Coming Soon

The Broken Path

Whine is seen when Lucky reflects on how the former Leashed Pack are interacting with the Wild Pack. It is noted that although no dog really liked Whine, Sunshine is content to trot at his side and yap friendly comments.
During the sharing of the prey before the Naming Ceremony, when Spring steps forward before it is her turn, she apologizes, then exclaims to Whine that it doesn't mean he can sneak in. Dart agrees, and tells the small dog that he isn't exactly Alpha yet.
During the Naming Ceremony, Alpha calls to bring the white rabbit, and Sunshine dashes to join Whine to bring it. The two dogs quickly emerge from the undergrowth, carrying the carcass of the white rabbit between them in their teeth. With great care, the current and former Omega lay it on the flat rock in front of Alpha, and as they both turn away, Lucky can't miss the expression of loathing that Whine throws at him. Lick asks what is up with him, but Lucky silences her since the ceremony will soon begin, though he also does not want to start explaining the snub-nosed dog's resentment. It is noted that even though the little dog had risen in the ranks as he had wanted, Whine is clearly still unhappy with Lucky, but the hunter thinks it is Whine's problem, and not his.
Alpha glares at Whine, most likely having noticed his look, and barks at Sunshine and Whine that their work is done, and to get to the back of the Pack. While Sunshine immediately obeys, Whine's muzzle curls over his teeth, and his left eye twitches. Lucky thinks that Whine is a dog who wants to fight, but is too scared. Whine wears a look of angry humiliation as he slinks through the ranks of watching dogs, this time avoiding Lucky's eye. The golden-furred dog wonders if he still could be trouble, but shakes the thought off.
After the Ceremony, when the dogs head to their dens to sleep, Lucky sees a small shadow slink across his path on his way to his own sleeping place. The hunter pauses and immediately recognizes Whine, who swivels his head and exposes his teeth in a mocking sneer. The little black dog questions if he enjoyed the little tradition and cocks his head, mockingly noting that it was new to him. He says that Lucky never earned a proper name himself, and will never be a proper Pack Dog because of it. Lucky is about to bite Whine's ear when Bella bounds between them, growling threateningly at the former Omega. She contradicts his thoughts and states that Lucky did earn his name. For a moment, Bella and Whine glare at each other, before he jerks his head contemptuously and waddles off.
When the Wild Pack leaves their camp to find a new territory, the half-wolf tells the dogs they're walking in pairs, and orders Whine to stay with Sunshine at the rear of the hunters, and not move forward. While the dogs travel, when Lick comes forward to talk with Martha and protests at Alpha's orders for her to get back in her line, the half-wolf orders her to walk with Whine and Omega for disobedience. The pup does as she is told, and Whine gives Lick a nasty look, but says nothing to her. As Sunshine is preoccupied carrying moss, Lucky is glad that he fell back in line, so that now Lick won't be left to the company of bitter and twisted Whine. As if reading Lucky's thoughts, the former Omega snorts and picks up his speed, sneering to Lick that he would leave her and Lucky to enjoy each others' company, then hurrying to catch up with Beetle. Lucky thinks that he isn't sorry to see the back of Whine, and ignores the snub-nosed dog.
When the black rain starts to approach, the Pack dogs start talking about the Big Growl, and Dart recalls that Whine almost fell into the earth when it opened.
After the former Leashed Dogs see dead longpaws and begin to cry, Fiery notes to Moon that he thought they were now Wild Dogs, and Whine sneers that they are supposed to be. He puts in that despite that, when they see a few dead longpaws they can't control themselves, and he snorts. When the Pack finds a Food House and the dogs eat the food there, Dart widens her eyes in surprise when Whine snatches a mouthful of grain from under her nose, but Sweet and Alpha don't enforce that the dogs eat regarding their ranks.
When a hunting patrol brings plenty of prey, Moon comforts Sunshine that there will still be plenty left for her, and when Sunshine yaps that she doesn't mind waiting, Whine grunts that that is just as well, though without his usual sneering hostility.
When Fiery challenges Alpha for leadership of the Pack, the whole Pack is shocked, and Whine wears an expression that is half surprise, half vicious curiosity.
After Fiery gets captured by longpaws, the hunting patrol has to come back to camp without him and report it to the Pack, and Whine is seen glaring at Lucky. The former omega sneers that betrayal is all one gets from a Street Dog, but Lick angrily asks what he said. Lucky is slightly worried and he barges in front of the pup just in time to stop her from grabbing Whine and shaking him to death.
Right after Moon announces that she will search for Fiery, the Wild Pack smells dog-scent and prepares for attack, though Whine shrinks back out of danger without Lucky's help, and the golden-furred dog thinks that is typical of him. However, the intruder just turns out to be Twitch, who shares that he saw Fiery being captured, and that he is probably in the Dog Garden. Lucky recalls the last time the Fierce Dogs attacked them, and notes that it doesn't make sense, and Daisy wonders what makes sense to a Fierce Dog. Whine sneers that a City-Dog wouldn't know much anyways, and Lucky bares his teeth at him. Moon and Lucky agree that they must rescue Fiery, but Alpha snaps that they are moving on now, and Whine is the first to creep to the half-wolf's side. Whine states that he is leaving, because Alpha is the leader. When Alpha says that the dogs who wish to may follow Lucky, he wonders if any dog would join him at all. Whine is seen sitting close to Alpha, smirking, and Lucky thinks that he still wouldn't have expected his support anyways.

The Endless Lake

Coming Soon

Storm of Dogs

When Storm shows the Wild Pack Fierce Dog fighting moves, even Whine, who is usually the first to complain about fight-training, is seen watching with interest.
When the earth is showing signs that it showed during the Big Growl, dogs begin recalling the last Growl, and Whine huddles low to the ground, shaking. Lucky leads a patrol to warn the longpaws, and when he tries to help Sunshine over the rocks, he reminds her that when running from the black cloud, other dogs, like Whine, also needed help in the steep climb. After warning the longpaws, when the dogs hurry back to camp, Lucky thinks of the dogs they had left behind, even Whine.
When Lucky questions Sweet on telling the Pack his dreams of the Storm of Dogs in front of the Pack, afraid that it might scare them, a rasp is heard from Whine, whose eyes bulge and tongue hangs out. He asks what could scare them, and questions the Beta on what he doesn't want them to know. The small dog turns to the Pack with a malevolent glare, and announces that their Alpha and Beta are keeping secret from them, and always whispering to each other, causing a ripple of suspicious yaps to run through the Pack.
After Lucky finishes explaining his dreams, the dogs say suggestions for what they can do. Whine squeezes forward and clears his throat, announcing that there is another way. Dart asks the former Omega what the other way is, and the dogs quiet down, waiting for the squash-faced dog to speak. Whine pants, tongue lolling from his mouth, and says that they can't fight Blade or run away. He declares that the obvious solution is to give her what they want, and Lucky and Mickey snarl in disgust, but Whine raises his voice to speak over them. He states that there is no point in being honorable about an attack-dog, since she will always be a Fierce Dog. Whine continues that she is violent and untrustworthy, wasn't born to the Pack, and shouldn't have Pack Dogs die to protect her. He adds that they do not owe her anything.
Lucky is enraged that Whine dared to accuse Storm of being untrustworthy when the little black dog is the nastiest, sneakiest dog around. While the Beta expects the Pack to protests, some of them are silent, as if considering Whine's words. Lucky worries that Storm would launch an attack on Whine, but instead she simply lowers her head sadly. Whine apologetically continues that they worked so hard to avoid the Fierce Dogs, but that they always find the Wild Pack, and he asks if they should really be risking their lives for an outside. The former Omega's eyes bulge as they shift between the dogs, and his voice becomes louder and shrill with excitement. He questions if Blade is right, since her visions don't sound very different from Lucky's, and they believed him.
Lucky springs at the little dog, throwing him onto the ground and pining him down by the throat with a furious growl. He demands how Whine dares to say that, and says that Storm has proven her loyalty many times over, while he has shown how quick he is to judge and betray. Lucky exclaims that no dog with a shred of honor would suggest such a thing, and exclaims that he should march Whine over the cliff right then to teach him a lesson. Whine trembles beneath Lucky's grip, spluttering that it was just an idea, and Sweet tells Lucky that, although it is a filthy idea, typical of Whine's cowardice, he is allowed to express it. Lucky reluctantly pulls back, and Whine scuttles to cower behind Bruno.
Many dogs in the Pack agree that Storm is a part of their Pack, and Whine shuffles forward, clearly unscathed by his brief tussle with Lucky. Whine presses a forepaw into the mud beside the pond and meets Lucky's gaze, taunting if he recognized his own idea of Four Paws. Whine states that if three other dogs join him, they will be voting to turn Storm over to the Fierce Dogs and free themselves from the terrible threat forever. He goes on that they will be voting for a new time of peace, with no more running or fighting, and concludes that the other dogs would have to listen to them, as it is their own Beta's idea.
Sweet rises to her full height, and Whine flinches but keeps his paw pressed firmly in the mud. She snarls that she is his Alpha, and that he doesn't make decisions, and Whine pants agreement, dipping his head in an insincere show of defense. However, he asks if their new Alpha is afraid to hear the counsel of her Pack, and if she would undermine her Beta by ignoring his idea for coming to decisions. Lucky silently begs Sweet to ignore Whine, but Sweet decides that he can have his vote, and tells the Pack that if any other dog wants to abandon their Packmate, they should speak then.
After tension and silence, Dart steps forward and, after hesitating, presses a paw next to Whine's, apologizing that she never believed a Fierce Dog belonged with them. Bruno also comes forward and puts his paw down next do Dart's, and he also apologizes that he thinks it is a necessary decision. Martha and Lucky glare at the rest of the Pack, discouraging them from forcing Storm out, and Whine, Dart, and Bruno stay where they are, paws in the mud. Sweet comes forward and steps in front of Whine, but she snaps that it is enough, and that, hearing the counsel of her Pack, can see that most of the dogs agree that Storm will stay with them, and Whine slinks away.
After, the dogs discuss plans for how to defeat the Fierce Dogs, but Whine interrupts their words and exclaims that he has had enough of it. He says it is the stupidest plan he ever heard, and that everything would have been fine if they pushed Storm out of the Pack. He glares at Storm defiantly, and says that if they insist on fighting for Storm's life, he is leaving, and won't stick around to be killed by Fierce Dogs. Sweet snarls back that he was always a coward and only complains, and orders him to leave. Sweet tells the rest of the Pack that they can leave if they want, but Dart and Bruno state that they want to stay. Whine growls and sneers that the Fierce Dogs will get them. He says farewell to his Pack, and says that he is the only one clever enough to choose survival. The small dog holds his head high as he turns and walks away through the rain, Lucky watches until his figure can no longer be seen through the haze.
Lucky reflects that Whine was the fool, and was never much of a hunter or a fighter. He thinks that the little dog had always been divisive and tried to undermine him and stir up trouble ever since coming to the Wild Pack, but Lucky is still sad, and he doubts that Whine could survive on his own, or that he would ever see him again.
As the Pack is in shelter against the rain, Bruno sighs that although Whine wasn't much of a fighter, he is sorry to see him leave, as losing any dog makes the Pack weaker.
Later, when the Pack shares prey, it is noted that Sweet takes care to leave some good pieces for the lower-ranking dogs, and Lucky remembers that there had been days under the half-wolf's rule when Whine and Sunshine hadn't eaten at all.
When the Wild Pack goes to find Twitch and ask for help, Sweet updates him on what happened to their Pack since he last saw them, and finishes with Whine's decision to leave the Pack.
Later, after Twitch's Pack and the Wild Pack combine to fight the Fierce Dogs, Arrow comes to their camp and reports that Blade knows their plans, and that their Omega, the strange little dog with bulging eyes, ran to Blade and told her they would come and deceive her. He goes on that their Omega had said they would challenge her to fight with Storm but that the rest of the Pack would be waiting to attack Blade and any Fierce Dog accompanying her. Although Whine hadn't been Omega since Sunshine took over the role, every dog in Sweet's Pack know who Arrow means, and Lucky spits his name in disgust. Arrow explains about Blade's plans, and how when Whine came to the camp a few nights ago, she couldn't believe her luck. He goes on that he asked to join the Fierce Dogs in exchange for information, and told Blade their plan. However, Sweet recalls to Lucky that Whine left the Pack before Bella thought of approaching Twitch, and Lucky thinks back to when the small dog had disappeared into the sleet, and Bruno saying a few words about it being a shame of Whine leaving. After that, Bella had suggested approaching Twitch's Pack, and Lucky decides that Whine doesn't know about Twitch, which means that Blade doesn't know about their extra allies. Bella agrees that Whine wasn't around when she mentioned Twitch's Pack.
When a patrol is going to release a giantfur on Blade's Pack, they pick up the smell of Fierce Dogs, and Lucky realizes that Arrow was telling the truth, and that Whine must have told Blade their plan. He is angered at the small dog's betrayal, and Sweet says that the disloyal mutt thinks he is very clever, but doesn't know everything. Afterwards, when Lucky tells Sweet that Blade saw her, the Alpha says that they will have to fight them, and hopes that they lost the advantage Whine gave them.
Right before the Storm of Dogs, Blade mentions that Lucky has also seen dreams, and Lucky wonders how she knew that, wondering if Whine told her. Blade mentions that only Storm's death will stop another Growl, but Lucky reassures herself that it must be a trick, and that Blade probably only knows about his dreams from Whine.
After the battle, when Storm kills Blade, Dagger takes the remaining Fierce Dogs to escape, but a familiar voice yelps to wait for him. Whine is spotted creeping out from behind a tree, and Lucky realizes that he must have been hiding there all along. The little dog runs after the retreating Fierce Dogs and exclaims Dagger's name, asking to come, and saying that he can help. However, Dagger rejects him and snarls that he is nothing, and that if he takes another step closer, he will show how little his help means to them. The Fierce Dogs start moving again, and Whine freezes, glancing about uncertainly. Sweet steps toward him and barks for him to get away, growling that he is not welcome. Sunshine yips at Whine angrily, and when he still hesitates, the small white dog repeats that he must leave and she rushes at the goggle-eyed dog, baring her fangs. Whine yelps and runs upstream quickly. Lucky finds himself unable to feel sorry for the little dog, and thinks that he betrayed the Pack and asked for it.

In the Gathering Darkness Arc

A Pack Divided

When Lucky tells Storm about how he once framed Mulch for stealing food, he explains that Whine, the nasty Omega before Sunshine, had wanted a promotion, which he couldn't earn himself, and knew something terrible about Lucky, forcing him to frame Mulch so that he would be demoted.

The Exile's Journey

Whine makes a formal appearance when Storm approaches a longpaw den to get some food.
He approaches his longpaws and Coco and Rex when they inspect Storm. He helps Storm to receive food and shelter, and eventually, to escape.

In the Novellas Arc

Moon's Choice

Whine is first seen at the beginning of the book, trotting from den to den and renewing the bedding of the more senior dogs.
When Star is sick, Omega follows Snap to Star's den. Alpha turns to Omega and asks him to bring water for Star, who mustn't get thirsty, and Omega agrees, although Moon is sure that he almost rolled his eyes, and it is noted that she had never liked him. Alpha tells Omega to bring more water for Fly, too, and keep watch on them throughout the night so that they wouldn't run out of water. the snub-nosed dog gives a sullen grunt, but Alpha stares hard at him until he turns and trots off toward the stream. Moon thinks that Omega is lazy and bad-tempered.
When Beta gets buried, Moon thinks of how Omega and her Father-Dog are already sick. Moon comes back to the camp and passes the small den that Omega lays in. His eyes are dull and haggard and Moon pushes her nose in, thinking that the air already smells so stale. She gently asks if he needs anything, or has enough water, and the small dog barely nods his head. Moon thinks that she would never had expected to care for her own Omega, or feel bad for such a mean dog. Moon next comes to her Father-Dog's den, and she notes that he looks more alert than Omega.
During Pebble's burial, Moon thinks of how Mulch and Omega had recovered from the sickness, but Pebble didn't. Moon, Mulch, and Snap work to dig Pebble's grave, but when they are done, Moon sees that Omega sits apart from them, and looks even more thin and wizened than usual. His shoulders are hunched and his eyes are dull, and is still too weak from his illness to help with Pebble's burial. Moon can't help but wonder if he is also being lazy, but she chides herself that she must not think that way.
When Hunter comes back to Moon's Pack, Moon tells him that she won't let him join her Pack, but that even though she is Omega, Snap, and Mulch's Alpha, she will not choose for them. She tells her three Packmates that she won't stop them if they wish to follow Hunter, and the strength of her voice slightly falters as she gazes at Mulch, then Omega. The three dogs glance at one another, and Moon silently begs them not to leave her. Mulch and Snap decide to stay with Moon, and Hunter lastly glares at Omega, who is last to make his choice. Omega twists his muzzle and he licks his jaws, and is clearly uncomfortable. He asks how he could trust Hunter and backs away from the big dog, tail between his legs, and Omega goes on that he couldn't trust Hunter again, as he would abandon him right away. Hunter is angry, and snarls that Omegas don't make choices, and when Snap, Mulch, and Moon go to chase Hunter out, even Omega prances behind them, watching from safety but urging them on with high-pitched bark.
After Hunter has left, she one night has trouble sleeping, and she thinks that she will talk with Omega, since he hadn't chosen the right leaves or arranged the bedding properly. However, the knows that it is silly to blame Omega, since she is actually awake because Fiery will leave tomorrow. Moon thinks about how small her Pack is, and how Omega is next to useless in a fight. She rises to her paws and pads out into the glade, pacing to one end of it where Omega lays snoring in his small den, then she turns back and paces the other way, back and forth. Moon thinks and paces, and when the light begins to show through the trees, Omega is heard mumbling and squeaking in his sleep. Moon wakes up her Pack, including the grumbling Omega, and she tells them that she has a proposal. Moon walks through the territory and over the boundary of the Wild Pack, and Snap, Mulch, and Omega follow, sharing nervous glances, but Moon doesn't look back at them.
Later, when the Wild Pack and Moon's Pack have combined and are in their new territory, Moon thinks of how they are happy in their new home, but that Omega is disappointed to be at the bottom of the ranks again. She recalls that he had settled into his work anyways, with a rather bad grace, and Moon watches as he grumpily drags the old bedding from Beta's den, and, with reluctant fondness for him, she thinks that his expression is always grumpy.


  • Whine may appear again in the second arc.[22]
  • Gillian has said that Whine is her least favorite character although she does adore Pugs.[2]


"Omega's a lazy, bad-tempered little thing. But so long as he does his job and looks after Star, I don't care."
—Moon thinking about Omega Moon's Choice, page chapter 3

"Who'd have thought we'd end up caring for our own Omega? And who'd have thought I'd ever feel sorry for that mean little dog?"
—Moon's thoughts on Omega when he is sick Moon's Choice, page chapter 4

"How could I trust Hunter? I couldn't trust you ever again. You'd abandon me in the flash of a rabbit tail. I'm staying with Moon."
—Whine to Hunter Moon's Choice, page chapter 8

"I do not spy. I'm better than that."
—Whine to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 190
"Because I have you to do it for me, obviously. Look, the risk is much less for you; you must see that. If you get caught, you will be demoted, but you'll soon have clean paws again. You can always do something clever, or keep using your charm on Beta. Dogs like you are always... lucky."
—Whine to Lucky A Hidden Enemy, page 194

"There's a dog who wants to fight but is too scared. Could he still be trouble?"
—Lucky thinking about Whine The Broken Path, page chapter 3

"Betrayal is all you get from a Street Dog."
—Whine The Broken Path, page chapter 12

"Whine- that nasty little Omega before Sunshine- wanted a promotion, and he wasn't capable of earning it himself. he knew something about me, something terrible, and he forced me to frame Mulch so that Mulch would be demoted."
—Lucky to Storm about Whine A Pack Divided, page chapter 11

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