[Storm] is courageous and good. If she is in danger, I want to fight to protect her.
— Whisper to Twitch in Storm of Dogs, page 175
Forests Beyond[1]
Twitch's Pack,[2] Terror's Pack, [3] Wild Pack[4]
Whippet/Blue Heeler mix[5][6]
Names Member: Whisper[2]

Hunter: Whisper[7]
Scout Dog: Whisper[8]

Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[1]
Deceased (killed by Breeze[9])[10]
Book Appearances
Living The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided
Dead A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising

Whisper is a small[10] short-furred[11] skinny gray male[2] Whippet/Blue Heeler[12] mongrel[13] with delicate flanks,[14] and lean legs.[15]


In the Original Series

The Endless Lake

Although Whisper is not mentioned by name, when Terror's Pack follows Twitch, he, along with five other dogs creep out from under a bush after Splash greets Twitch. The Wild Pack are wary at seeing Terror's Pack, but Twitch's Packmates throw their forepaws on the ground, wag their tails, and dip their heads submissively. Twitch approaches his former Packmates and touches his nose to theirs. When Splash says that they think he should stay, Whisper yips that he belongs with them, and paws at the ground. Twitch tells the Wild Pack that he wants to stay with those dogs as they are his Pack now. When some of the Wild Pack members protest, Splash tells them that Terror is gone and they might now be a real Pack, and several of his Packmates whine in agreement.
After Twitch becomes Alpha of the Pack, all the dogs surge toward him, congratulating him, nuzzling him, and barking.
Whisper is mentioned again, though unnamed, after Alpha's supposed death, when Daisy frets that if the Pack needs an Alpha, that dogs must fight for it. Lucky assures her that it isn't necessary, as when Twitch became Alpha of his Pack there was no aggression, because all of the Pack wanted him to lead.

Storm of Dogs

After another Big Growl, Whisper's tail gets trapped underneath a fallen tree. Snap, Lucky, Storm, and Daisy help in rescuing him by looking submissive as to not threaten the giantfur. After she leaves, the dogs talk to Whisper and learn that he is a member of Twitch's Pack. At first Twitch disagrees, but Whisper convinces him that they should help Storm since she freed them from Terror, their former Alpha.
Whisper later comes up with the idea to lead a giantfur to the Fierce Dogs' lair after Whine told the Fierce Dogs about their plan.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

Whisper is a hunter of the Wild Pack. During the trip to the rabbit warren, Whisper praises Storm about their hunting strategy. When the hunting patrol starts to catch the rabbits, Whisper chases his rabbit towards Arrow but Whisper leads the rabbit away from the Fierce Dog and straight into the path of Snap, who was busy catching her own rabbit. Whisper's sudden corralling of the rabbit in the new direction is not seen, causing them to lose both rabbits. Whisper is angrily questioned by Storm on why he lead the rabbit away from Arrow. He is afraid of Arrow, as pointed out by Snap.
When the loudbirds fly over the Wild Pack's camp, Whisper runs fearfully to Storm and presses his flank against hers.
Whisper crashes into Storm during another hunt. As the two dogs head back to the camp, Whisper asks Storm on what her thoughts were on the pack talking about the Spirit Dogs. To Whisper, he hopes that the pack doesn't fall apart and believes that everyone should just believe in the Spirit-Dogs that they want to believe in, excpect the Fear-Dog. When they reached the edge of camp, Whisper starts to praise Storm again about how she beat Terror and his Fear-Dog, but this annoys Storm because his worshiping over her isn't helping her reputation.
When the pack discovers the dead fox kit, Whisper meekly defends Storm, but accused Bella on where she was.
After the hunting patrol took down a deer, another loudbird appeared forcing the hunters to hide into a twisted patch of scrub. As they hide and wait for the loudbird to leave, Whisper once again pressed close to Storm, saying that he feels safe with her and praises her. Whisper doubts the fact Storm might attack him despite what Bruno pointed out. Whisper gets embarrassed about this although it irritated Storm again.
Whisper is promoted to a Scout Dog and assigned his new duties by Lucky.
Later Whisper volunteers to be the Scout Dog for Storm's hunting patrol. When he and Storm are alone, Whisper asks her if she was alright after he saw that she was sleepwalking again. Whisper insists that he wants to help her with sleepwalking despite Storm asking him to drop it. He is left behind by a frustrated Storm.
He tries to follow her but didn't catch up. A little later, Whisper comes back in fear reporting to the hunters that he came across a giantfur. When the giantfur catches them taking its tusknose catch the hunters make a run for it. Whisper waits a bit for Storm to catch up but Mickey nips him to keep going. When they try to take cover Whisper stumbles and trips but Storm saves him again. When the giantfur leaves, Whisper cheerfully praises Storm for saving him, but this makes Storm wish that she left him to the giantfur. Whisper tries to cover for Storm when she confesses to Lucky that it was her idea to steal the giantfur's food. He is snapped at by Storm for trying to help.
At the end of the last chapter, Whisper is found dead, with vicious bite marks all over his body and his throat ripped out.

Dead of Night

Whisper's body is buried by the Wild Pack.
More Coming Soon...

Into the Shadows

Storm sees that the sky is the exact color of Whisper's fur.

Red Moon Rising

Whisper appears to Storm in a dream surrounded by mosses and flowers near his grave. He is seen around a freshly-dug grave next to his. He tells Storm to remember him.

The Exile's Journey

Breeze confesses that she is the traitor. She killed Whisper because he liked Storm too much.

The Final Battle

At the end of the book Storm see's Whisper and multiple other dogs who have died.

Coming Soon


  • Gillian believes that Whisper has a small crush on Storm.[16]
  • Gillian has said that she imagines Whisper as a Whippet mix.[17]
  • He will have an important role in the second arc.[18]
  • Gillian says that she isn't going to say anything about how far Whisper's obsession with Storm will go.[19]
  • Gillian thinks that he has some whippet and a lot of Blue Heeler in him.[20]
  • When asked if Whisper had OCD, Gillian answered that she thinks his obsession for Storm is only a romantic obsession.[21]


"Our new Alpha told us what you did. You liberated us from Terror! You saved our Pack! We are forever in your debt."
—Whisper to Storm Storm of Dogs (book), page 167

"Are you the Storm? The one who killed Terror?"
—Whisper to Storm Storm of Dogs (book), page 167

"Praise the Sky-Dogs! You saved me again!"
—Whisper to Storm Storm of Dogs (book), page 242

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