"I don't want to go with them. I want to stay with you and Lucky, and Mickey and the others."
— Wiggle to Martha in Darkness Falls, page 264
Forests Beyond[1]
Wild Pack,[2] Fierce Dogs[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Pup: Wiggle[4]
Family Mother-Dog: Morningstar

Foster Mother: Martha Foster Father: Lucky
Sister: Storm
Brother: Fang

Rank Positions
Rank Unknown[5]
Deceased (killed by Blade)[6]
Book Appearances
Living Darkness Falls, Storm of Dogs, A Pack Divided, Dead of Night, Into the Shadows, Red Moon Rising, The Exile's Journey, The Final Battle
Dead The Final Battle

Wiggle was a glossy-furred[7] male Fierce Dog pup[8] with brown-and-tan fur, a round, lighter muzzle,[9] a tufty neck,[10] a short, thin stumpy tail,[8] long, soft-furred,[9] floppy ears,[8] wide brown eyes, a darker,[9] pointed face,[11] thick,[12] small legs,[13] and a small, dark head.[14]


In the Original Series

Darkness Falls

Wiggle and his brother and sister, Grunt and Lick, were found by Mickey and Lucky in the Fierce Dogs' place. Their mother, along with another pup were found dead. Wiggle seems to be the youngest of the litter. He and Lick appear not to be as aggressive as their brother, Grunt, though Wiggle is observed as the shyest in the group.
When the Fierce Dogs come to take him and his siblings back, he and Lick are reluctant to go and want to stay with Lucky and Martha.
Lick later returns to the Wild Pack and informs them on how Blade had killed Wiggle. The Fierce Dog Alpha yelled at them, saying "You're not my pups!" Blade killed Wiggle purposely. Grunt promised to be useful to her, and Lick ran away from Blade thanks to the fog. Afterwards, Lick explains to the Pack about what happened.

Storm of Dogs

When Blade mentions how she had to kill her own pup, Lucky says Wiggle's name, and his heart aches at the thought of the small, vulnerable puppy, who had been the weakest and gentlest of his litter. However, Blade says that she would kill him again, and she explains that she killed the Mother-Dog and assumed that the pups would weaken and die without her. The Fierce Dog Alpha goes on and tells Lucky that he ruined her plans by stealing them away. Later, Lucky notes how Fang wanted to be with the Fierce Dogs, even after seeing Blade kill Wiggle.
Later, when Lucky tells the Wild Pack of his dreams of the Storm of Dogs, Storm guesses that it is all because of her, and admits that she always thought that Blade killed Wiggle because she thought he was weak, and potentially wanted them dead because she hated their Mother-Dog. The young Fierce Dog realizes that Blade wanted to kill her because she thought that Storm would cause the Storm of Dogs, and Sweet confirms her beliefs, stating that that is why she killed Wiggle when she discovered they had survived being abandoned.
When Arrow explains to the Wild Pack how he left the Fierce Dog Pack, he mentions that he had heard about what she did to Wiggle, but after seeing her kill Fang, decided that he couldn't be in her Pack anymore.

In the Gathering Darkness arc

A Pack Divided

In the prologue, Lick and her siblings discover a dead pup, and Wiggle, though unnamed, curls tighter around Storm when she trembles, and nuzzles her ear with his nose. The pup guesses that he is sick, and suggests waking him up, and taking him inside, where it is warm and safe. Grunt says that Alpha will soon come and make her pup better, but the smaller pup is unsure that Alpha will come back. The bigger pup says that Alpha will come back for her pup, since Mother-Dogs never leave their pups, and Wiggle wags his tail hesitantly, wondering if the pup will play with them when he is better. When after a while passes and Lick begins to cry that the pup and their Mother-Dog are still, Wiggle joins in yelping miserably, and wonders where Alpha is. All three pups begin yipping, their calls echoing. However, they fall silent when their bigger litter-brother warns them to be quiet.
When Sweet tells her Pack the story of the Wind Dogs, Storm remembers how Martha used to tell her, Grunt, and Wiggle stories about the Spirit Dogs, and they didn't know anything because their Mother-Dog had died before she could tell them.
When Storm has a dream that she is Lick again, she asks Martha where Wiggle and Grunt are, and says that she wants to play with them.

Dead of Night

In the prologue, Mickey, Lucky, and the three pups have scented a coyote pack. The dogs roll on the forest floor to mask their scents. When the coyotes speak near them, Wiggle gets scared.

Into the Shadows

In the prologue, Martha takes the three pups to teach them about the River- Dog and how to swim. At first, Wiggle is scared to swim. Wiggle is scared when Grunt is swept away by the current and is later grateful to Martha for saving him.

Red Moon Rising

In the prologue, the three pups are sneaking away from the Wild Pack. Wiggle is reluctant to leave. Lick leads the pups, but they get lost. Fortunately, Daisy finds them and brings them back to the Pack.

The Exile's Journey

In the prologue, the three pups are walking with the Fierce Dog Pack when Blade kills Wiggle.

The Final Battle

Coming Soon


  • Wiggle was around 8-10 weeks old when Lucky and Mickey rescued him.[15]




Morningstar:[9] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[16]


Fang:[9] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[17]


Storm:[9] Living As of The Final Battle


Martha:[18] Deceased As of Storm of Dogs[19]


Lucky:[20] Living As of The Final Battle



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"I thought you liked us. I thought you were our friend."
—Wiggle to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 250
""Where does the Forest-Dog sleep?""
—Wiggle to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 153
""We're going on an adventure!""
—Wiggle Darkness Falls, page 221
""I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so rough""
—Wiggle to Lucky Darkness Falls, page 194

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