"Sweet's right. If the Storm of Dogs is real, if it's coming, it is better that we're all prepared. Every last one of us has fought against hardships and learned to cope in an altered world. Soon we may have to fight once more, to battle for our very existence, perhaps for the last time. No dog here will stand alone. We are the Wild Pack; we are survivors! If the Storm of Dogs is coming, we will meet it together. "
Lucky to the Wild Pack in The Endless Lake, page 304

The Wild Pack is the main Pack in the Survivors series.


The Wild Pack was once a pack of Wild Dogs, until the Leashed Dogs joined up with them. The ranks are Alpha, Beta, Hunter, Patrol Dog, Omega, and sometimes Pup. As of A Pack Divided, there are two new ranks: Third Dog and Scout Dog, which are exclusive to the Wild Pack. The higher the rank, the more respect dogs will have and the sooner dogs will be allowed to eat prey every night.[1]
If a dog challenges another dog for its rank, it must be approved by the Alpha first. If the challenger dog wins, they will rise to the rank they fought for, while the other dog moves down a rank lower. If the challenging dog loses, they will keep his or her current rank. Dogs cannot challenge each other again until a full moon has passed.[1]


The Wild Pack used to live in The Wild, but they have moved to The Coast to escape the Fierce Dogs, which later they find out, was a failed attempt. The Pack was, for a while, nomadic in finding a suitable land untouched by the Big Growl.
As of A Pack Divided, their current territory includes creeks, wide plains with rabbit warrens and forests with high trees.[2]


Alpha founded the Wild Pack, but had to challenge a dog named Black Eye for the rank at one point.[3]

In the Novellas

Moon's Choice

Alpha, his Beta, and Fiery come to Moon's Pack's territory to issue a challenge under the Forest Law. They left with a temporary treaty formed between Alpha and the Alpha of Moon's Pack.
The Wild Pack did not participate in helping Moon's Pack while they struggled with sickness, although Fiery went out of his way to aid them. A while after, Moon merges the remains of her Pack with the Wild Pack, adding Mulch, Whine, herself and Snap to the Pack.

Sweet's Journey

The Wild Pack welcomes a packless Sweet into their ranks.
The Wild Pack goes through a shift in ranks as the former Beta is exiled for treachery and Sweet takes her role by besting her in a challenge.

After the Big Growl

The Empty City

The Wild Pack lost a few dogs during the Big Growl.
Later, the Wild Pack comes across the Leashed Dogs and challenges them over invading their territory.

A Hidden Enemy

The Pack only hurts and injures, not kills, the Leashed Dogs for invading their territory. When a Big Growl strikes, they retreat back to their camp. Sweet, their new Beta, is left behind in the chaos, but she comes back to their camp after being saved from her demise by Lucky.
Spring, Dart, and Twitch later meet Lucky, a Lone Dog. They bring him to the Alpha and Beta of the Wild Pack. Sweet, the Beta, persuades Alpha to allow Lucky to become part of the Wild Pack.
The Leashed Dogs come to the Wild Pack camp with a group foxes and attack the Wild Pack, the Wild Pack fights back, trying to drive off their enemies. The treacherous foxes begin to attack Moon's puppies, and the Leashed and Wild Dogs join forces to rid the Wild Pack camp of foxes and save Moon's puppies. The battle against the foxes was brutal, and many dogs were wounded. As a result of the battle, Mulch and Fuzz, one of Moon and Fiery's three puppies, die in this battle. After the fight, Lucky is discovered to be a traitor who was spying on the Wild Pack for Bella and the other Leashed dogs.

Darkness Falls

The newly combined Pack, both Wild and Leashed, leave the camp after a dark cloud approaches them. They find another place to shelter: by the lake. After Lucky is banished, they find another new camp.
The Pack becomes a sanctuary to three Fierce Dog pups, Mickey, and Lucky, who comes back. The dogs try to adjust having the pups in their Pack, but they become afraid when one of them attacks Moon's pups.
After Alpha runs a test of loyalty on the pups, he calls a meeting and decides to get rid of them. The pups overhear the meeting and decide to leave on their own. Suddenly, the Fierce Dogs appear and demand for the pups to be returned.
The Fierce Dogs leave with the pups. One of them comes back and joins the Pack. The Wild Pack leave the camp to find a new home away from the Fierce Dogs.

The Broken Path

The dogs find a longpaw town and shelter there. When a group of hunters return from hunting, they come back with no food and give an explanation for this. Another group of dogs appeared and drove them off.
After Fiery is captured by longpaws, the Pack is divided temporarily. One group follows the river to find a new home. The other group goes back to rescue Fiery.

The Endless Lake

The group that followed the river downstream finds a new camp. The other group who left to rescue Fiery follow the group's trail. The returning group meets the Fierce Dogs and escape. After the returning group joins up with the others, they announce their failed rescue. The Wild Pack grieves for the death of their best hunter.
Alpha decides to lead his Pack away from the Fierce Dogs. He leads them to a light-house where they are, unfortunately, found by the Fierce Dogs. They engage in battle and Alpha and Spring lose their lives in the ocean.
The remaining Pack hide in the light-house due to the storm and risk of getting killed. Although they morn the loss of their Alpha, despite the fact the Sweet is now in charge, they debate on what to do about the Fierce Dogs. Once the storm ended, Storm is kidnapped by the Fierce Dog Pack and the Pack plans to rescue her. When they arrive at the Fierce Dog lair, they see that the Storm is hurt but alive and that Alpha has betrayed them and has joined the Fierce Dogs as their Omega. After Storm wins the Trial of Rage (despite refusing to kill Fang) the Wild Pack retreats back to their camp.

Storm of Dogs

The Wild Pack continue to make a living in their current territory, despite the fact that the Fierce Dogs will eventually come for them. Lucky is officially made the Beta of the Pack. However, Lucky is kidnapped by the Fierce Dogs and held prisoner in their new territory. While there, Blade reveals that she never wanted to kill his Pack, but only wanted to kill Storm. She tells him that the Spirit Dogs told her that Storm and any Fierce Dog pup that was born after the Big Growl (including her own pup) will cause another Big Growl unless she and Fang are killed in honor to the Earth-Dog. It is revealed that Blade's plan is to lure the Wild Pack to this location and kill them in surprise. 
Luckily, Bella, Sweet, and Storm arrive to rescue Lucky and bring him back to their home. As the dogs try to escape, they are intercepted by Blade and her Pack. They watch in horror as Blade kills Fang before their eyes. Although traumatized, the dogs manage to escape when the ground begins to move. The dogs take Lucky back to the den and continue to stay away from the Fierce Dog den.
Once Lucky recovers, the Pack debates on weather or not they should flee from their new home and if they could give Storm to Blade. Although some vote that they should give leave and give Storm to Blade, Sweet confirms that they can't give in to fear and let Blade hurt them again. Although Bella has a plan, Whine leaves the Pack since he believes their plan will fail. The next day, another Big Growl strikes and the Wild Pack splits up to escape and warn the longpaws in the town. When they regroup, Bella suggest that they find Twitch's Pack and asks if they will help them.
At first, once they find Twitch's Pack, Twitch refuses to aid them since he doesn't want to risk the lives of his Pack members. However, Twitch changes his mind when he sees that his Pack members want to help the Wild Pack since Storm saved them from Terror.
Once Lucky returns to the two Packs and tells them of the news, Arrow comes to them and tells them that Whine has told Blade about their previous plan. However, another plan is made and the Wild Pack uses a Giantfur to attack the Fierce Dog Pack to injure them before the fight.
After a long battle with the Fierce Dog Pack, the Wild Pack emerge victorious and Blade and Alpha are killed. Whine is banished from the Pack since he betrayed them. Afterwards, Twitch decides to join his Pack with the Wild Pack and Arrow is invited to stay with them.

A Pack Divided

The pack is divided as accusations, suspicions, and problems come upon the pack. New ranks of Third Dog and Scout Dog are created to try to bring the pack together again. Whisper is murdered.

Dead of Night

Sweet has her pups Tumble, Fluff, Nibble, and Tiny. The pack is further divided and suspicions turn on Storm and Arrow, the Fierce Dogs.

Into the Shadows

All the suspicions, accusations, problems, and quarrels cause Bella and Arrow to leave the Wild Pack. Rake, Woody, Ruff, and Dart also leave the Wild Pack to form their own pack because of distrust.

Red Moon Rising

Since Arrow and Bella have left the pack, suspicions and accusations fall on Storm. After Storm scares Tumble and the pack discovers that she sleepwalks, Storm leaves the Wild Pack.

The Exile's Journey

Bella and Arrow help Storm to realize that Breeze is the traitor. Storm comes back to the Wild Pack to save them and Breeze confesses everything to her. However, Storm becomes their prisoner when Breeze convinces most of the dogs that Storm is crazy and is the traitor.


  • The dogs of the Wild Pack had mixed family trees before Lucky and the Leashed Dogs joined them.[4]
  • Fiery stated the Wild Pack lost dogs in The Big Growl, but by comparing Pack Lists between books prior to the Big Growl and after, it can be seen as a mistake.[5][6][7]

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